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Supernature by Goldfrapp [2006] [album editions]

Supernature (Goldfrapp)

Track listing

1Ooh La La
2Lovely 2 C U
3Ride A White Horse
4You Never Know
5Let It Take You
6Fly Me Away
7Slide In
9Satin Chic
10Time Out From The World
11Number 1
12Beautiful (bonus track)

Goldfrapp albums

1Cafe Del Mar - Volume 8[ 2001 ]
2Felt Mountain (CD-1)[ 2006 ]
3Happiness[ 2008 ]
4Seventh Tree[ 2008 ]
5Supernature[ 2006 ]
1Cafe Del Mar - Volume 8 (Various artists)
2Felt Mountain (CD-1) (Goldfrapp)
3Happiness (Goldfrapp)
4Seventh Tree (Goldfrapp)
5Supernature (Goldfrapp)

Goldfrapp songs

1A&E [from the "Seventh Tree"]03:18
2Beautiful (bonus track) [from the "Supernature"] 
3Caravan Girl [from the "Seventh Tree"]04:05
4Clowns [from the "Seventh Tree"]04:08
5Cologne Cerrone Houdini [from the "Seventh Tree"]04:25
6Deer Stop [from the "Felt Mountain (CD-1)"]04:08
7Eat Yourself [from the "Seventh Tree"]04:06
8Felt Mountain [from the "Felt Mountain (CD-1)"]04:19
9Fly Me Away [from the "Supernature"]04:26
10Happiness [from the "Seventh Tree"]04:16
11Happiness (Single Version) [from the "Happiness"]03:37
12Horse Tears [from the "Felt Mountain (CD-1)"]05:12
13Human [from the "Felt Mountain (CD-1)"]04:38
14Human (Calexico Vocal) [from the "Felt Mountain (CD-1)"]04:51
15Human (Massey Cro-Magnon Mix) [from the "Felt Mountain (CD-1)"]05:57
16Koko [from the "Supernature"]03:23
17Let It Take You [from the "Supernature"]04:29
18Little Bird [from the "Seventh Tree"]04:24
19Lovely 2 C U [from the "Supernature"]03:25
20Lovely Head [from the "Felt Mountain (CD-1)"]03:51
21Lovely Head (Miss World Mix) [from the "Felt Mountain (CD-1)"]03:53
22Monster Love [from the "Seventh Tree"]04:22
23Number 1 [from the "Supernature"]03:25
24Ooh La La [from the "Supernature"]03:24
25Oompa Radar [from the "Felt Mountain (CD-1)"]04:44
26Paper Bag [from the "Felt Mountain (CD-1)"]04:07
27Pilots [from the "Felt Mountain (CD-1)"]04:31
28Pilots (On A Star) [from the "Felt Mountain (CD-1)"]03:59
29Ride A White Horse [from the "Supernature"]04:41
30Road To Somewhere [from the "Seventh Tree"]03:52
31Road To Somewhere (Acoustic Version) [from the "Happiness"]03:48
32Satin Chic [from the "Supernature"]03:28
33Slide In [from the "Supernature"]04:17
34Some People [from the "Seventh Tree"]04:40
35Time Out From The World [from the "Supernature"]04:47
36U.K. Girls (Physical) [from the "Felt Mountain (CD-1)"]04:53
37Utopia [from the "Felt Mountain (CD-1)"]04:20
38Utopia (New Ears Mix) [from the "Felt Mountain (CD-1)"]03:12
39Utopia (New Ears Mix) - Goldfrapp [from the "Cafe Del Mar - Volume 8"]03:09
40Utopia (Tom Middletons Cosmos Vocal Mix) [from the "Felt Mountain (CD-1)"] 
41You Never Know [from the "Supernature"]03:27
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