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Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 5 by Elvis Presley [1997] [album editions]

Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 5 (Elvis Presley)

Track listing

1Suspicious Minds
2Kentucky Rain
3In The Ghetto
4Clean Up Your Own Back Yard
5Burning Love
6If You Talk In Your Sleep
7For The Heart
8Moody Blue
9Way Down
10Big Boss Man
11Guitar Man
12U.S. Male
13You Don T Have To Say You Love Me
14Edge Of Reality
16If I Can Dream

Elvis Presley albums

150,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong, Vol. 2[ 1997 ]
2A Touch of Platinum[ 1998 ]
3Aloha From Hawaii - Via Satellite[ 1998 ]
4Back In Memphis[ 1992 ]
5Blue Hawaii (Soundtrack)[ 1997 ]
6Bruce Almighty (Soundtrack)[ 2003 ]
7California Holyday (Soundtrack)[ 1966 ]
8Change Of Habit[ 1970 ]
9Christmas Album[ 1990 ]
10Clambake[ 1967 ]
11Double Trouble[ 1967 ]
12Easy Come, Easy Go[ 1967 ]
13Elvis[ 1999 ]
14Elvis - The Fool Album[ 1994 ]
15Elvis 56[ 1996 ]
16Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden[ 1992 ]
17Elvis' Christmas Album[ 1992 ]
18Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old)[ 1993 ]
19Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 3[ 1962 ]
20Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 4[ 1997 ]
21Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 5[ 1997 ]
22Elvis' Golden Records[ 1997 ]
23Elvis' Greatest Jukebox Hits[ 1997 ]
24Elvis Is Back![ 1999 ]
25Elvis Now[ 1993 ]
26Elvis Presley[ 2005 ]
27Elvis Sings - The Wonderful World of Christmas[ 1971 ]
28Flaming Star[ 1961 ]
29Follow That Dream[ 2005 ]
30Frankie & Johnny[ 1966 ]
31From Elvis In Memphis[ 1998 ]
32From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee[ 1990 ]
33From Memphis To Vegas / Elvis In Person At The International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada[ 1970 ]
34Fun In Acapulco (Soundtrack)[ 1963 ]
35G.i. Blues Collector's Edition[ 1997 ]
36Girl Happy (Soundtrack)[ 1965 ]
37Girls! Girls! Girls! (Soundtrack)[ 1963 ]
38Good Times[ 1973 ]
39Great Country Songs[ 2003 ]
40Great Performances[ 2002 ]
150,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong, Vol. 2 (Elvis Presley)
2A Touch of Platinum (Elvis Presley)
3Aloha From Hawaii - Via Satellite (Elvis Presley)
4Back In Memphis (Elvis Presley)
5Blue Hawaii (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
6Bruce Almighty (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
7California Holyday (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
8Change Of Habit (Elvis Presley)
9Christmas Album (Elvis Presley)
10Clambake (Elvis Presley)
11Double Trouble (Elvis Presley)
12Easy Come, Easy Go (Elvis Presley)
13Elvis (Elvis Presley)
14Elvis - The Fool Album (Elvis Presley)
15Elvis 56 (Elvis Presley)
16Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden (Elvis Presley)
17Elvis' Christmas Album (Elvis Presley)
18Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old) (Elvis Presley)
19Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 3 (Elvis Presley)
20Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 4 (Elvis Presley)
21Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 5 (Elvis Presley)
22Elvis' Golden Records (Elvis Presley)
23Elvis' Greatest Jukebox Hits (Elvis Presley)
24Elvis Is Back! (Elvis Presley)
25Elvis Now (Elvis Presley)
26Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley)
27Elvis Sings - The Wonderful World of Christmas (Elvis Presley)
28Flaming Star (Elvis Presley)
29Follow That Dream (Elvis Presley)
30Frankie & Johnny (Elvis Presley)
31From Elvis In Memphis (Elvis Presley)
32From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee (Elvis Presley)
33From Memphis To Vegas / Elvis In Person At The International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada (Elvis Presley)
34Fun In Acapulco (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
35G.i. Blues Collector's Edition (Elvis Presley)
36Girl Happy (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
37Girls! Girls! Girls! (Soundtrack) (Elvis Presley)
38Good Times (Elvis Presley)
39Great Country Songs (Elvis Presley)
40Great Performances (Elvis Presley)

