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This Is Normal by Gus Gus [1999] [album editions]

This Is Normal (Gus Gus)

Track listing

2Teenage Sensation
5Very Important People
8Blue Mug
9Acid Milk
10Love vs Hate

Gus Gus albums

1Attention[ 2002 ]
2Escape: St. Barth's[ 2004 ]
3Gus Gus Vs T. World[ 2000 ]
4Mixed Live[ 2003 ]
5Polydistortion[ 1997 ]
6This Is Normal[ 1999 ]
1Attention (Gus Gus)
2Escape: St. Barth's (Various artists)
3Gus Gus Vs T. World (Gus Gus)
4Mixed Live (Gus Gus)
5Polydistortion (Gus Gus)
6This Is Normal (Gus Gus)

Gus Gus songs

188 (Aka Topcat) feat Tall One - I Need A Freak (The Mark [from the "Mixed Live"]06:38
2Aaron Carl - Switch [from the "Mixed Live"]04:14
3Aaron-Carl - Homoerotic (GusGus Wild-Pitz Remix) [from the "Mixed Live"]06:17
4Acid Milk [from the "This Is Normal"]06:44
5Anthem [from the "Gus Gus Vs T. World"]04:51
6Attention [from the "Attention"]05:05
7Bambi [from the "This Is Normal"]03:45
8Barry [from the "Polydistortion"]05:57
9Believe [from the "Polydistortion"]07:18
10Blue Mug [from the "This Is Normal"]04:12
11Buckmaster & Blake - C'mon [from the "Mixed Live"]05:43
12Call Of The Wild [from the "Attention"]08:21
13Captain Comatose - Price Gun Baby [from the "Mixed Live"]04:27
14Cold Breath '79 [from the "Polydistortion"]06:43
15Dance You Down [from the "Attention"]06:05
16David [from the "Attention"]04:31
17David - Gus Gus [from the "Escape: St. Barth's"] 
18Desire [from the "Attention"]05:08
19Detention [from the "Attention"]02:32
20Dominique [from the "This Is Normal"]05:17
21Don't Hide What You Feel [from the "Attention"]07:57
22Earl Grey [from the "Gus Gus Vs T. World"]07:06
23Esja [from the "Gus Gus Vs T. World"]11:12
24Gun [from the "Polydistortion"]06:08
25GusGus - David (Captain Comatose Remix) [from the "Mixed Live"]04:24
26Harrison Crump - Deep In Clouds [from the "Mixed Live"]05:32
27Hi-Lo ft. Glover & Chann - Pieces [from the "Mixed Live"]03:49
28I.i.e [from the "Attention"]05:28
29Intro - $100 Accapella [from the "Mixed Live"]02:48
30Is Jesus Your Pal? [from the "Polydistortion"]03:34
31Ladyshave [from the "This Is Normal"]03:56
32Louise Austen - Grab My Shaft [from the "Mixed Live"]06:10
33Love vs Hate [from the "This Is Normal"]04:34
34Mr.Negative - Star Spanled Banger (Original Ibiza Mix) [from the "Mixed Live"]03:07
35Nate Williams - Jump Stump Da Party [from the "Mixed Live"]05:56
36Northern Lights [from the "Gus Gus Vs T. World"]06:12
37Oh (edit) [from the "Polydistortion"]01:16
38Polybackwards [Hidden Track] [from the "Polydistortion"]05:00
39Polyesterday [from the "Polydistortion"]04:52
40Purple [from the "Polydistortion"]08:01
41Purple [from the "Gus Gus Vs T. World"]08:01
42Remembrance [from the "Polydistortion"]08:06
43Rosenberg [from the "Gus Gus Vs T. World"]06:27
44Sleepytime [from the "Gus Gus Vs T. World"]04:39
45Snoozer [from the "This Is Normal"]04:01
46Starlovers [from the "This Is Normal"]04:41
47Superhuman [from the "This Is Normal"]06:20
48Teenage Sensation [from the "This Is Normal"]04:12
49The Prince Of Dance presents Lisa Angel - Show Me [from the "Mixed Live"]03:48
50Trabant - Nasty Boy [from the "Mixed Live"]03:08
51Twinnie - Waiting For My Love [from the "Mixed Live"]06:06
52Unneccesary [from the "Attention"]04:32
53Very Important People [from the "This Is Normal"]05:51
54Why [from the "Polydistortion"]04:04
55Your Moves Are Mine [from the "Attention"]05:47

Gus Gus

Gus Gus

GusGus is an electronic band from Reykjavík, Iceland, founded in 1995.


  • Electronic music,
  • House
  • Ladyshave by Gus Gus

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