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The Scorpion King (Soundtrack) [2002] [album editions]

The Scorpion King (Soundtrack) (Various artists)

Track listing

1I Stand Alone - Godsmack
2Set It Off (Tweaker Remix) - P.O.D.
3Break You - Drowning Pool
4Streamline - System Of A Down
5To Whom It May Concern - Creed
6Yanking Out My Heart - Nickelback
7Losing My Grip - Hoobastank
8Only The Strong - Flaw
9Iron Head - Rob Zombie feat. Ozzy Osbourne
10Along The Way - Mushroomhead
11Breathless - Lifer
12Corrected - Sevendust
13Burn It Black - Injected
1427 - Breaking Point
15Glow - Coal Chamber

Albums by Godsmack

1Awake [ 2000 ]
2Faceless [ 2003 ]
3GodSmack [ 1998 ]
4Mission Impossible 2 (Soundtrack) [ 2002 ]
5The Other Side [ 2004 ]
6The Scorpion King (Soundtrack) [ 2002 ]
Awake (Godsmack)
Faceless (Godsmack)
GodSmack (Godsmack)
Mission Impossible 2 (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
The Other Side (Godsmack)
The Scorpion King (Soundtrack) (Various artists)

Songs by Godsmack

1Asleep [album The Other Side]03:58
2Awake [album Awake]05:04
3Bad Magick [album Awake]04:17
4Bad Religion [album GodSmack]03:12
5Changes [album Faceless]04:20
6Dead And Broken [album Faceless]04:11
7Faceless [album Faceless]03:36
8Forgive Me [album Awake]04:18
9Get Up, Get Out! [album GodSmack]03:27
10Goin' Down [album Awake]03:24
11Going Down - Godsmack [album Mission Impossible 2 (Soundtrack)]03:23
12Greed [album Awake]03:29
13I Am [album Faceless]03:59
14I F****** Hate You [album Faceless]04:07
15I Stand Alone [album Faceless]04:06
16I Stand Alone - Godsmack [album The Scorpion King (Soundtrack)]04:05
17Immune [album GodSmack]04:47
18Keep Away [album GodSmack]04:49
19Keep Away [album The Other Side]04:48
20Make Me Believe [album Faceless]04:08
21Mistakes [album Awake]05:58
22Moon Baby [album GodSmack]04:23
23Now Or Ne [album GodSmack]05:03
24Re-Align [album Faceless]04:20
25Re-Align [album The Other Side]04:23
26Releasing The Demons [album Faceless]04:12
27Running Blind [album The Other Side]03:59
28Serenity [album Faceless]04:34
29Sick of Life [album Awake]03:52
30Situation [album GodSmack]05:44
31Someone In Lon [album GodSmack]02:03
32Spiral [album Awake]05:34
33Spiral [album The Other Side]05:21
34Straight Out Of Line [album Faceless]04:19
35Stress [album GodSmack]05:02
36The Awakening [album Faceless]01:29
37The Journey [album Awake]00:49
38Time Bomb [album GodSmack]03:57
39Touche (ft. Lee Richards & John Kosco Of Dropbox) [album The Other Side]03:37
40Trippin' [album Awake]04:56
41Vampires [album Awake]03:47
42Voices [album The Other Side]03:44
43Voodoo [album GodSmack]09:03
44Whatever [album GodSmack]03:24
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