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Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua) by Kronos Quartet [1997] [album editions]

Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua) (Kronos Quartet)

Track listing

1Kyrie I
2Rachell's Weepinge
3Langdans efter Byfans Mats
4Lachrymae Antiqua
6Two Studies On Ancient Greek Scales: 1. Olympos' Pentatonic - 2. Archytas' Enharmonic
8Totem Ancestor
9Kyrie II
10Brudmarsch fra Osta
11Using The Apostate Tyrant As His Tool
12Synchrony No.2
14Viderunt Omnes
15Kyrie III
16Four Part Fantasia No. 2
17O Virtus Sapientie
19Farwell My Good I. Forever
20Collected Songs Where Every Verse Is Filled With Grief
21Requiem Mass: Bells: Tolling Of The Knell

Kronos Quartet albums

1Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua)[ 1997 ]
2Gnarly Buttons/Alleged Dances[ 1998 ]
3Pieces of Africa[ 1992 ]
4Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)[ 2001 ]
1Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua) (Kronos Quartet)
2Gnarly Buttons/Alleged Dances (Kronos Quartet)
3Pieces of Africa (Kronos Quartet)
4Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack) (Kronos Quartet)

Kronos Quartet songs

1Alligator Escalator [from the "Gnarly Buttons/Alleged Dances"] 
2Bialy & Lox Conga [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]00:45
3Brudmarsch fra Osta [from the "Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua)"] 
4Cleaning Apartment [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]01:28
5Collected Songs Where Every Verse Is Filled With Grief [from the "Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua)"] 
6Dogjam [from the "Gnarly Buttons/Alleged Dances"] 
7Dreams [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]00:44
8Fall: Arnold [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]02:35
9Fall: Bugs Got A Devilish Grin Conga [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]00:57
10Fall: Dreams [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]01:02
11Fall: Dreams (2) [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]00:32
12Fall: Ghosts [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]01:11
13Fall: Marion Barfs [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]02:22
14Fall: Sara Goldfarb Has Left The Building [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]01:17
15Fall: Supermarket Sweep [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]02:14
16Farwell My Good I. Forever [from the "Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua)"] 
17First Movement [from the "Pieces of Africa"] 
18Four Part Fantasia No. 2 [from the "Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua)"] 
19Habanera [from the "Gnarly Buttons/Alleged Dances"] 
20Hammer & Chisel [from the "Gnarly Buttons/Alleged Dances"] 
21Hoe-down (Mad Cow) [from the "Gnarly Buttons/Alleged Dances"]05:46
22Hope Overture [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]02:32
23I'm Happy [from the "Pieces of Africa"] 
24Judah To Ocean [from the "Gnarly Buttons/Alleged Dances"] 
25Judah To Ocean (Reprise) [from the "Gnarly Buttons/Alleged Dances"] 
26Kyrie I [from the "Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua)"] 
27Kyrie II [from the "Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua)"] 
28Kyrie III [from the "Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua)"] 
29Lachrymae Antiqua [from the "Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua)"] 
30Langdans efter Byfans Mats [from the "Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua)"] 
31Long-Ge [from the "Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua)"] 
32Lux Aeterna [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]03:54
33Mother Nozipo [from the "Pieces of Africa"]06:54
34O Virtus Sapientie [from the "Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua)"] 
35Our Beginning [from the "Pieces of Africa"] 
36Party [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]00:28
37Party (2) [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]00:36
38Pavane: She's So Fine [from the "Gnarly Buttons/Alleged Dances"] 
39Psalom [from the "Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua)"] 
40Put Your Loving Arms around Me [from the "Gnarly Buttons/Alleged Dances"]08:27
41Quodlibet [from the "Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua)"] 
42Rachell's Weepinge [from the "Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua)"] 
43Rag The Bone [from the "Gnarly Buttons/Alleged Dances"] 
44Requiem Mass: Bells: Tolling Of The Knell [from the "Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua)"] 
45Spreading [from the "Pieces of Africa"] 
46Standchen: The Little Seranade [from the "Gnarly Buttons/Alleged Dances"] 
47Stubble Crotchet [from the "Gnarly Buttons/Alleged Dances"] 
48Summer: Chocolate Charms [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]00:25
49Summer: Coney Island Dreaming [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]01:04
50Summer: Crimin' & Dealin' [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]01:44
51Summer: Dr. Pil [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]00:42
52Summer: Ghosts [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]01:23
53Summer: Ghosts Of Things To... [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]01:33
54Summer: High On Life [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]00:11
55Summer: Summer Overture [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]02:34
56Sunset [from the "Pieces of Africa"] 
57Synchrony No.2 [from the "Early Music (Lachrymae Antigua)"]02:40
58Tense [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]00:37
59Tense (2) [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]00:28
60The Beginning of the End [from the "Requiem for a Dream (Soundtrack)"]04:28

Kronos Quartet

Kronos Quartet

The Kronos Quartet is an American string quartet from San Francisco formed in 1973. []


  • Contemporary classical
  • Langdans efter Byfans Mats by Kronos Quartet

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