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Ditch by Hate Dept. [2003] [album editions]

Ditch (Hate Dept.)

Track listing

4Do It For Money
6Bleed And Smile
7Not The One
8For What
10Just Say No To Love
11One Hundred Stairs
13I Am
14Peace Is Your Dream

Hate Dept. albums

1Ditch[ 2003 ]
2Heavy Metal 2000 (Soundtrack)[ 2000 ]
3House That Hate Built[ 2001 ]
4Mainline[   ]
5Meat.Your.Maker[   ]
6Omnipresent[   ]
7Release It (Single)[ 1999 ]
8Technical Difficulties[ 1999 ]
9The Remix Wars: Strike 3 (16 Volt Vs. Hate Dept.)[   ]
1Ditch (Hate Dept.)
2Heavy Metal 2000 (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
3House That Hate Built (Hate Dept.)
4Mainline (Hate Dept.)
5Meat.Your.Maker (Hate Dept.)
6Omnipresent (Hate Dept.)
7Release It (Single) (Hate Dept.)
8Technical Difficulties (Hate Dept.)
9The Remix Wars: Strike 3 (16 Volt Vs. Hate Dept.) (Hate Dept.)

Hate Dept. songs

1Acid Drops [from the "Meat.Your.Maker"]04:21
2Anger Impulse [from the "Technical Difficulties"]03:56
3Anger Impulse [from the "House That Hate Built"]03:58
4Apologizing [from the "Ditch"]01:25
5Babyfat [from the "House That Hate Built"]03:14
6Beat Me Up [from the "Meat.Your.Maker"]03:05
7Beat Me Up [from the "House That Hate Built"]03:22
8Best Things [from the "Omnipresent"]04:41
9Bitch [from the "Omnipresent"]03:11
10Bitch [from the "House That Hate Built"]03:28
11Bleed And Smile [from the "Ditch"]04:34
12Bored & Stupid [from the "Meat.Your.Maker"]03:11
13California [from the "House That Hate Built"]04:33
14California [from the "Ditch"]04:33
15Coming Down [from the "Technical Difficulties"]04:30
16Countergrowth [from the "House That Hate Built"]05:28
17Cowgirl [from the "Mainline"]03:57
18Cowgirl [from the "House That Hate Built"]03:41
19Dead Peddler (Live) [from the "House That Hate Built"]03:52
20Defensive [from the "Meat.Your.Maker"]03:30
21Defensive (Loose And Trash Mix) [from the "The Remix Wars: Strike 3 (16 Volt Vs. Hate Dept.)"]03:52
22Do It For Money [from the "Ditch"]03:26
23Dreams Of Conspiracy [from the "Omnipresent"]01:27
24Dreams Of Light (NightmareMix) [from the "The Remix Wars: Strike 3 (16 Volt Vs. Hate Dept.)"]04:56
25Drew [from the "Meat.Your.Maker"]04:04
26Drew [from the "House That Hate Built"]03:36
27Drive A: [from the "Meat.Your.Maker"]03:03
28Drive A: (Netmix By 16 Volt) [from the "The Remix Wars: Strike 3 (16 Volt Vs. Hate Dept.)"]05:19
29Fiend [from the "Technical Difficulties"]03:37
30Fiend [from the "House That Hate Built"]03:41
31Fireflies [from the "Technical Difficulties"]04:09
32Flesh Feeds Soul [from the "Omnipresent"]04:15
33For What [from the "Ditch"]01:14
34Glamorous [from the "Ditch"]04:35
35Gone [from the "Technical Difficulties"]03:58
36Gone [from the "House That Hate Built"]03:52
37Gravity [from the "Ditch"]03:48
38Heaven Trails [from the "Release It (Single)"]04:19
39Hit Back [from the "Technical Difficulties"]04:23
40Hit Back [from the "House That Hate Built"]04:24
41Hit Back - Hate Dept. [from the "Heavy Metal 2000 (Soundtrack)"] 
42I Am [from the "Ditch"]01:29
43I Am Truth [from the "Meat.Your.Maker"]03:13
44I Am Truth (Live) [from the "House That Hate Built"]03:26
45I Don't Know You [from the "Mainline"]04:00
46I Don't Know You [from the "Omnipresent"]04:00
47Insects [from the "Ditch"]04:15
48Jump Steven, Jump! [from the "Omnipresent"]01:17
49Just Say No To Love [from the "Ditch"]03:34
50Kick You [from the "Meat.Your.Maker"]03:08
51Leaving [from the "Technical Difficulties"]05:01
52Little Let Down [from the "Technical Difficulties"]03:24
53Meaner [from the "Ditch"]04:25
54More Like Me [from the "Meat.Your.Maker"]03:18
55More Like Me [from the "House That Hate Built"]03:34
56Motorskill (Quad Mix By H.D.) [from the "The Remix Wars: Strike 3 (16 Volt Vs. Hate Dept.)"]04:49
57New Power [from the "Omnipresent"]03:35
58New Power [from the "House That Hate Built"]03:36
59New Power (Suck Dry) [from the "Mainline"]03:36
60New Power (Uberzone Remix) [from the "House That Hate Built"]06:58

Hate Dept.

Hate Dept.

Hate Dept. is a synthesizer-laden post punk band, created in 1991 by Seibold. []


  • Post-punk,
  • Industrial,
  • Rock
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