Elvis Presley songs

781Stay Away, Joe [from the "Stay Away, Joe"]01:38
782Steadfast, Loyal And True [from the "King Creole (Soundtrack)"]01:16
783Steadfast, Loyal And True (Alternate Master) [from the "King Creole (Soundtrack)"]01:33
784Steamroller Blues [from the "Aloha From Hawaii - Via Satellite"]03:09
785Steppin' Out Of Line [from the "Blue Hawaii (Soundtrack)"]01:52
786Steppin' Out Of Line [from the "Pot Luck With Elvis"]01:52
787Steppin' Out Of Line (Movie Version) [from the "Blue Hawaii (Soundtrack)"]01:52
788Stop Where You Are [from the "Paradise, Hawaiian Style (Soundtrack)"]02:06
789Stop, Look And Listen [from the "California Holyday (Soundtrack)"]01:31
790Stranger In My Own Home Town [from the "Back In Memphis"]04:20
791Stranger In The Crowd [from the "That's the Way It Is (Live)"]03:48
792Stuck On You [from the "A Touch of Platinum"]02:18
793Stuck On You [from the "Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 3"]02:18
794Stuck On You [from the "Elvis' Greatest Jukebox Hits"]02:17
795Stuck On You [from the "Elvis Is Back!"]02:21
796Such A Night [from the "Elvis Is Back!"]03:00
797Summer Kisses Winter Tears [from the "Flaming Star"]02:20
798Summer Kisses Winter Tears (movie version) [from the "Flaming Star"]01:33
799Suppose [from the "Speedway"]02:04
800Suppose (alternate master) [from the "Speedway"]03:02
801Surrender [from the "Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 3"]01:51
802Susan When She Tried [from the "Today"]02:16
803Susan When She Tried [from the "Great Country Songs"]02:16
804Susan When She Tried - Elvis Presley, The Voice [from the "Walk A Mile In My Shoes, The Essential 70's Masters"] 
805Suspicion [from the "Pot Luck With Elvis"]02:34
806Suspicious Minds [from the "Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 5"]04:28
807Suspicious Minds [from the "Elvis' Greatest Jukebox Hits"] 
808Suspicious Minds [from the "From Memphis To Vegas / Elvis In Person At The International Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada"]07:41
809Suspicious Minds [from the "On Stage"]05:04
810Suspicious Minds [from the "Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden"]04:22
811Suspicious Minds [from the "Aloha From Hawaii - Via Satellite"]04:30
812Sweet Angeline [from the "Raised On Rock"]03:04
813Sweet Caroline [from the "On Stage"]02:51
814Swing Down Sweet Chariot [from the "His Hand In Mine"]02:34
815Swing Down, Sweet Chariot [from the "Live a Little, Love a Little/Charro!/The Trouble With Girls/Change of Habit"]02:16
816Sylvia [from the "Elvis Now"]03:18
817Take Good Care Of Her [from the "Good Times"]02:52
818Take Me To The Fair [from the "It Happened At The World's Fair (Soundtrack)"]01:36
819Take My Hand, Precious Lord [from the "Elvis' Christmas Album"]03:18
820Take My Hand, Precious Lord [from the "Christmas Album"]03:18
821Talk About The Good Times [from the "Good Times"]02:23
822Talk About the Good Times - Elvis Presley, The Voic [from the "Walk A Mile In My Shoes, The Essential 70's Masters"] 
823Teddy Bear [from the "Great Performances"] 
824Teddy Bear [from the "The Great Performances"]01:47
825Tell Me Why [from the "Loving You"]02:08
826Tender Feeling [from the "Kissin' Cousins (Soundtrack)"]02:33
827Tennessee Waltz [from the "A Touch of Platinum"] 
828Thanks To The Rolling Sea [from the "Girls! Girls! Girls! (Soundtrack)"]01:38
829That S All Right [from the "Elvis' Golden Records"]01:55
830Thats All Right [from the "Great Performances"] 
831That's All Right [from the "The Sun Sessions"]01:57
832That's All Right [from the "Elvis As Recorded At Madison Square Garden"]02:14
833That's All Right, Mama [from the "The Great Performances"]01:55
834That's Someone You Never Forget [from the "Pot Luck With Elvis"]02:47
835Thats When Your Heartaches Begin [from the "Elvis' Golden Records"]03:21
836The Bullfighter Was A Lady [from the "Fun In Acapulco (Soundtrack)"]02:04
837The Fair's Moving On [from the "Back In Memphis"]03:07
838The First Noel [from the "Elvis Sings - The Wonderful World of Christmas"]02:11
839The Fool [from the "Elvis Country (I'm 10,000 Years Old)"]02:33
840The Girl I Never Loved [from the "Clambake"]01:52

Elvis Presley - top artists list [#46]

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was an American singer and actor. Presley started as a singer of rockabilly, borrowing many songs from rhythm and blues numbers and country standards.

Presley successfully fused rhythm and blue to create rockabilly which morphed into rock & roll.

He was the most commercially successful singer of rock and roll, but he also sang ballads, country music as well as gospel.


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