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Control by Janet Jackson [1986] [album editions]

Control (Janet Jackson)

Track listing

3What Have You Done For Me Lately
4You Can Be Mine
5The Pleasure Principle
6When I Think Of You
7He Doesn't Know I'm Alive
8Let's Wait Awhile
9Funny How Time Flies (When You're Having Fun)

Janet Jackson albums

120 Y.O.[ 2006 ]
2All For You[ 2001 ]
3Control[ 1986 ]
4Damita Jo[ 2004 ]
5Discipline[ 2008 ]
6Dream Street[ 1984 ]
7Janet[ 1993 ]
8Janet Jackson[ 1982 ]
9Just a Little While (Single)[ 2004 ]
10Rhythm Nation 1814[ 1989 ]
11The Velvet Rope[ 1997 ]
12Unbreakable[ 2015 ]
120 Y.O. (Janet Jackson)
2All For You (Janet Jackson)
3Control (Janet Jackson)
4Damita Jo (Janet Jackson)
5Discipline (Janet Jackson)
6Dream Street (Janet Jackson)
7Janet (Janet Jackson)
8Janet Jackson (Janet Jackson)
9Just a Little While (Single) (Janet Jackson)
10Rhythm Nation 1814 (Janet Jackson)
11The Velvet Rope (Janet Jackson)
12Unbreakable (Janet Jackson)

Janet Jackson songs

181Truth [from the "All For You"]06:45
182Truth or Dare [from the "Discipline"]00:23
183Two To The Power Of Love [from the "Dream Street"]03:05
184Unbreakable [from the "Unbreakable"]03:38
185Velvet rope (ft. Vanessa Mae) [from the "The Velvet Rope"]04:55
186Warmth [from the "Damita Jo"]03:44
187Well Traveled [from the "Unbreakable"]04:18
188What About [from the "The Velvet Rope"]04:24
189What Have You Done For Me Lately [from the "Control"]04:59
190What'll I Do [from the "Janet"]04:05
191What's Ur Name [from the "Discipline"]02:33
192When I Think Of You [from the "Control"]03:57
193When We Oooo [from the "All For You"]04:34
194Where Are You Now [from the "Janet"]05:47
195Wind [from the "Janet"]00:11
196With U [from the "20 Y.O."]05:08
197Would You Mind [from the "All For You"]05:32
198You [from the "The Velvet Rope"]04:42
199You ain't right [from the "All For You"]04:32
200You Can Be Mine [from the "Control"]05:15
201You Know [from the "Janet"]00:12
202You Want This [from the "Janet"]05:04
203You'll Never Find (A Love Like Mine) [from the "Janet Jackson"]04:11
204Young Love [from the "Janet Jackson"]04:58

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Janet Jackson

Janet Damita Jo Jackson (born May 16, 1966) is an American Grammy-Award winning recording artist, dancer, producer, songwriter, actress, and entertainer.


  • R&B,
  • Pop,
  • Dance,
  • Funk
  • What Have You Done For Me Lately by Janet Jackson

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