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Sleep Has His House by Current 93 [2000] [album editions]

Sleep Has His House (Current 93)

Track listing

1Love's Young Dream
2Good Morning, Great Moloch
3The Magical Bird In The Magical Woods
4Red Hawthorn Tree
5Immortal Bird
8Sleep Has His House
9God of Sleep Has Made His House

Current 93 albums

1All The Pretty Little Horses[ 2001 ]
2Christ and the Pale Queens Mighty In Sorrow[ 1993 ]
3Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God[ 1994 ]
4Crowleymass[ 1987 ]
5Dawn[ 1999 ]
6Dogs Blood Rising[ 1995 ]
7Earth Covers Earth[ 1987 ]
8Horsey[ 1999 ]
9Hypnagogue: A Dream Prologue[ 2003 ]
10Imperium[ 1986 ]
11In A Foreign Town, In A Foreign Land[ 1997 ]
12In Menstrual Night[ 1994 ]
13Island[ 1992 ]
14Live at Bar Maldoror[   ]
15Looney Runes[ 2002 ]
16Nature Unveiled[ 1999 ]
17Sleep Has His House[ 2000 ]
18Swastikas For Goddy[ 1993 ]
1All The Pretty Little Horses (Current 93)
2Christ and the Pale Queens Mighty In Sorrow (Current 93)
3Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God (Current 93)
4Crowleymass (Current 93)
5Dawn (Current 93)
6Dogs Blood Rising (Current 93)
7Earth Covers Earth (Current 93)
8Horsey (Current 93)
9Hypnagogue: A Dream Prologue (Current 93)
10Imperium (Current 93)
11In A Foreign Town, In A Foreign Land (Current 93)
12In Menstrual Night (Current 93)
13Island (Current 93)
14Live at Bar Maldoror (Current 93)
15Looney Runes (Current 93)
16Nature Unveiled (Current 93)
17Sleep Has His House (Current 93)
18Swastikas For Goddy (Current 93)

Current 93 songs

61Hourglass For Diana [from the "Earth Covers Earth"]06:38
62Hourglass For Rosy Abelisk [from the "Earth Covers Earth"]03:10
63I Arise [from the "Crowleymass"]11:36
64I Caught A Glimpse Of Your Eyes [from the "Hypnagogue: A Dream Prologue"]02:19
65I Have Caught The Dead Again; I Click My Eyes [from the "Hypnagogue: A Dream Prologue"]01:46
66I Was Awake, Dreaming [from the "Hypnagogue: A Dream Prologue"]00:53
67Immortal Bird [from the "Sleep Has His House"]06:31
68Imperium I [from the "Imperium"]06:07
69Imperium II [from the "Imperium"]05:47
70Imperium III [from the "Imperium"]07:02
71Imperium IV [from the "Imperium"]03:17
72In Dream: You Are There [from the "Hypnagogue: A Dream Prologue"]06:43
73Inmost Light [from the "All The Pretty Little Horses"]01:45
74Inmost Light Itself [from the "All The Pretty Little Horses"]09:28
75Inmost Night [from the "All The Pretty Little Horses"]02:16
76Invocation [from the "Looney Runes"]02:10
77Killykillkilly (A Fire Sermon) [from the "In Menstrual Night"]12:24
78Lament For My Suzanne [from the "Island"]04:24
79Lashtal [from the "Nature Unveiled"]03:52
80Locust [from the "Imperium"]09:48
81Long Shadow Falls [from the "All The Pretty Little Horses"]02:14
82Looney Runes [from the "Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God"]06:17
83Love's Young Dream [from the "Sleep Has His House"]03:01
84Lullaby [from the "Sleep Has His House"]01:43
85Maldoror Est Mort [from the "Dawn"]18:11
86Maldoror Falling [from the "Nature Unveiled"]12:13
87Maldoror Rising [from the "Nature Unveiled"]08:55
88Mery-Go-Round & Around [from the "Island"]03:49
89Mystical Body of Christ in Chorazaim (The Great in the Small) [from the "Nature Unveiled"]19:50
90Neimandswasser [from the "Sleep Has His House"]06:07
91No Hiding from the Backbird [from the "Nature Unveiled"]04:04
92North [from the "Swastikas For Goddy"]00:38
93Northforth [from the "Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God"]00:38
94Oh Coal Black Smith [from the "Swastikas For Goddy"]05:29
95Oh Coal Black Smith [from the "Looney Runes"]03:25
96Oh Merry-Go-Round [from the "Island"]03:50
97Oh Thou Coal Black Smith [from the "Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God"]04:44
98Only Shadows Of Hooks [from the "Live at Bar Maldoror"]23:06
99Or [from the "Imperium"]09:23
100Panzer Ruin(In The Hands Of Gillespie) [from the "Looney Runes"]06:13
101Panzer Rune [from the "Swastikas For Goddy"]05:56
102Paperback Honey [from the "Island"]04:58
103Passing Horses [from the "Island"]04:31
104Patripassian [from the "All The Pretty Little Horses"]05:50
105Raio No Terrasu (Jesus Wept) [from the "Dogs Blood Rising"]13:55
106Red Hawthorn Tree [from the "Sleep Has His House"]04:32
107Rome For Douglas P. [from the "Earth Covers Earth"]03:54
108Salt [from the "Nature Unveiled"]03:49
109Scarlet Woman [from the "Swastikas For Goddy"]00:59
110She Is Dead And All Fall Down [from the "Earth Covers Earth"]05:08
111Skull Of My Father [from the "Hypnagogue: A Dream Prologue"]02:43
112Sleep Has His House [from the "Sleep Has His House"] 
113Snow [from the "Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God"]01:58
114St. Peter's Keys All Bloody [from the "Dogs Blood Rising"]02:19
115Sucking Up Souls [from the "In Menstrual Night"]21:05
116That's All, Folks [from the "Looney Runes"]05:43
117The Ballad Of Bobby Sunshine [from the "Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God"]07:57
118The Ballad Of The Pale Christ [from the "Christ and the Pale Queens Mighty In Sorrow"]05:47
119The Bells Shall Sound Forever [from the "In A Foreign Town, In A Foreign Land"]14:24
120The Birds Have Stopped Singing [from the "Looney Runes"]02:24

Current 93

Current 93

Current 93 are an eclectic British experimental music group.

The band was founded in 1982.


  • Apocalyptic folk,
  • Experimental music,
  • Dark ambient,
  • Neofolk,
  • Post-industrial
  • Red Hawthorn Tree by Current 93

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