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Blessing In Disguise by Annie Haslam [1994] [album editions]

Blessing In Disguise (Annie Haslam)

Track listing

1Blessing In Disguise
2Pool of Tears
3Love Lies, Love Dies
4Can't Turn The Night Off
5In Another Life
6Raindrops & Leaves
7Whisper From Marseilles (for Julien)
8I Light This Candle
9What He Seeks
10See This Through Your Eyes
11The Sweetest Kiss
12The Children (of Medellin)
13A New Life
14After The Oceans Are Gone

Annie Haslam albums

1Annie Haslam[ 1989 ]
2Annie In Wonderland[ 1977 ]
3Blessing In Disguise[ 1994 ]
4Live Under Brazillian Skies[ 1998 ]
5Still Life[ 1996 ]
6The Dawn of Ananda[ 1999 ]
7Waterfalls Of Sounds[ 1994 ]
1Annie Haslam (Annie Haslam)
2Annie In Wonderland (Annie Haslam)
3Blessing In Disguise (Annie Haslam)
4Live Under Brazillian Skies (Annie Haslam)
5Still Life (Annie Haslam)
6The Dawn of Ananda (Annie Haslam)
7Waterfalls Of Sounds (Annie Haslam)

Annie Haslam songs

1A New Life [from the "Blessing In Disguise"]04:45
2A Thousand Angels [from the "The Dawn of Ananda"]05:18
3After The Oceans Are Gone [from the "Blessing In Disguise"]04:56
4After The Oceans Are Gone [from the "Live Under Brazillian Skies"]04:42
5Ananda [from the "The Dawn of Ananda"]04:29
6Angel Blue [from the "The Dawn of Ananda"]06:56
7Ashes Are Burning [from the "Waterfalls Of Sounds"]21:33
8Ave Verum [from the "Still Life"]02:43
9Bitter Sweet [from the "Still Life"]02:29
10Blessing In Disguise [from the "Blessing In Disguise"]03:27
11Blessing In Disguise [from the "Live Under Brazillian Skies"]03:29
12Brazilian Skies [from the "Live Under Brazillian Skies"]04:54
13Can't Turn The Night Off [from the "Blessing In Disguise"]03:25
14Careless Love [from the "Still Life"]03:31
15Carpet of the Sun [from the "Waterfalls Of Sounds"]04:27
16Carpet of the Sun [from the "Live Under Brazillian Skies"]04:11
17Celestine [from the "Annie Haslam"]04:50
18Chains And Threads [from the "Still Life"]03:39
19Forever Bound [from the "Still Life"]03:54
20Further From Fantasy [from the "Annie Haslam"]04:19
21Glitter and Dust [from the "Still Life"]03:17
22Going Home [from the "Annie In Wonderland"]05:01
23Hunioco [from the "Annie In Wonderland"]07:33
24I Light This Candle [from the "Blessing In Disguise"]03:42
25I Never Believed in Love [from the "Annie In Wonderland"]03:40
26I Think of You [from the "Live Under Brazillian Skies"]03:33
27If I Loved You [from the "Annie In Wonderland"]04:39
28In Another Life [from the "Blessing In Disguise"]04:04
29Inside My Life [from the "Annie In Wonderland"]04:51
30Introlise - If I Were Made of Music [from the "Annie In Wonderland"]04:46
31Let It Grow [from the "Live Under Brazillian Skies"]04:03
32Let It Ne Me [from the "Annie Haslam"]04:30
33Lily Lullaby [from the "The Dawn of Ananda"]03:49
34Love Lies, Love Dies [from the "Blessing In Disguise"]05:41
35'Michael' Prince Of Angels [from the "The Dawn of Ananda"]05:09
36Moonlight Shadow [from the "Annie Haslam"]03:35
37Moonlight Shadow [from the "Waterfalls Of Sounds"]03:10
38Moonlight Shadow [from the "Live Under Brazillian Skies"]03:32
39Mother Russia [from the "Waterfalls Of Sounds"]05:42
40Nature Boy [from the "Annie In Wonderland"]04:56
41Nature Boy (If I Loved You) [from the "Live Under Brazillian Skies"]04:48
42Northern Lights [from the "Live Under Brazillian Skies"]04:39
43Ocean Gypsy [from the "Waterfalls Of Sounds"]08:36
44On More Arrow [from the "Waterfalls Of Sounds"]04:51
45One Day [from the "Still Life"]02:58
46One Love [from the "Annie Haslam"]04:04
47One More Arrow [from the "Annie Haslam"]04:08
48Pool of Tears [from the "Blessing In Disguise"]04:14
49Precious One [from the "The Dawn of Ananda"]04:36
50Raindrops & Leaves [from the "Blessing In Disguise"]03:22
51Rockalise [from the "Annie In Wonderland"]06:09
52Running River Runs [from the "The Dawn of Ananda"]04:09
53Save Us All [from the "Still Life"]03:49
54Seashell Eyes [from the "Live Under Brazillian Skies"]04:43
55See This Through Your Eyes [from the "Blessing In Disguise"]04:06
56Shes the Light [from the "Annie Haslam"]02:16
57Shine [from the "Still Life"]03:22
58Skaila [from the "Still Life"]02:35
59Spare Some Love [from the "Live Under Brazillian Skies"]05:51
60Still Life [from the "Still Life"]03:00

Annie Haslam

Annie Haslam

Annie Haslam is an English progressive rock vocalist and songwriter. []


  • Progressive rock,
  • Pop,
  • Folk,
  • Classical
  • A New Life by Annie Haslam

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