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Deep Purple In Rock by Deep Purple [1970] [album editions]

Deep Purple In Rock (Deep Purple)

Track listing

1Speed King
3Child In Time
4Flight Of The Rat
5Into The Fire
6Living Wreck
7Hard Lovin' Man

Deep Purple albums

1Abandon[ 1998 ]
2Burn[ 1974 ]
3Come Taste The Band[ 1975 ]
4Deep Purple[ 1969 ]
5Deep Purple In Rock[ 1970 ]
6Fireball[ 1971 ]
7Live at Montreux[ 2011 ]
8Machine Head[ 1972 ]
9Perfect Strangers[ 1984 ]
10Purpendicular[ 1996 ]
11Rapture of the Deep[ 2005 ]
12Shades of Deep Purple[ 1968 ]
13Slaves and Masters[ 1990 ]
14Stormbringer[ 1974 ]
15The Battle Rages On[ 1993 ]
16The Book of Taliesyn[ 1968 ]
17The House of Blue Light[ 1987 ]
18Who Do We Think We Are[ 1973 ]
1Abandon (Deep Purple)
2Burn (Deep Purple)
3Come Taste The Band (Deep Purple)
4Deep Purple (Deep Purple)
5Deep Purple In Rock (Deep Purple)
6Fireball (Deep Purple)
7Live at Montreux (Deep Purple)
8Machine Head (Deep Purple)
9Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple)
10Purpendicular (Deep Purple)
11Rapture of the Deep (Deep Purple)
12Shades of Deep Purple (Deep Purple)
13Slaves and Masters (Deep Purple)
14Stormbringer (Deep Purple)
15The Battle Rages On (Deep Purple)
16The Book of Taliesyn (Deep Purple)
17The House of Blue Light (Deep Purple)
18Who Do We Think We Are (Deep Purple)

Deep Purple songs

1'69 [from the "Abandon"] 
2'A' 200 [from the "Burn"]04:03
3A Castle Full Of Rascals [from the "Purpendicular"]05:10
4A Gypsy's Kiss [from the "Perfect Strangers"]05:09
5A Touch Away [from the "Purpendicular"] 
6A Twist In The Tale [from the "The Battle Rages On"] 
7Almost Human [from the "Abandon"] 
8And The Address [from the "Shades of Deep Purple"] 
9Anthem [from the "The Book of Taliesyn"] 
10Any Fule Kno That [from the "Abandon"] 
11Anya [from the "The Battle Rages On"] 
12Anyone's Daughter [from the "Fireball"]04:40
13April [from the "Deep Purple"]12:04
14Back To Back [from the "Rapture of the Deep"]04:04
15Bad Attitude [from the "The House of Blue Light"] 
16Before Time Began [from the "Rapture of the Deep"]06:29
17Bird Has Flown [from the "Deep Purple"]05:37
18Black & White [from the "The House of Blue Light"] 
19Black Night [from the "Live at Montreux"]07:10
20Blind [from the "Deep Purple"]05:26
21Bloodsucker [from the "Abandon"] 
22Bloodsucker [from the "Deep Purple In Rock"]04:10
23Breakfast In Bed [from the "Slaves and Masters"] 
24Burn [from the "Burn"]06:00
25Call Of The Wild [from the "The House of Blue Light"] 
26Cascades: I'm Not Your Lover [from the "Purpendicular"] 
27Chasing shadows [from the "Deep Purple"]05:36
28Child In Time [from the "Deep Purple In Rock"]10:16
29Clearly Quite Absurd [from the "Rapture of the Deep"]05:27
30Comin' Home [from the "Come Taste The Band"]03:51
31Contact Lost [from the "Live at Montreux"]04:29
32Dead Or Alive [from the "The House of Blue Light"] 
33Dealer [from the "Come Taste The Band"]03:47
34Demon's Eye [from the "Fireball"]05:18
35Don Airey Keyboard Solo [from the "Live at Montreux"]05:46
36Don't Hold Your Breath (Bonus Track) [from the "Purpendicular"] 
37Don't Let Go [from the "Rapture of the Deep"]04:33
38Don't Make Me Happy [from the "Abandon"] 
39Drifter [from the "Come Taste The Band"] 
40Evil Louie [from the "Abandon"] 
41Exposition [from the "The Book of Taliesyn"] 
42Fault Line [from the "Deep Purple"]05:34
43Fingers To the Bone [from the "Abandon"] 
44Fire In The Basement [from the "Slaves and Masters"] 
45Fireball [from the "Fireball"] 
46Flight Of The Rat [from the "Deep Purple In Rock"]07:51
47Fools [from the "Fireball"] 
48Fortuneteller [from the "Slaves and Masters"]05:48
49Gettin' Tighter [from the "Come Taste The Band"]03:34
50Girls Like That [from the "Rapture of the Deep"]04:02
51Hard Lovin' Man [from the "Deep Purple In Rock"]07:07
52Hard Lovin' Woman [from the "The House of Blue Light"] 
53Hard Loving Man [from the "Live at Montreux"]06:10
54Help! [from the "Shades of Deep Purple"] 
55Hey Cisco [from the "Purpendicular"] 
56Hey Joe [from the "Shades of Deep Purple"] 
57High Ball Shooter [from the "Stormbringer"] 
58Highway Star [from the "Machine Head"]06:08
59Highway Star [from the "Live at Montreux"]06:55
60Hold On [from the "Stormbringer"] 

Deep Purple

Deep Purple

Deep Purple are an English Hard rock band.

They are considered one of the earliest pioneers of the Heavy metal genre although they have never considered themselves to be a Heavy metal band. []


  • Hard rock,
  • Heavy metal
  • Child In Time by Deep Purple

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