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Chapter V by Staind [2005] [album editions]

Chapter V (Staind)

Track listing

1Run Away
2Right Here
3Paper Jesus
4Schizophrenic Conversations
6Cross to Bear
9Everything Changes
10Take This
11King of All Excuses
13Open Wide
14Let It Out
16Reply (Original Version)
17It's Been Awhile (Acoustic)
18This Is Beetle (AKA The Beetlejuice Song)

Staind albums

114 Shades of Grey[ 2003 ]
2Break the Cycle[ 2001 ]
3Chapter V[ 2005 ]
4Dysfunction[ 1999 ]
5Staind[ 2011 ]
6The Illusion of Progress[ 2008 ]
7Tormented[ 1996 ]
114 Shades of Grey (Staind)
2Break the Cycle (Staind)
3Chapter V (Staind)
4Dysfunction (Staind)
5Staind (Staind)
6The Illusion of Progress (Staind)
7Tormented (Staind)

Staind songs

61Question [from the "Tormented"]03:30
62Raining Again [from the "The Illusion of Progress"]03:53
63Rainy Day Parade [from the "The Illusion of Progress"]04:17
64Raw [from the "Dysfunction"]04:09
65Reality [from the "14 Shades of Grey"]04:39
66Reply [from the "Chapter V"]04:16
67Reply (Original Version) [from the "Chapter V"]05:03
68Right Here [from the "Chapter V"]04:13
69Run Away [from the "Chapter V"]03:39
70Safe Place [from the "Break the Cycle"]04:35
71Save Me [from the "The Illusion of Progress"]04:52
72Schizophrenic Conversations [from the "Chapter V"]04:32
73Schizophrenic Conversations (Acoustic) (Live) [from the "The Illusion of Progress"]04:46
74See Thru [from the "Tormented"]04:27
75Self Destruct [from the "Tormented"]03:36
76So Far Away [from the "14 Shades of Grey"]04:04
77Something Like Me [from the "The Illusion of Progress"]04:52
78Something To Remind You [from the "Staind"]04:07
79Spleen [from the "Dysfunction"]04:39
80Spleen [from the "Tormented"]04:39
81Suffer [from the "Break the Cycle"]03:59
82Suffocate [from the "Dysfunction"]03:16
83Take a Breath [from the "Staind"]03:56
84Take It [from the "Break the Cycle"]03:37
85Take This [from the "Chapter V"]04:42
86Tangled Up in You [from the "The Illusion of Progress"]04:35
87The Bottom [from the "Staind"]04:15
88The Corner [from the "The Illusion of Progress"]05:17
89The Truth [from the "The Illusion of Progress"]04:42
90The Way I Am [from the "The Illusion of Progress"]04:18
91This Is Beetle (AKA The Beetlejuice Song) [from the "Chapter V"]03:15
92This Is It [from the "The Illusion of Progress"]03:43
93Throw It All Away [from the "Staind"]04:24
94Tolerate [from the "Tormented"]04:38
95Tonight [from the "14 Shades of Grey"]04:24
96Wannabe [from the "Staind"]03:49
97Waste [from the "Break the Cycle"]03:56
98Yesterday [from the "14 Shades of Grey"]03:48
99Zoe Jane [from the "14 Shades of Grey"]04:37

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Staind is an American rock band that was formed in 1995 in Springfield, Massachusetts.

For 16 years, the band consisted of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Aaron Lewis, lead guitarist Mike Mushok, bassist Johnny April, and drummer Jon Wysocki (who left in May 2011). []


  • Hard rock,
  • Alternative rock,
  • Alternative metal,
  • Nu metal,
  • Post-grunge
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