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Best of Silent Circle by Silent Circle [1991]

Best of Silent Circle (Silent Circle)

Track listing

1Touch in the Night
2Stop The Rain in the Night
3Hide Away-Man Is Comin'!
4I am Your Believer
5Oh, Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight
6Danger, Danger
7Love Is Just a Word
8Time For Love
9Sib Dab Dua
11Shy Girl
12For You Plus Give Me Time
13Moonlight Affair
14Anywhere Tonight
15Forest The Stranger

Silent Circle albums

1Best of Silent Circle[ 1991 ]
1Best of Silent Circle (Silent Circle)

Silent Circle songs

1Anywhere Tonight [from the "Best of Silent Circle"]03:19
2Danger, Danger [from the "Best of Silent Circle"]05:15
3Dreams [from the "Best of Silent Circle"]03:59
4For You Plus Give Me Time [from the "Best of Silent Circle"] 
5Forest The Stranger [from the "Best of Silent Circle"] 
6Hide Away-Man Is Comin'! [from the "Best of Silent Circle"] 
7I am Your Believer [from the "Best of Silent Circle"]05:45
8Love Is Just a Word [from the "Best of Silent Circle"]05:42
9Moonlight Affair [from the "Best of Silent Circle"] 
10Oh, Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight [from the "Best of Silent Circle"] 
11Shy Girl [from the "Best of Silent Circle"]03:37
12Sib Dab Dua [from the "Best of Silent Circle"]03:04
13Stop The Rain in the Night [from the "Best of Silent Circle"]03:41
14Time For Love [from the "Best of Silent Circle"] 
15Touch in the Night [from the "Best of Silent Circle"]05:19

Silent Circle

Silent Circle

Silent Circle is a German Eurodisco band formed in 1985. []


  • Euro disco,
  • Pop,
  • Dance
  • I am Your Believer by Silent Circle

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