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Nouvelle Vague by Nouvelle Vague [2004] [album editions]

Nouvelle Vague (Nouvelle Vague)

Track listing

1Love Will Tear Us Apart
2Just Can't Get Enough
3In a Manner of Speaking
4Guns Of Brixton
5This Is Not A Love Song
6Too Drunk To ***
8Making Plans For Nigel
9A Forest
10I Melt With You
11Teenage Kicks
13Friday Night Saturday Morning

Nouvelle Vague albums

13[ 2009 ]
2Bande a Part[ 2006 ]
3Best of Nouvelle Vague[ 2010 ]
4Couleurs sur Paris[ 2010 ]
5Nouvelle Vague[ 2004 ]
13 (Nouvelle Vague)
2Bande a Part (Nouvelle Vague)
3Best of Nouvelle Vague (Nouvelle Vague)
4Couleurs sur Paris (Nouvelle Vague)
5Nouvelle Vague (Nouvelle Vague)

Nouvelle Vague songs

12 People in a Room (ft. Cocoon) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]03:29
2A Forest [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]03:39
3All My Colours [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:57
4All My Colours (ft. Ian McCulloch) [from the "3"]03:57
5Amoureux Solitaires (ft. Hugh Coltman) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]02:09
6Anne Cherchait L'Amour (ft. Julien Dore) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]03:46
7Aussi Belle Ou Une Balle [from the "3"]03:32
8Bela Lugosis Dead [from the "Bande a Part"]04:00
9Blister in the Sun [from the "3"]03:11
10Blue Monday [from the "Bande a Part"]03:06
11Blue Monday [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:05
12Ca Plane Pour Moi [from the "3"]03:22
13Dance With Me [from the "Bande a Part"]03:38
14Dancing With Myself [from the "Bande a Part"]03:08
15Dancing With Myself [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:12
16Dereglee (ft. Melanie Pain) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]02:36
17Don't Go [from the "Bande a Part"]03:43
18Eisbaer [from the "Bande a Part"]03:40
19Escape Myself [from the "Bande a Part"]03:43
20Ever Fallen In Love [from the "Bande a Part"]03:19
21Ever Fallen In Love [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:22
22Fade To Grey [from the "Bande a Part"]04:45
23Friday Night Saturday Morning [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]04:23
24God Save the Queen [from the "3"]02:46
25Guns Of Brixton [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]04:06
26Guns Of Brixton [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]04:08
27Heart Of Glass [from the "Bande a Part"]03:34
28Heaven [from the "3"]04:08
29Heaven [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]04:07
30Human Fly [from the "Bande a Part"]02:49
31I Melt With You [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]04:00
32I Melt With You [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]04:03
33In a Manner of Speaking [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]03:58
34In a Manner of Speaking [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:58
35Just Can't Get Enough [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]03:07
36Just Can't Get Enough [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:09
37L'Aventurier (ft. Helena Noguerra & Louis Ronan Choisy) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]04:22
38Let Me Go [from the "Bande a Part"]03:53
39Love Will Tear Us Apart [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]03:18
40Love Will Tear Us Apart [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:19
41Making Plans For Nigel [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]03:32
42Making Plans For Nigel [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:33
43Mala Vida (ft. Olivia Ruiz) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]03:38
44Marcia Baila (ft. Adrienne Pauly) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]04:17
45Marian [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]03:53
46Master And Servant [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:20
47Master and Servant (ft. Martin Gore) [from the "3"]03:19
48Metal [from the "3"]03:47
49Not Knowing [from the "3"]03:03
50O Pamela [from the "Bande a Part"]04:26
51Ophelie (ft. Yelle) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]03:28
52Oublions L'Amerique (ft. Nadeah Miranda) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]03:26
53Our Lips Are Sealed [from the "Best of Nouvelle Vague"]03:29
54Our Lips Are Sealed (ft. Terry Hall) [from the "3"]03:29
55Parade (ft. Barry Adamson) [from the "3"]04:03
56Psyche [from the "Nouvelle Vague"]04:12
57Putain Putain (ft. Camille) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]03:09
58Road to Nowhere [from the "3"]03:11
59Sandy Sandy (ft. Soko) [from the "Couleurs sur Paris"]02:44
60Say Hello, Wave Goodbye [from the "3"]04:59

Nouvelle Vague

Nouvelle Vague

Nouvelle Vague is a French band.


  • Lounge,
  • Pop,
  • New Wave,
  • Bossa nova
  • In a Manner of Speaking by Nouvelle Vague

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