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Astronaut by Duran Duran [2004] [album editions]

Astronaut (Duran Duran)

Track listing

1(Reach Up For The) Sunrise
2Want You More
3What Happens Tomorrow
5Bedroom Toys
7Taste The Summer
8Finest Hour
10One Of Those Days
11Point Of No Return
12Still Breathing

Duran Duran albums

1Arena[ 1984 ]
2Astronaut[ 2004 ]
3Big Thing[ 1990 ]
4Decade[ 1989 ]
5Donnie Darko (Soundtrack)[ 2002 ]
6Duran Duran[ 1990 ]
7Duran Duran 2 (The Wedding Album)[ 1993 ]
8Liberty[ 1990 ]
9Notorious[ 1993 ]
10Pop Trash[ 2000 ]
11Rio[ 2001 ]
12Seven & The Ragged Tiger[ 2003 ]
13So Red The Rose (Arcadia)[ 1991 ]
14Thank You[ 1995 ]
15The Saint (Soundtrack)[ 1997 ]
1Arena (Duran Duran)
2Astronaut (Duran Duran)
3Big Thing (Duran Duran)
4Decade (Duran Duran)
5Donnie Darko (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
6Duran Duran (Duran Duran)
7Duran Duran 2 (The Wedding Album) (Duran Duran)
8Liberty (Duran Duran)
9Notorious (Duran Duran)
10Pop Trash (Duran Duran)
11Rio (Duran Duran)
12Seven & The Ragged Tiger (Duran Duran)
13So Red The Rose (Arcadia) (Duran Duran)
14Thank You (Duran Duran)
15The Saint (Soundtrack) (Various artists)

Duran Duran songs

1(Reach Up For The) Sunrise [from the "Astronaut"]03:25
2911 Is A Joke [from the "Thank You"]03:58
3A Matter Of Feeling [from the "Notorious"]05:56
4A View to a Kill [from the "Decade"]03:35
5All Along The Water [from the "Liberty"]03:50
6All She Wants Is [from the "Decade"]04:31
7All She Wants Is [from the "Big Thing"]04:34
8American Science [from the "Notorious"]04:42
9Anyone Out There [from the "Duran Duran"]04:02
10Astronaut [from the "Astronaut"]03:24
11Ball Of Confusion [from the "Thank You"]03:45
12Bedroom Toys [from the "Astronaut"]03:50
13Big Thing [from the "Big Thing"]03:41
14Breath After Breath [from the "Duran Duran 2 (The Wedding Album)"]04:56
15Can You Deal With It [from the "Liberty"]03:47
16Careless Memories [from the "Arena"]04:06
17Careless Memories [from the "Duran Duran"]03:53
18Chains [from the "Astronaut"]04:46
19Come Undone [from the "Duran Duran 2 (The Wedding Album)"]04:38
20Cracks In The Pavement [from the "Seven & The Ragged Tiger"]03:38
21Crystal Ship [from the "Thank You"]02:51
22Do You Believe In Shame? [from the "Big Thing"]04:23
23Downtown [from the "Liberty"]05:22
24Drive By [from the "Thank You"]05:34
25Drowning Man [from the "Duran Duran 2 (The Wedding Album)"]05:13
26Drug (It's Just A State Of Mind) [from the "Big Thing"]04:37
27El Diablo [from the "So Red The Rose (Arcadia)"]06:04
28Election Day [from the "So Red The Rose (Arcadia)"]05:29
29Femme Fatale [from the "Duran Duran 2 (The Wedding Album)"]04:21
30Finest Hour [from the "Astronaut"]03:55
31First Impression [from the "Liberty"]05:28
32Flute Interlude [from the "Big Thing"]00:31
33Fragment [from the "Pop Trash"]00:49
34Friends Of Mine [from the "Duran Duran"]05:39
35Girls On Film [from the "Decade"]03:29
36Girls On Film [from the "Duran Duran"]03:32
37Girls On Film - (bonus track) [from the "Arena"] 
38Goodbye Is Forever [from the "So Red The Rose (Arcadia)"]03:48
39Hallucinating Elvis [from the "Pop Trash"]05:26
40Hold Back The Rain [from the "Rio"]03:48
41Hold Me [from the "Notorious"]04:30
42Hothead [from the "Liberty"]03:31
43Hungry Like The Wolf [from the "Decade"]03:27
44Hungry Like The Wolf [from the "Rio"]03:40
45Hungry Like The Wolf [from the "Arena"]04:00
46I Don't Want Your Love [from the "Decade"]03:49
47I Don't Want Your Love [from the "Big Thing"]04:05
48I Take The Dice [from the "Seven & The Ragged Tiger"]03:17
49I Wanna Take You Higher [from the "Thank You"]05:04
50I Wanna Take You Higher Again [from the "Thank You"]04:24
51Interlude One [from the "Big Thing"]00:33
52Is There Something I Should Know [from the "Decade"]04:10
53Is There Something I Should Know [from the "Arena"]04:33
54Is There Something I Should Know? [from the "Duran Duran"]04:11
55Keep Me In The Dark [from the "So Red The Rose (Arcadia)"]04:31
56Kiss Goodbye [from the "Pop Trash"]00:41
57Lady Ice [from the "So Red The Rose (Arcadia)"]07:30
58Lady Xanax [from the "Pop Trash"]04:55
59Lake Shore Driving [from the "Big Thing"]03:03
60Land [from the "Big Thing"]06:11

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Duran Duran

Duran Duran are a British New Wave band notable for a long series of catchy, synthesizer-driven hit singles and vivid music videos.

They were the most commercially successful of the New Romantic bands, and a leading band in the MTV-driven Second British Invasion of the United States.


  • Rock,
  • New wave,
  • New romantic
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