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Moonshine in the Trunk by Brad Paisley [2014] [album editions]

Moonshine in the Trunk (Brad Paisley)

Track listing

1Crushin' It
2River Bank
3Perfect Storm
4High Life (ft. Carrie Underwood)
5Moonshine in the Trunk
6Shattered Glass
8You Shouldn't Have To
10Cover Girl
11Gone Green (ft. Emmylou Harris)
12JFK 1962
13American Flag on the Moon
14Country Nation
15Me and Jesus

Brad Paisley albums

15th Gear[ 2007 ]
2American Saturday Night[ 2009 ]
3Brad Paisley Christmas[ 2006 ]
4Moonshine in the Trunk[ 2014 ]
5Mud on the Tires[ 2003 ]
6Part II[ 2001 ]
7Play[ 2008 ]
8This is Country Music[ 2011 ]
9Time Well Wasted[ 2005 ]
10Wheelhouse[ 2013 ]
11Who Needs Pictures[ 1999 ]
15th Gear (Brad Paisley)
2American Saturday Night (Brad Paisley)
3Brad Paisley Christmas (Brad Paisley)
4Moonshine in the Trunk (Brad Paisley)
5Mud on the Tires (Brad Paisley)
6Part II (Brad Paisley)
7Play (Brad Paisley)
8This is Country Music (Brad Paisley)
9Time Well Wasted (Brad Paisley)
10Wheelhouse (Brad Paisley)
11Who Needs Pictures (Brad Paisley)

Brad Paisley songs

1364 Days To Go [from the "Brad Paisley Christmas"]04:28
24WP [from the "Moonshine in the Trunk"]03:27
3A Man Don't Have To Die [from the "This is Country Music"]04:19
4Accidental Racist (Feat. LL Cool J) [from the "Wheelhouse"]05:51
5Ain't Nothin' Like [from the "Mud on the Tires"]03:36
6Alcohol [from the "Time Well Wasted"]04:52
7All I Wanted Was A Car [from the "5th Gear"]04:05
8All You Really Need Is Love [from the "Part II"]02:44
9American Flag on the Moon [from the "Moonshine in the Trunk"]03:48
10American Saturday Night [from the "American Saturday Night"]04:34
11Anything Like Me [from the "American Saturday Night"]04:13
12Away In A Manger [from the "Brad Paisley Christmas"]04:47
13Be the Lake [from the "This is Country Music"]03:56
14Beat This Summer [from the "Wheelhouse"]04:41
15Better Than This [from the "5th Gear"]03:12
16Bigger Fish To Fry [from the "5th Gear"]04:25
17Bon Voyage [from the "Wheelhouse"]00:19
18Born On Christmas Day [from the "Brad Paisley Christmas"]04:59
19Camouflage [from the "This is Country Music"]04:26
20Catch All The Fish [from the "American Saturday Night"]04:08
21Celebrity [from the "Mud on the Tires"]03:43
22Cliffs Of Rock City [from the "Play"]03:45
23Cloud Of Dust [from the "Who Needs Pictures"]04:05
24Cluster Pluck [from the "Play"]03:31
25Come On In [from the "Play"]03:53
26Come On Over Tonight [from the "Part II"]04:31
27Cornography (comedy sketch ft. James Burton and the Kung Pao Buckaroos) [from the "Time Well Wasted"]03:56
28Cornography ft. James Burton and the Kung Pao Buckaroos 2 [from the "Time Well Wasted"]00:15
29Cornography ft. James Burton and the Kung Pao Buckaroos 3 [from the "Time Well Wasted"]00:13
30Cornography ft. James Burton and the Kung Pao Buckaroos 4 [from the "Time Well Wasted"]00:35
31Cornography ft. James Burton and the Kung Pao Buckaroos 5 [from the "Time Well Wasted"]00:34
32Cornography ft. James Burton and the Kung Pao Buckaroos 6 [from the "Time Well Wasted"]00:27
33Country Nation [from the "Moonshine in the Trunk"]03:48
34Cover Girl [from the "Moonshine in the Trunk"]03:11
35Crushin' It [from the "Moonshine in the Trunk"]03:40
36Death of a Married Man (ft. Eric Idle) [from the "Wheelhouse"]00:47
37Death of a Single Man [from the "Wheelhouse"]04:24
38Departure [from the "Play"]04:28
39Don't Breathe [from the "Who Needs Pictures"]02:54
40Don't Drink the Water (ft. Blake Shelton) [from the "This is Country Music"]03:46
41Eastwood (ft. Clint Eastwood) [from the "This is Country Music"]05:02
42Easy Money [from the "Time Well Wasted"]04:14
43Everybody's Here [from the "American Saturday Night"]03:31
44Facebook Friends [from the "Wheelhouse"]04:10
45Famous People [from the "Mud on the Tires"]04:10
46Farther Along [from the "Mud on the Tires"]05:23
47Flowers [from the "Time Well Wasted"]03:50
48Get Even [from the "Wheelhouse"]03:25
49Gone Green (ft. Emmylou Harris) [from the "Moonshine in the Trunk"]03:16
50Harvey Bodine [from the "Wheelhouse"]03:28
51He Didn't Have To Be [from the "Who Needs Pictures"]04:43
52Hidden track [from the "American Saturday Night"]01:30
53High Life (ft. Carrie Underwood) [from the "Moonshine in the Trunk"]03:44
54Hold Me In Your Arms (And Let Me Fall) [from the "Mud on the Tires"]04:24
55Holdin' On To You [from the "Who Needs Pictures"]03:00
56Huckleberry Jam [from the "Play"]02:53
57I Can't Change The World [from the "Wheelhouse"]04:41
58I Do Now [from the "This is Country Music"]04:00
59I Hope That's Me [from the "American Saturday Night"]03:40
60I Wish You'd Stay [from the "Part II"]06:17

Brad Paisley - top artists list [#268]

Brad Paisley

Brad Douglas Paisley is an American country singer-songwriter and musician.

His songs are frequently laced with humor and popular culture references. []


  • Country
  • Crushin' It - one of the best Brad Paisley songs, top songs list [#390]

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