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Enchanted Caress by Illusion [1979] [album editions]

Enchanted Caress (Illusion)

Track listing

1Nights in Paris
2Walking Space
3Man Who Loved the Trees
4Getting into Love Again
5As Long as We're Together
6Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
7Living Above Your Head
8Crossed Lines
9You Are the One
10All the Falling Angels

Illusion albums

1Enchanted Caress[ 1979 ]
2Illusion[ 1975 ]
3Out of the Mist[ 1977 ]
1Enchanted Caress (Illusion)
2Illusion (Illusion)
3Out of the Mist (Illusion)

Illusion songs

1All the Falling Angels [from the "Enchanted Caress"]05:27
2As Long as We're Together [from the "Enchanted Caress"]03:41
3Beautiful Country [from the "Out of the Mist"]04:24
4Candles Are Burning [from the "Out of the Mist"]07:11
5Crossed Lines [from the "Enchanted Caress"]03:18
6Cruising Nowhere [from the "Illusion"]05:02
7Cruising Nowhere [from the "Out of the Mist"] 
8Everywhere You Go [from the "Out of the Mist"]03:19
9Face Of Yesterday [from the "Out of the Mist"]05:46
10Getting into Love Again [from the "Enchanted Caress"]03:32
11Isadora [from the "Out of the Mist"]06:58
12Living Above Your Head [from the "Enchanted Caress"]02:53
13Louis' Theme [from the "Illusion"]07:43
14Louis' Theme [from the "Out of the Mist"] 
15Madonna Blue [from the "Illusion"]06:47
16Madonna Blue [from the "Out of the Mist"] 
17Man of Miracles [from the "Illusion"]03:28
18Man Of Miracles [from the "Out of the Mist"] 
19Man Who Loved the Trees [from the "Enchanted Caress"]03:28
20Never Be the Same [from the "Illusion"]03:17
21Never Be The Same [from the "Out of the Mist"] 
22Nights in Paris [from the "Enchanted Caress"]03:13
23Roads To Freedom [from the "Out of the Mist"]03:54
24Slaughter on Tenth Avenue [from the "Enchanted Caress"]03:30
25Solo Flight [from the "Out of the Mist"]04:23
26The Revolutionary [from the "Illusion"]06:16
27The Revolutionary [from the "Out of the Mist"] 
28Walking Space [from the "Enchanted Caress"]03:58
29Wings Across the Sea [from the "Illusion"]04:48
30Wings Across The Sea [from the "Out of the Mist"] 
31You Are the One [from the "Enchanted Caress"]04:00
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