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Shrink by The Notwist [1998] [album editions]

Shrink (The Notwist)

Track listing

1Day 7
3Another Planet
5Electric Bear
6No Encores
9Your Signs

The Notwist albums

1Close to the Glass[ 2014 ]
2Neon Golden[ 2002 ]
3Nook[ 1992 ]
4Shrink[ 1998 ]
5The Devil, You + Me[ 2008 ]
1Close to the Glass (The Notwist)
2Neon Golden (The Notwist)
3Nook (The Notwist)
4Shrink (The Notwist)
5The Devil, You + Me (The Notwist)

The Notwist songs

10-4 [from the "Shrink"]02:19
27-Hour-Drive [from the "Close to the Glass"]03:57
3Alphabet [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]03:02
4Another Planet [from the "Shrink"]04:30
5Another Year Without Me [from the "Nook"]03:30
6Belle De L'ombre/Walk On [from the "Nook"]04:15
7Boneless [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]02:55
8Casino [from the "Close to the Glass"]03:14
9Chemicals [from the "Shrink"]05:15
10Close to the Glass [from the "Close to the Glass"]02:57
11Consequence [from the "Neon Golden"]05:13
12Day 7 [from the "Shrink"]05:55
13Echo [from the "Neon Golden"]02:53
14Electric Bear [from the "Shrink"]04:28
15Formiga [from the "Neon Golden"]02:20
16From One Wrong Place to the Next [from the "Close to the Glass"]02:44
17Gloomy Planets [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]04:49
18Gone Gone Gone [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]02:09
19Good Lies [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]05:23
20Gravity [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]03:55
21Hands on Us [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]04:28
22I'm A Whale [from the "Nook"]06:06
23Into Another Tune [from the "Close to the Glass"]03:56
24Kong [from the "Close to the Glass"]04:31
25Lineri [from the "Close to the Glass"]08:52
26Moron [from the "Shrink"]04:46
27N.L. [from the "Shrink"]05:36
28Neon Golden [from the "Neon Golden"]05:54
29No Encores [from the "Shrink"]04:25
30No Love [from the "Nook"]05:05
31Nook [from the "Nook"]03:33
32Off The Rail [from the "Neon Golden"]03:27
33On Planet Off [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]05:06
34One Dark Love Poem [from the "Nook"]02:50
35One Step Inside Doesn't Mean You Understand [from the "Neon Golden"]03:15
36One With the Freaks [from the "Neon Golden"]03:38
37Pick Up the Phone [from the "Neon Golden"]03:55
38Pilot [from the "Neon Golden"]04:28
39Propeller 9 [from the "Neon Golden"]04:25
40Run Run Run [from the "Close to the Glass"]05:04
41Scoop [from the "Neon Golden"]03:28
42Shrink [from the "Shrink"]04:25
43Signals [from the "Close to the Glass"]03:41
44Sleep [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]03:46
45Solitaire [from the "Neon Golden"]03:29
46Steppin' In [from the "Close to the Glass"]02:00
47The Devil, You & Me [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]03:38
48The Fifth Quarter of the Globe [from the "Close to the Glass"]00:49
49The Incredible Change of Our Alien [from the "Nook"]05:24
50The Only Thing We Own [from the "Nook"]01:51
51They Follow Me [from the "Close to the Glass"]05:41
52This Room [from the "Neon Golden"]04:45
53This Sorry Confession [from the "Nook"]02:46
54Trashing Days [from the "Neon Golden"]03:24
55Unsaid,Undone [from the "Nook"]02:50
56Welcome Back [from the "Nook"]02:47
57Where in this World [from the "The Devil, You + Me"]04:38
58Your Signs [from the "Shrink"]06:46

The Notwist

The Notwist

The Notwist are a German indie rock band formed in 1989. []


  • Indie rock,
  • Electronica,
  • Ambient,
  • Noise rock
  • Chemicals by The Notwist

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