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Caught in the Act by Eric Church [2013] [album editions]

Caught in the Act (Eric Church)

Track listing

1Before She Does
2How 'Bout You
3Drink In My Hand
4Over When It's Over
5I'm Gettin' Stoned
7Keep On
8Hungover & Hard Up
9Sinners Like Me
10Country Music Jesus
11Pledge Allegiance to the Hag
12Jack Daniels
14Lotta Boot Left to Fill
15Smoke a Little Smoke
16These Boots

Eric Church albums

1Carolina[ 2009 ]
2Caught in the Act[ 2013 ]
3Chief[ 2011 ]
4Sinners Like Me[ 2006 ]
5The Outsiders[ 2014 ]
1Carolina (Eric Church)
2Caught in the Act (Eric Church)
3Chief (Eric Church)
4Sinners Like Me (Eric Church)
5The Outsiders (Eric Church)

Eric Church songs

1A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young [from the "The Outsiders"]03:13
2Ain't Killed Me Yet [from the "Carolina"]03:22
3Before She Does [from the "Caught in the Act"]03:43
4Before She Does [from the "Sinners Like Me"]03:19
5Broke Record [from the "The Outsiders"]03:29
6Can't Take It With You [from the "Sinners Like Me"]04:26
7Carolina [from the "Carolina"]04:39
8Cold One [from the "The Outsiders"]03:25
9Country Music Jesus [from the "Caught in the Act"]03:49
10Country Music Jesus [from the "Chief"]03:52
11Creepin' [from the "Caught in the Act"]04:47
12Creepin' [from the "Chief"]03:52
13Dark Side [from the "The Outsiders"]03:38
14Devil, Devil (Prelude: Princess of Darkness) [from the "The Outsiders"]08:02
15Drink In My Hand [from the "Caught in the Act"]04:53
16Drink In My Hand [from the "Chief"]03:11
17Faster Than My Angels Can Fly (Bonus Track) [from the "Carolina"]03:49
18Give Me Back My Hometown [from the "The Outsiders"]04:12
19Guys Like Me [from the "Sinners Like Me"]03:11
20Hell On The Heart [from the "Carolina"]02:44
21His Kind Of Money (My Kind Of Love) (Bonus Track) [from the "Carolina"]03:41
22Homeboy [from the "Caught in the Act"]04:42
23Homeboy [from the "Chief"]03:47
24How 'Bout You [from the "Caught in the Act"]04:22
25How 'Bout You [from the "Sinners Like Me"]03:51
26Hungover & Hard Up [from the "Caught in the Act"]03:33
27Hungover & Hard Up [from the "Chief"]02:53
28I'm Gettin' Stoned [from the "Caught in the Act"]04:19
29I'm Gettin' Stoned [from the "Chief"]04:02
30Jack Daniels [from the "Caught in the Act"]04:31
31Jack Daniels [from the "Chief"]05:04
32Keep On [from the "Caught in the Act"]02:49
33Keep On [from the "Chief"]02:38
34Lightning [from the "Sinners Like Me"]05:17
35Like a Wrecking Ball [from the "The Outsiders"]03:18
36Like Jesus Does [from the "Chief"]03:18
37Livin' Part Of Life [from the "Sinners Like Me"]04:29
38Longer Gone [from the "Carolina"]03:08
39Lotta Boot Left to Fill [from the "Caught in the Act"]04:21
40Lotta Boot Left To Fill [from the "Carolina"]03:24
41Love Your Love The Most [from the "Carolina"]02:50
42My Heart's Got A Memory (Bonus Track) [from the "Carolina"]02:52
43Over When It's Over [from the "Caught in the Act"]02:59
44Over When It's Over [from the "Chief"]02:39
45Pledge Allegiance To The Flag (ft. Merle Haggard) [from the "Sinners Like Me"]04:25
46Pledge Allegiance to the Hag [from the "Caught in the Act"]04:55
47Roller Coaster Ride [from the "The Outsiders"]04:36
48Sinners Like Me [from the "Caught in the Act"]03:48
49Sinners Like Me [from the "Sinners Like Me"]03:53
50Smoke a Little Smoke [from the "Caught in the Act"]04:58
51Smoke a Little Smoke [from the "Carolina"]03:11
52Springsteen [from the "Caught in the Act"]09:05
53Springsteen [from the "Chief"]04:23
54Talladega [from the "The Outsiders"]04:22
55That's Damn Rock & Roll [from the "The Outsiders"]04:26
56The Hard Way [from the "Sinners Like Me"]03:33
57The Joint [from the "The Outsiders"]03:49
58The Outsiders [from the "The Outsiders"]04:12
59These Boots [from the "Caught in the Act"]04:01
60These Boots [from the "Sinners Like Me"]03:48

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Eric Church

Kenneth Eric Church, known professionally as Eric Church, is an American country music singer-songwriter. []


  • Country,
  • Country rock,
  • Southern rock,
  • Bluegrass
  • Smoke a Little Smoke by Eric Church

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