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Decade by Duran Duran [1989] [album editions]

Decade (Duran Duran)

Track listing

1Planet Earth
2Girls On Film
3Hungry Like The Wolf
5Save A Prayer
6Is There Something I Should Know
7Union Of The Snake
8The Reflex
9Wild Boys
10A View to a Kill
12Skin Trade
13I Don't Want Your Love
14All She Wants Is

Duran Duran albums

1Arena[ 1984 ]
2Astronaut[ 2004 ]
3Big Thing[ 1990 ]
4Decade[ 1989 ]
5Donnie Darko (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
6Duran Duran[ 1990 ]
7Duran Duran 2 (The Wedding Album)[ 1993 ]
8Liberty[ 1990 ]
9Notorious[ 1993 ]
10Pop Trash[ 2000 ]
11Rio[ 2001 ]
12Seven & The Ragged Tiger[ 2003 ]
13So Red The Rose (Arcadia)[ 1991 ]
14Thank You[ 1995 ]
15The Saint (Soundtrack)[ 1997 ]
1Arena (Duran Duran)
2Astronaut (Duran Duran)
3Big Thing (Duran Duran)
4Decade (Duran Duran)
5Donnie Darko (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
6Duran Duran (Duran Duran)
7Duran Duran 2 (The Wedding Album) (Duran Duran)
8Liberty (Duran Duran)
9Notorious (Duran Duran)
10Pop Trash (Duran Duran)
11Rio (Duran Duran)
12Seven & The Ragged Tiger (Duran Duran)
13So Red The Rose (Arcadia) (Duran Duran)
14Thank You (Duran Duran)
15The Saint (Soundtrack) (Various artists)

Duran Duran songs

1(Reach Up For The) Sunrise [from the "Astronaut"]03:25
2911 Is A Joke [from the "Thank You"]03:58
3A Matter Of Feeling [from the "Notorious"]05:56
4A View to a Kill [from the "Decade"]03:35
5All Along The Water [from the "Liberty"]03:50
6All She Wants Is [from the "Decade"]04:31
7All She Wants Is [from the "Big Thing"]04:34
8American Science [from the "Notorious"]04:42
9Anyone Out There [from the "Duran Duran"]04:02
10Astronaut [from the "Astronaut"]03:24
11Ball Of Confusion [from the "Thank You"]03:45
12Bedroom Toys [from the "Astronaut"]03:50
13Big Thing [from the "Big Thing"]03:41
14Breath After Breath [from the "Duran Duran 2 (The Wedding Album)"]04:56
15Can You Deal With It [from the "Liberty"]03:47
16Careless Memories [from the "Arena"]04:06
17Careless Memories [from the "Duran Duran"]03:53
18Chains [from the "Astronaut"]04:46
19Come Undone [from the "Duran Duran 2 (The Wedding Album)"]04:38
20Cracks In The Pavement [from the "Seven & The Ragged Tiger"]03:38
21Crystal Ship [from the "Thank You"]02:51
22Do You Believe In Shame? [from the "Big Thing"]04:23
23Downtown [from the "Liberty"]05:22
24Drive By [from the "Thank You"]05:34
25Drowning Man [from the "Duran Duran 2 (The Wedding Album)"]05:13
26Drug (It's Just A State Of Mind) [from the "Big Thing"]04:37
27El Diablo [from the "So Red The Rose (Arcadia)"]06:04
28Election Day [from the "So Red The Rose (Arcadia)"]05:29
29Femme Fatale [from the "Duran Duran 2 (The Wedding Album)"]04:21
30Finest Hour [from the "Astronaut"]03:55
31First Impression [from the "Liberty"]05:28
32Flute Interlude [from the "Big Thing"]00:31
33Fragment [from the "Pop Trash"]00:49
34Friends Of Mine [from the "Duran Duran"]05:39
35Girls On Film [from the "Decade"]03:29
36Girls On Film [from the "Duran Duran"]03:32
37Girls On Film - (bonus track) [from the "Arena"] 
38Goodbye Is Forever [from the "So Red The Rose (Arcadia)"]03:48
39Hallucinating Elvis [from the "Pop Trash"]05:26
40Hold Back The Rain [from the "Rio"]03:48
41Hold Me [from the "Notorious"]04:30
42Hothead [from the "Liberty"]03:31
43Hungry Like The Wolf [from the "Decade"]03:27
44Hungry Like The Wolf [from the "Rio"]03:40
45Hungry Like The Wolf [from the "Arena"]04:00
46I Don't Want Your Love [from the "Decade"]03:49
47I Don't Want Your Love [from the "Big Thing"]04:05
48I Take The Dice [from the "Seven & The Ragged Tiger"]03:17
49I Wanna Take You Higher [from the "Thank You"]05:04
50I Wanna Take You Higher Again [from the "Thank You"]04:24
51Interlude One [from the "Big Thing"]00:33
52Is There Something I Should Know [from the "Decade"]04:10
53Is There Something I Should Know [from the "Arena"]04:33
54Is There Something I Should Know? [from the "Duran Duran"]04:11
55Keep Me In The Dark [from the "So Red The Rose (Arcadia)"]04:31
56Kiss Goodbye [from the "Pop Trash"]00:41
57Lady Ice [from the "So Red The Rose (Arcadia)"]07:30
58Lady Xanax [from the "Pop Trash"]04:55
59Lake Shore Driving [from the "Big Thing"]03:03
60Land [from the "Big Thing"]06:11

Duran Duran - top artists list [#543]

Duran Duran

Duran Duran are a British New Wave band notable for a long series of catchy, synthesizer-driven hit singles and vivid music videos.

They were the most commercially successful of the New Romantic bands, and a leading band in the MTV-driven Second British Invasion of the United States.


  • Rock,
  • New wave,
  • New romantic
  • A View to a Kill - one of the best Duran Duran songs, top songs list [#1258]

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