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Stormbringer by Deep Purple [1974] [album editions]

Stormbringer (Deep Purple)

Track listing

2Love Don't Mean A Thing
3Holy Man
4Hold On
5Lady Double Dealer
6You Can't Do It Right
7High Ball Shooter
8The Gypsy
9Soldier of Fortune

Deep Purple albums

1Abandon[ 1998 ]
2Burn[ 1974 ]
3Come Taste The Band[ 1975 ]
4Deep Purple[ 1969 ]
5Deep Purple In Rock[ 1970 ]
6Fireball[ 1971 ]
7Live at Montreux[ 2011 ]
8Machine Head[ 1972 ]
9Perfect Strangers[ 1984 ]
10Purpendicular[ 1996 ]
11Rapture of the Deep[ 2005 ]
12Shades of Deep Purple[ 1968 ]
13Slaves and Masters[ 1990 ]
14Stormbringer[ 1974 ]
15The Battle Rages On[ 1993 ]
16The Book of Taliesyn[ 1968 ]
17The House of Blue Light[ 1987 ]
18Who Do We Think We Are[ 1973 ]
1Abandon (Deep Purple)
2Burn (Deep Purple)
3Come Taste The Band (Deep Purple)
4Deep Purple (Deep Purple)
5Deep Purple In Rock (Deep Purple)
6Fireball (Deep Purple)
7Live at Montreux (Deep Purple)
8Machine Head (Deep Purple)
9Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple)
10Purpendicular (Deep Purple)
11Rapture of the Deep (Deep Purple)
12Shades of Deep Purple (Deep Purple)
13Slaves and Masters (Deep Purple)
14Stormbringer (Deep Purple)
15The Battle Rages On (Deep Purple)
16The Book of Taliesyn (Deep Purple)
17The House of Blue Light (Deep Purple)
18Who Do We Think We Are (Deep Purple)

Deep Purple songs

121Sail Away [from the "Burn"] 
122Seventh Heaven [from the "Abandon"] 
123She Was [from the "Abandon"] 
124Shield [from the "The Book of Taliesyn"] 
125Smoke on the Water [from the "Machine Head"]05:39
126Smoke on the Water [from the "Live at Montreux"]08:33
127Smooth Dancer [from the "Who Do We Think We Are"]04:08
128Soldier of Fortune [from the "Stormbringer"]03:10
129Solitaire [from the "The Battle Rages On"] 
130Somebody Stole My Guitar [from the "Purpendicular"] 
131Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming [from the "Purpendicular"] 
132Soon Forgotten [from the "Purpendicular"] 
133Space Truckin [from the "Live at Montreux"]04:57
134Space Truckin' [from the "Machine Head"]04:32
135Speed King [from the "Deep Purple In Rock"]05:52
136Stormbringer [from the "Stormbringer"]04:04
137Strange Kind Of Woman [from the "Live at Montreux"]06:20
138Strangeways [from the "The House of Blue Light"] 
139Super Trouper [from the "Who Do We Think We Are"] 
140Talk About Love [from the "The Battle Rages On"] 
141The Aviator [from the "Purpendicular"] 
142The Battle Rages On [from the "The Battle Rages On"] 
143The Cut Runs Deep [from the "Slaves and Masters"]05:39
144The Gypsy [from the "Stormbringer"] 
145The Mule [from the "Fireball"] 
146The Painter [from the "Deep Purple"] 
147The Purpendicular Waltz [from the "Purpendicular"] 
148The Spanish Archer [from the "The House of Blue Light"] 
149The Unwritten Law [from the "The House of Blue Light"] 
150The Well Dressed Guitar [from the "Live at Montreux"]02:44
151This Time Around [from the "Come Taste The Band"] 
152Time To Kill [from the "The Battle Rages On"] 
153Too Much Is Not Enough [from the "Slaves and Masters"] 
154Truth Hurts [from the "Slaves and Masters"]05:14
155Under The Gun [from the "Perfect Strangers"]04:31
156Vavoom: Ted The Mechanic [from the "Purpendicular"] 
157Wasted Sunsets [from the "Perfect Strangers"]03:55
158Watching the Sky [from the "Abandon"] 
159We Can Work It Out [from the "The Book of Taliesyn"] 
160What's Going On Here [from the "Burn"]04:56
161Whatsername [from the "Abandon"] 
162When a Blind Man Cries [from the "Live at Montreux"]03:51
163Why Didn’t Rosemary? [from the "Deep Purple"]05:04
164Wicked Ways [from the "Slaves and Masters"] 
165Woman From Tokyo [from the "Who Do We Think We Are"] 
166Woman From Tokyo [from the "Live at Montreux"]06:20
167Wring That Neck [from the "The Book of Taliesyn"]04:37
168Wrong Man [from the "Rapture of the Deep"]04:55
169You Can't Do It Right [from the "Stormbringer"]03:21
170You Fool No One [from the "Burn"]04:43
171You Keep On Moving [from the "Come Taste The Band"]05:18

Deep Purple

Deep Purple

Deep Purple are an English Hard rock band.

They are considered one of the earliest pioneers of the Heavy metal genre although they have never considered themselves to be a Heavy metal band. []


  • Hard rock,
  • Heavy metal
  • Soldier of Fortune by Deep Purple

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