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Rock Action by Mogwai [2001] [album editions]

Rock Action (Mogwai)

Track listing

1Sine Wave
2Take Me Somewhere Nice
3O I Sleep
5You Don`t Know Jesus
6Robot Chant
72 Rights 1 Wrong
8Secret Pint

Mogwai albums

1Come On Die Young[ 1999 ]
2Happy Songs for Happy People[ 2003 ]
3Mogwai EP[ 1999 ]
4Rock Action[ 2001 ]
5Ten Rapid[   ]
6Young Team[ 1997 ]
1Come On Die Young (Mogwai)
2Happy Songs for Happy People (Mogwai)
3Mogwai EP (Mogwai)
4Rock Action (Mogwai)
5Ten Rapid (Mogwai)
6Young Team (Mogwai)

Mogwai songs

12 Rights 1 Wrong [from the "Rock Action"]09:31
2A Cheery From Stranded Youngsters [from the "Young Team"]02:20
3A Place for Parks [from the "Ten Rapid"]02:14
4Angels Versus Aliens [from the "Ten Rapid"]05:37
5Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep [from the "Happy Songs for Happy People"]03:08
6Burn Girl Prom Queen [from the "Mogwai EP"]08:30
7Chocky [from the "Come On Die Young"]09:19
8Christmas Song [from the "Mogwai EP"]03:22
9Christmas Steps [from the "Come On Die Young"]10:36
10Cody [from the "Come On Die Young"]06:33
11End [from the "Ten Rapid"]02:44
12Ex-Cowboy [from the "Come On Die Young"]09:09
13Golden Porsche [from the "Happy Songs for Happy People"]02:48
14Helps Both Ways [from the "Come On Die Young"]04:53
15Hunted By A Freak [from the "Happy Songs for Happy People"]04:15
16I Am Not Batman [from the "Ten Rapid"]03:32
17I Know You Are But What Am I? [from the "Happy Songs for Happy People"]05:19
18Ithica 27-9 [from the "Ten Rapid"]02:57
19Katrien [from the "Young Team"]05:26
20Kids Will Be Skeletons [from the "Happy Songs for Happy People"]05:27
21Killing All The Flies [from the "Happy Songs for Happy People"]04:37
22Like Herod [from the "Young Team"]11:43
23May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door [from the "Come On Die Young"]08:25
24Mogwai Fear Satan [from the "Young Team"]16:19
25Moses? I Amn't [from the "Happy Songs for Happy People"]03:03
26My Father My King [from the "Mogwai EP"]20:11
27New Paths to Helicon (Pt.1) [from the "Ten Rapid"]06:00
28New Paths To Helicon (Pt.2) [from the "Ten Rapid"]02:51
29O I Sleep [from the "Rock Action"]00:52
30Oh! How The Dogs Stack Up [from the "Come On Die Young"]02:03
31Punk Rock [from the "Come On Die Young"]02:07
32Punk Rock/Puff Daddy/Antichrist [from the "Come On Die Young"]02:14
33R U Still In 2 It [from the "Young Team"]07:22
34Radar Maker [from the "Young Team"]01:37
35Rage_ Man [from the "Mogwai EP"]05:06
36Ratts Of The Capital [from the "Happy Songs for Happy People"]08:25
37Revenge [from the "Rock Action"]03:27
38Robot Chant [from the "Rock Action"]01:01
39Rollerball [from the "Mogwai EP"]03:46
40Secret Pint [from the "Rock Action"]03:37
41Sine Wave [from the "Rock Action"]04:55
42Small Children In The Background [from the "Mogwai EP"]06:50
43Stanley Kubrick [from the "Mogwai EP"]04:15
44Stop Coming To My House [from the "Happy Songs for Happy People"]04:58
45Summer [from the "Ten Rapid"]04:25
46Summer (Priority Version) [from the "Young Team"]03:30
47Take Me Somewhere Nice [from the "Rock Action"]06:57
48Tracy [from the "Young Team"]07:21
49Tuner [from the "Ten Rapid"]02:57
50Waltz For Aidan [from the "Come On Die Young"]03:40
51With Portfolio [from the "Young Team"]03:12
52Year 2000 Non-Compliant Cardia [from the "Come On Die Young"]03:23
53Yes! I Am A Long Way From Home [from the "Young Team"]05:59
54You Don`t Know Jesus [from the "Rock Action"]08:02
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