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Leisure by Blur [1991] [album editions]

Leisure (Blur)

Track listing

1She's So High
3Slow Down
5Bad Day
7There's No Other Way
9Come Together
10High Cool
12Wear Me Down

Blur albums

113[ 1999 ]
2Blur[ 1997 ]
3Cruel Intentions (Soundtrack)[ 1999 ]
4Leisure[ 1991 ]
5Modern Life Is Rubbish[ 1993 ]
6Parklife[ 1994 ]
7The Great Escape[ 1995 ]
8Think Tank[ 2003 ]
9Trainspotting (Soundtrack)[ 1996 ]
113 (Blur)
2Blur (Blur)
3Cruel Intentions (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
4Leisure (Blur)
5Modern Life Is Rubbish (Blur)
6Parklife (Blur)
7The Great Escape (Blur)
8Think Tank (Blur)
9Trainspotting (Soundtrack) (Various artists)

Blur songs

61Mellow Song [from the "13"]03:56
62Miss America [from the "Modern Life Is Rubbish"]05:34
63Moroccan Peoples Revolutionary Bowls Club [from the "Think Tank"]06:21
64Movin' On [from the "Blur"]03:44
65Mr. Robinson's Quango [from the "The Great Escape"]04:02
66No Distance Left To Run [from the "13"]03:27
67No Distance Left To Run [from the "Think Tank"]03:25
68Oily Water [from the "Modern Life Is Rubbish"]05:00
69On The Way To The Club [from the "Think Tank"]02:52
70On Your Own [from the "Blur"]04:26
71Optigan 1 [from the "13"]02:33
72Out Of Time [from the "Think Tank"]03:51
73Parklife [from the "Parklife"]03:05
74Parklife [from the "Think Tank"]03:06
75Peach (Bonus Track) [from the "Modern Life Is Rubbish"]03:56
76Pop Scene [from the "Modern Life Is Rubbish"]03:14
77Pressure on Julian [from the "Modern Life Is Rubbish"]03:31
78Repetition [from the "Leisure"]05:25
79Resigned [from the "Modern Life Is Rubbish"]06:10
80She's So High [from the "Leisure"]04:44
81Sing [from the "Leisure"]06:00
82Sing - Blur [from the "Trainspotting (Soundtrack)"] 
83Slow Down [from the "Leisure"]03:11
84Song 2 [from the "Blur"]02:01
85Song 2 [from the "Think Tank"]02:02
86Star Shaped [from the "Modern Life Is Rubbish"]03:26
87Stereotypes [from the "The Great Escape"]03:10
88Strange News From Another Star [from the "Blur"]04:02
89Sunday, Sunday [from the "Modern Life Is Rubbish"]02:38
90Swamp Song [from the "13"]04:36
91Sweet Song [from the "Think Tank"]04:00
92Tender [from the "13"]07:40
93The Debt Collector [from the "Parklife"]02:10
94The Universal [from the "The Great Escape"]03:58
95Theme From Retro [from the "Blur"]03:37
96There's No Other Way [from the "Leisure"]03:23
97There's No Other Way [from the "Think Tank"]03:13
98This Is A Low [from the "Parklife"]05:16
99To The End [from the "Parklife"]04:04
100Top Man [from the "The Great Escape"]04:00
101Tracy Jacks [from the "Parklife"]04:20
102Trailerpark [from the "13"]04:26
103Trimm Trabb [from the "13"]05:37
104Trouble In The Message Centre [from the "Parklife"]04:09
105Turn It Up [from the "Modern Life Is Rubbish"]03:22
106Villa Rosie [from the "Modern Life Is Rubbish"]03:55
107Wear Me Down [from the "Leisure"]04:49
108We've Got A File On You [from the "Think Tank"]01:00
109When The Cows Come Home (Bonus Track) [from the "Modern Life Is Rubbish"]03:50
110You're So Great [from the "Blur"]03:35
111Yuko & Hiro [from the "The Great Escape"]05:23



Blur are an English alternative rock band.

Formed in London in 1989 as Seymour, the group consists of singer Damon Albarn, guitarist Graham Coxon, bassist Alex James and drummer Dave Rowntree. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Britpop,
  • Indie rock
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