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Where It's At by Dustin Lynch [2014] [album editions]

Where It's At (Dustin Lynch)

Track listing

1Hell of a Night
2To The Sky
4After Party
5Where It's At
6Mind Reader
7Right Where We Want It
8She Wants a Cowboy
9World To Me
10Sing It To Me
11All Night
12Middle of Nowhere
13What You Wanna Hear
14Your Daddy's Boots
15American Prayer

Dustin Lynch albums

1Dustin Lynch[ 2012 ]
2Where It's At[ 2014 ]
1Dustin Lynch (Dustin Lynch)
2Where It's At (Dustin Lynch)

Dustin Lynch songs

114 [from the "Dustin Lynch"]00:04
2After Party [from the "Where It's At"]03:10
3All Night [from the "Where It's At"]02:51
4American Prayer [from the "Where It's At"]03:23
5Cowboys and Angels [from the "Dustin Lynch"]03:47
6Dancing In The Headlights [from the "Dustin Lynch"]03:25
7Halo [from the "Where It's At"]03:17
8Hell of a Night [from the "Where It's At"]03:07
9Hurricane [from the "Dustin Lynch"]03:32
10Last Lap [from the "Dustin Lynch"]03:25
11Middle of Nowhere [from the "Where It's At"]03:50
12Mind Reader [from the "Where It's At"]02:56
13Name On It [from the "Dustin Lynch"]02:56
14Right Where We Want It [from the "Where It's At"]02:57
15Rock You Sweet [from the "Dustin Lynch"]03:53
16She Cranks My Tractor [from the "Dustin Lynch"]03:08
17She Wants a Cowboy [from the "Where It's At"]03:01
18Sing It To Me [from the "Where It's At"]03:12
19Sittin' Pretty [from the "Dustin Lynch"]03:11
20To The Sky [from the "Where It's At"]03:20
21Unwind It [from the "Dustin Lynch"]03:17
22Waiting [from the "Dustin Lynch"]03:39
23What You Wanna Hear [from the "Where It's At"]03:24
24Where It's At [from the "Where It's At"]03:20
25Wild In Your Smile [from the "Dustin Lynch"]03:00
26World To Me [from the "Where It's At"]03:28
27Yeah Yeah Yeah [from the "Dustin Lynch"]03:18
28Your Daddy's Boots [from the "Where It's At"]03:49
29Your Plan [from the "Dustin Lynch"]03:29

Dustin Lynch - top artists list [#161]

Dustin Lynch

Dustin Charles Lynch is an American country music singer and songwriter.


  • Country
  • Mind Reader - one of the best Dustin Lynch songs, top songs list [#304]

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