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Far From The Sun by Amorphis [2003] [album editions]

Far From The Sun (Amorphis)

Track listing

1Day Of Your Beliefs
2Planetary Misfortune
3Evil Inside
4Mourning Soil
5Far From The Sun
6Etheral Solitude
7Killing Goodness
8God Of Deception
9Higher Ground

Amorphis albums

1Alone[ 2001 ]
2Am Universum[ 2001 ]
3Black Winter Day[ 1995 ]
4Elegy[ 2004 ]
5Far From The Sun[ 2003 ]
6My Kantele[ 1997 ]
7Privilege Of Evil[ 1993 ]
8Story - 10th Anniversary[ 2000 ]
9Tales From The Thousand Lakes[ 1994 ]
10The Karelian Isthmus[ 1992 ]
11Tuonela[ 1999 ]
1Alone (Amorphis)
2Am Universum (Amorphis)
3Black Winter Day (Amorphis)
4Elegy (Amorphis)
5Far From The Sun (Amorphis)
6My Kantele (Amorphis)
7Privilege Of Evil (Amorphis)
8Story - 10th Anniversary (Amorphis)
9Tales From The Thousand Lakes (Amorphis)
10The Karelian Isthmus (Amorphis)
11Tuonela (Amorphis)

Amorphis songs

1Against Widows [from the "Elegy"]04:03
2Against Widows [from the "Story - 10th Anniversary"]04:03
3Alone [from the "Am Universum"]06:18
4Alone (Album Version) [from the "Alone"]06:18
5Alone (Edit) [from the "Alone"]04:23
6And I Hear You Call [from the "My Kantele"]04:41
7Better Unborn [from the "Elegy"]05:57
8Black Embrace [from the "The Karelian Isthmus"]03:42
9Black Embrace [from the "Privilege Of Evil"]03:27
10Black Winter Day [from the "Tales From The Thousand Lakes"]03:50
11Black Winter Day [from the "Black Winter Day"]03:52
12Black Winter Day [from the "Story - 10th Anniversary"]03:51
13Brother Slayer [from the "Story - 10th Anniversary"]03:39
14Captured State [from the "Am Universum"]04:28
15Cares [from the "Elegy"]04:32
16Cares [from the "Story - 10th Anniversary"]04:20
17Crimson Wave [from the "Am Universum"]04:45
18Day Of Your Beliefs [from the "Far From The Sun"]05:01
19Divinity [from the "Tuonela"]04:57
20Divinity [from the "Story - 10th Anniversary"]04:55
21Drifting Memories [from the "Am Universum"]04:24
22Drowned Maid [from the "Tales From The Thousand Lakes"]04:23
23Drowned Maid [from the "Story - 10th Anniversary"]04:10
24Elegy [from the "Elegy"]07:24
25Etheral Solitude [from the "Far From The Sun"]04:30
26Evil Inside [from the "Far From The Sun"]03:55
27Excursing From Existence [from the "Privilege Of Evil"]03:08
28Exile Of The Sons Of Uisliu [from the "The Karelian Isthmus"]03:46
29Exile Of The Sons Of Uisliu [from the "Story - 10th Anniversary"]03:44
30Far From The Sun [from the "Far From The Sun"]04:00
31First Doom [from the "Tales From The Thousand Lakes"]03:52
32Folk Of The North [from the "Black Winter Day"]01:23
33Forever More [from the "Am Universum"]04:32
34Forgotten Sunrise [from the "Tales From The Thousand Lakes"]04:53
35God Of Deception [from the "Far From The Sun"]03:37
36Goddess (Of The Sad Man) [from the "Am Universum"]03:59
37Grails Mysteries [from the "Story - 10th Anniversary"]03:03
38Grails Mystery [from the "The Karelian Isthmus"]03:04
39Greed [from the "Tuonela"]04:20
40Grieve Stricken Heart [from the "Am Universum"]06:42
41Higher Ground [from the "Far From The Sun"]05:37
42In The Beginning [from the "Tales From The Thousand Lakes"]03:37
43Into Hiding [from the "Tales From The Thousand Lakes"]03:45
44Karelia [from the "The Karelian Isthmus"]00:45
45Killing Goodness [from the "Far From The Sun"]03:54
46Levitation [from the "My Kantele"]05:52
47Light My Fire [from the "Black Winter Day"]02:52
48Magic And Mayhem [from the "Tales From The Thousand Lakes"]04:27
49Misery Path [from the "The Karelian Isthmus"]04:19
50Misery Path [from the "Privilege Of Evil"]04:19
51Moon And Sun [from the "Black Winter Day"]03:39
52Moon And Sun Part II: North's Son [from the "Black Winter Day"]05:11
53Morning Star [from the "Tuonela"]03:53
54Mourning Soil [from the "Far From The Sun"]03:46
55My Kantele [from the "Elegy"]05:05
56My Kantele [from the "My Kantele"]05:59
57My Kantele [from the "Story - 10th Anniversary"]05:50
58My Kantele (Acoustic Reprise) [from the "Elegy"]05:58
59Nightfall [from the "Tuonela"]03:55
60On Rich And Poor [from the "Elegy"]05:22



Amorphis is a Finnish metal band started by Jan Rechberger, Tomi Koivusaari, and Esa Holopainen in 1990. []


  • Melodic death metal,
  • Death/doom,
  • Folk meta,
  • Gothic metal,
  • Progressive metal
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