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Two Penny Opera by Tiger Lillies [2006] [album editions]

Two Penny Opera (Tiger Lillies)

Track listing

1Moon Over Soho
2Why (Mackie's Childhood Song)
3Piss On Your Grave
4My Daughter
6Wedding Song
10Depends On Baby
13Hang Tomorrow
14Your Suicides
17Twenty Five Minutes

Tiger Lillies albums

1Births, Marriages and Deaths[ 1994 ]
2Punch and Judy[ 2006 ]
3The Brothel To The Cemetery[ 1996 ]
4Two Penny Opera[ 2006 ]
1Births, Marriages and Deaths (Tiger Lillies)
2Punch and Judy (Tiger Lillies)
3The Brothel To The Cemetery (Tiger Lillies)
4Two Penny Opera (Tiger Lillies)

Tiger Lillies songs

1Alone With The Moon [from the "The Brothel To The Cemetery"]03:39
2Arthur [from the "The Brothel To The Cemetery"]02:55
3Autumn Leaves [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]03:09
4Banging In The Nails [from the "The Brothel To The Cemetery"]02:16
5Bastard [from the "Two Penny Opera"]02:13
6Bitch [from the "Two Penny Opera"]01:28
7Boatman [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]02:53
8Body Hanging [from the "Punch and Judy"]02:13
9Bones [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]02:42
10Circle Line [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]03:46
11Crime [from the "The Brothel To The Cemetery"]02:06
12Darling [from the "Two Penny Opera"]01:39
13Decline [from the "The Brothel To The Cemetery"]02:32
14Depends On Baby [from the "Two Penny Opera"]01:53
15Deranged [from the "Punch and Judy"]02:20
16Despite [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]02:36
17Divine [from the "Two Penny Opera"]01:32
18Down And Out [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]03:02
19Finale [from the "Two Penny Opera"]02:35
20Fisheads [from the "Two Penny Opera"]02:11
21Fountain Filled With Blood [from the "Punch and Judy"]01:55
22Going South [from the "Punch and Judy"]02:22
23Gypsy Lament [from the "The Brothel To The Cemetery"]04:41
24Hang Tomorrow [from the "Two Penny Opera"]01:44
25Hardest Bastard [from the "Punch and Judy"]02:21
26Haunting Me [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]03:04
27Heaven To Hell [from the "The Brothel To The Cemetery"]03:00
28Hell [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]02:20
29Her Room [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]02:14
30Heroin and Cocaine [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]02:06
31Jacky [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]04:06
32Lager Lout [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]02:27
33Lilly Of The Valley [from the "Punch and Judy"]03:54
34Lily Marlene [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]01:27
35Lonely Schizophrenic [from the "Punch and Judy"]02:32
36Mary [from the "Two Penny Opera"]02:23
37Millionaire [from the "The Brothel To The Cemetery"]01:12
38Money [from the "Two Penny Opera"]02:15
39Moon Over Soho [from the "Two Penny Opera"]03:54
40Mortuary [from the "The Brothel To The Cemetery"]02:20
41Mummy [from the "Punch and Judy"] 
42Mummy Loved Me [from the "Punch and Judy"]02:07
43My Daughter [from the "Two Penny Opera"]02:22
44Nightingale [from the "The Brothel To The Cemetery"]02:16
45Normal [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]03:18
46Obscene [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]02:57
47Old Gracefully [from the "The Brothel To The Cemetery"]03:20
48Open Your Legs [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]02:01
49Piss On Your Grave [from the "Two Penny Opera"]03:20
50Police [from the "Two Penny Opera"]02:01
51Polly [from the "Punch and Judy"]03:54
52Pretty Soon [from the "The Brothel To The Cemetery"]03:17
53Prison House Blues [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]01:45
54Punch And Judy [from the "Punch and Judy"]05:53
55Reap What You Sow [from the "The Brothel To The Cemetery"]02:56
56Repulsion [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]01:18
57Roll Up [from the "The Brothel To The Cemetery"]02:42
58Russians [from the "The Brothel To The Cemetery"]03:35
59Sailors [from the "The Brothel To The Cemetery"]03:59
60Sense of Sentiment [from the "Births, Marriages and Deaths"]02:57

Tiger Lillies

Tiger Lillies

The Tiger Lillies are an obscure cult three-piece band, based in London.

Their surreal style has been described as darkly humourous.

They are also notorious for singing controversial songs involving bestiality, prostitution and blasphemy, shocking unsuspecting audiences. []


  • Dark cabaret
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