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Stygian Vistas by Soma [1997] [album editions]

Stygian Vistas (Soma)

Track listing

1Stygian Vista (Radio Controlled)
2God Sends the Meat and the Devil Cook (...And Cooks...And Cooks...)
3Amphibious Premonitions Bureau
4The Lost Mathematician
5The Olmec Enigma
6Stygian Vista (Nonplace Urban Field Remix)
7Risen from Agartha [Francois Tetaz Remix)
8Alchemical Nuptial (Fetisch Park Remix)

Soma albums

1Hollow Earth[ 1994 ]
2Sleepwalker[ 1994 ]
3Soma[ 1993 ]
4Stygian Vistas[ 1997 ]
5The Inner Cinema[ 1997 ]
1Hollow Earth (Soma)
2Sleepwalker (Soma)
3Soma (Soma)
4Stygian Vistas (Soma)
5The Inner Cinema (Soma)

Soma songs

1Alchemical Nuptial [from the "The Inner Cinema"]08:38
2Alchemical Nuptial (Fetisch Park Remix) [from the "Stygian Vistas"]07:56
3Amphibious Premonitions Bureau [from the "Stygian Vistas"]05:08
4Antediluvian [from the "The Inner Cinema"]04:28
5Antediluvian [from the "Sleepwalker"]04:57
6Arcane [from the "The Inner Cinema"]05:43
7Baal [from the "The Inner Cinema"]06:07
8Corporate Anthem Part 1 [from the "Hollow Earth"]04:37
9Corporate Anthem part 1 [from the "Soma"]04:39
10Corporate Anthem Part 2 [from the "Hollow Earth"]06:42
11Corporate Anthem part 2 [from the "Soma"]03:27
12Dark Koma [from the "Hollow Earth"]06:06
13Endless [from the "The Inner Cinema"]05:01
14God Sends Meat And Devil Cooks [from the "Soma"]04:14
15God Sends the Meat and the Devil Cook (...And Cooks...And Cooks...) [from the "Stygian Vistas"]06:21
16God Sends The Meat And The Devil Cooks [from the "Hollow Earth"]04:10
17Nightsoil [from the "Hollow Earth"]04:52
18Nowhere Nothin' F**k Up [from the "Soma"]03:45
19Risen From Agartha [from the "The Inner Cinema"]06:11
20Risen from Agartha [Francois Tetaz Remix) [from the "Stygian Vistas"]04:54
21Shambhala [from the "The Inner Cinema"]04:44
22Sleepwalker [from the "Hollow Earth"]06:04
23Sleepwalker [from the "Sleepwalker"]06:03
24Sleepwalker (Albat) [from the "Sleepwalker"]04:18
25Sleepwalker (Reformatted I) [from the "Sleepwalker"]06:30
26Soil Theme [from the "Hollow Earth"]04:27
27Soil Theme [from the "Soma"]04:25
28Soma Romanz [from the "Hollow Earth"]07:59
29Soma Romanz [from the "Soma"]06:43
30Soma Romanz Remix 1,2 Hip Wimp [from the "Soma"]17:19
31Stygian Vista [from the "The Inner Cinema"]07:26
32Stygian Vista (Nonplace Urban Field Remix) [from the "Stygian Vistas"]04:58
33Stygian Vista (Radio Controlled) [from the "Stygian Vistas"]04:03
34The Black Lodge [from the "Hollow Earth"]06:01
35The Black Lodge [from the "Soma"]07:05
36The Collector [from the "The Inner Cinema"]05:43
37The Drunken Atlantean [from the "The Inner Cinema"]03:37
38The Golden Dawn [from the "The Inner Cinema"]05:58
39The Lost Mathematician [from the "Stygian Vistas"]04:39
40The Olmec Enigma [from the "Stygian Vistas"]06:02
41The Subterranean [from the "Hollow Earth"]04:15
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