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Startin' with Me by Jake Owen [2006] [album editions]

Startin' with Me (Jake Owen)

Track listing

1The Bad In Me
2Something About A Woman
3Startin' With Me
4Yee Haw
6Eight Second Ride
7Hard Not To Love You
8The Bottle And Me
9Places To Run
10Long Night With You
11You Can Thank Dixie (with Randy Owen)

Jake Owen albums

1Barefoot Blue Jean Night[ 2011 ]
2Days of Gold[ 2013 ]
3Easy Does It[ 2009 ]
4Startin' with Me[ 2006 ]
1Barefoot Blue Jean Night (Jake Owen)
2Days of Gold (Jake Owen)
3Easy Does It (Jake Owen)
4Startin' with Me (Jake Owen)

Jake Owen songs

11972 [from the "Days of Gold"]03:26
2Alone With You [from the "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"]03:32
3Anything For You [from the "Easy Does It"]03:52
4Anywhere With You [from the "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"]03:30
5Apple Pie Moonshine [from the "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"]03:18
6Barefoot Blue Jean Night [from the "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"]02:49
7Beachin' [from the "Days of Gold"]03:11
8Cherry On Top [from the "Easy Does It"]03:37
9Days of Gold [from the "Days of Gold"]03:21
10Don't Think I Can't Love You [from the "Easy Does It"]03:05
11Drivin' All Night [from the "Days of Gold"]03:56
12Easy Does It [from the "Easy Does It"]03:35
13Eight Second Ride [from the "Startin' with Me"]03:04
14Eight Second Ride [from the "Easy Does It"]03:07
15Every Reason I Go Back [from the "Easy Does It"]03:34
16Ghost Town [from the "Days of Gold"]03:29
17Ghosts [from the "Startin' with Me"]03:51
18Good Timing [from the "Days of Gold"]03:16
19Green Bananas [from the "Easy Does It"]03:21
20Hard Not To Love You [from the "Startin' with Me"]03:19
21Heaven [from the "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"]03:12
22Keepin' It Country [from the "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"]03:20
23Life of the Party [from the "Days of Gold"]03:05
24Long Night With You [from the "Startin' with Me"]03:56
25Nobody Feelin' No Pain [from the "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"]04:57
26Nothin' Grows In Shadows [from the "Easy Does It"]05:01
27One Little Kiss (Never Killed Nobody) [from the "Days of Gold"]02:59
28Places To Run [from the "Startin' with Me"]03:30
29Settin' The World On Fire [from the "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"]03:49
30Something About A Woman [from the "Startin' with Me"]03:13
31Startin' With Me [from the "Startin' with Me"]03:56
32Sure Feels Right [from the "Days of Gold"]04:00
33Tall Glass of Something [from the "Days of Gold"]02:55
34Tell Me [from the "Easy Does It"]04:38
35The Bad In Me [from the "Startin' with Me"]03:26
36The Bottle And Me [from the "Startin' with Me"]03:03
37The Journey Of Your Life [from the "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"]03:48
38The One That Got Away [from the "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"]03:14
39Tipsy [from the "Days of Gold"]03:39
40What We Ain't Got [from the "Days of Gold"]03:39
41Who Said Whiskey (Was Meant To Drink A Woman Away) [from the "Easy Does It"]03:27
42Wide Awake [from the "Barefoot Blue Jean Night"]03:02
43Yee Haw [from the "Startin' with Me"]02:52
44You Can Thank Dixie (with Randy Owen) [from the "Startin' with Me"]04:26

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Jake Owen

Joshua Ryan "Jake" Owen is an American country music artist. []


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  • Eight Second Ride by Jake Owen

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