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Drawing Restraint 9 (Soundtrack) by Bjork [2005] [album editions]

Drawing Restraint 9 (Soundtrack) (Bjork)

Track listing

3Ambergris March
5Hunter Vessel
7Vessel Shimenawa
9Holographic Entrypoint
11Antarctic Return

Bjork albums

1Bjork[ 1977 ]
2Bjork - Greatest Hits[ 2002 ]
3Debut[ 1993 ]
4Drawing Restraint 9 (Soundtrack)[ 2005 ]
5Gling-Glo (Bjork & Trio Gudmundar Ingolfssonar)[ 2003 ]
6Homogenic[ 1997 ]
7Live In Moscow July 17th 2003[ 2003 ]
8Medulla[ 2004 ]
9Post[ 1995 ]
10Screaming Masterpiece (Soundtrack)[ 2005 ]
11Selmasongs: Dancer In The Dark (Soundtrack)[ 2000 ]
12Stigmata (Soundtrack)[ 1999 ]
13Vespertine[ 2001 ]
14Who Is It? (Single)[ 2005 ]
1Bjork (Bjork)
2Bjork - Greatest Hits (Bjork)
3Debut (Bjork)
4Drawing Restraint 9 (Soundtrack) (Bjork)
5Gling-Glo (Bjork & Trio Gudmundar Ingolfssonar) (Bjork)
6Homogenic (Bjork)
7Live In Moscow July 17th 2003 (Bjork)
8Medulla (Bjork)
9Post (Bjork)
10Screaming Masterpiece (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
11Selmasongs: Dancer In The Dark (Soundtrack) (Bjork)
12Stigmata (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
13Vespertine (Bjork)
14Who Is It? (Single) (Bjork)

Bjork songs

1107 Steps [from the "Selmasongs: Dancer In The Dark (Soundtrack)"]02:35
25 Years [from the "Homogenic"]04:29
35 Years (live) [from the "Live In Moscow July 17th 2003"]04:08
4Aeroplane [from the "Debut"]03:54
5Aeroplane (live) [from the "Live In Moscow July 17th 2003"]03:58
6Alarm Call [from the "Homogenic"]04:19
7Alfur Ut Ur Holl [from the "Bjork"]03:16
8All Is Full of Love [from the "Bjork - Greatest Hits"]04:46
9All Is Full of Love [from the "Homogenic"]04:32
10All Is Full of Love - Bjork [from the "Stigmata (Soundtrack)"] 
11All Is Full of Love - Björk, Icelandic String Octet, Matmos, Zeena Parkins [from the "Screaming Masterpiece (Soundtrack)"] 
12All is Full of Love (live) [from the "Live In Moscow July 17th 2003"]03:45
13All Neon Like [from the "Homogenic"]05:53
14Alta Mira [from the "Bjork"]02:40
15Ambergris March [from the "Drawing Restraint 9 (Soundtrack)"]03:57
16An Echo, a Stain [from the "Vespertine"]04:04
17An Echo, a Stain (live) [from the "Live In Moscow July 17th 2003"]04:04
18Ancestors [from the "Medulla"]04:08
19Anchor Song (live) [from the "Live In Moscow July 17th 2003"]05:10
20Antarctic Return [from the "Drawing Restraint 9 (Soundtrack)"]04:18
21Army of Me [from the "Bjork - Greatest Hits"]03:55
22Army of Me [from the "Post"]03:56
23Army of Me (live) [from the "Live In Moscow July 17th 2003"]04:03
24Astartofrar [from the "Gling-Glo (Bjork & Trio Gudmundar Ingolfssonar)"]02:42
25Aurora [from the "Vespertine"]04:39
26Bachelorette [from the "Homogenic"]05:16
27Bachelorette [from the "Bjork - Greatest Hits"]05:17
28Bachelorette (live) [from the "Live In Moscow July 17th 2003"]05:06
29Baenin [from the "Bjork"]02:12
30Bath [from the "Drawing Restraint 9 (Soundtrack)"]05:07
31Bella Simamaer [from the "Gling-Glo (Bjork & Trio Gudmundar Ingolfssonar)"]02:37
32Big Time Sensuality [from the "Debut"]03:57
33Big Time Sensuality [from the "Bjork - Greatest Hits"]04:56
34Big Time Sensuality (live) [from the "Live In Moscow July 17th 2003"]05:07
35Bilavisur [from the "Gling-Glo (Bjork & Trio Gudmundar Ingolfssonar)"]02:38
36Bornin Vid Tjornina [from the "Gling-Glo (Bjork & Trio Gudmundar Ingolfssonar)"]02:46
37Brestir Og Brak [from the "Gling-Glo (Bjork & Trio Gudmundar Ingolfssonar)"]03:18
38Bukolla [from the "Bjork"]03:30
39Cetacea [from the "Drawing Restraint 9 (Soundtrack)"]03:12
40Cocoon [from the "Vespertine"]04:28
41Come To Me [from the "Debut"]04:55
42Come To Me (live) [from the "Live In Moscow July 17th 2003"]04:11
43Cover Me [from the "Post"]02:05
44Crying [from the "Debut"]04:52
45Crying (live) [from the "Live In Moscow July 17th 2003"]04:10
46Cvalda [from the "Selmasongs: Dancer In The Dark (Soundtrack)"]04:47
47Dad Sest Ekki Saetari Mey [from the "Gling-Glo (Bjork & Trio Gudmundar Ingolfssonar)"]03:59
48Desired Constellation [from the "Medulla"]04:55
49Eg Veit Ei Hvad Skal Segia [from the "Gling-Glo (Bjork & Trio Gudmundar Ingolfssonar)"]03:02
50Enjoy [from the "Post"]03:53
51Frosti [from the "Vespertine"]01:41
52Fusi Hreindyr [from the "Bjork"]03:43
53Generous Palmstroke (live) [from the "Live In Moscow July 17th 2003"]04:02
54Gling Glo [from the "Gling-Glo (Bjork & Trio Gudmundar Ingolfssonar)"]02:38
55Gratitude [from the "Drawing Restraint 9 (Soundtrack)"]04:59
56Harm Of Will [from the "Vespertine"]04:37
57Harm Of Will (live) [from the "Live In Moscow July 17th 2003"]04:13
58Headphones [from the "Post"]05:39
59Heirloom [from the "Vespertine"]05:12
60Hidden Place [from the "Bjork - Greatest Hits"]05:28



Bjork is an Icelandic singer/songwriter and composer (formerly the lead singer of alternative rock band The Sugarcubes), with a great expressive range and an interest in many kinds of music including pop, trip hop, alternative rock, jazz, ambient music, electronica, folk, and classical music.


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  • Trip hop,
  • Alternative rock,
  • Jazz,
  • Ambient music,
  • Electronica,
  • Folk
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