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Body And Soul by Rick Astley [1993] [album editions]

Body And Soul (Rick Astley)

Track listing

1The Ones You Love
2Waiting For The Bell To Ring
4A Dream For Us
5Body And Soul
6Enough Love
7Natures Gift
8Remember The Days
9Every Time
10When You Love Someone

Rick Astley albums

1Body And Soul[ 1993 ]
2Hold Me in Your Arms[ 2001 ]
3Whenever You Need Somebody[ 1990 ]
1Body And Soul (Rick Astley)
2Hold Me in Your Arms (Rick Astley)
3Whenever You Need Somebody (Rick Astley)

Rick Astley songs

1A Dream For Us [from the "Body And Soul"]06:11
2Ain't Too Proud To Beg / Put Yourself In My Place [from the "Hold Me in Your Arms"] 
3Body And Soul [from the "Body And Soul"] 
4Dial My Number [from the "Hold Me in Your Arms"] 
5Don't Say Goodbye [from the "Whenever You Need Somebody"]04:10
6Enough Love [from the "Body And Soul"] 
7Every Time [from the "Body And Soul"] 
8Giving Up On Love [from the "Hold Me in Your Arms"] 
9Hopelessly [from the "Body And Soul"] 
10I Don't Want To Be Your Lover [from the "Hold Me in Your Arms"] 
11I Don't Want To Lose Her [from the "Hold Me in Your Arms"]03:37
12I'll Never Let You Down [from the "Hold Me in Your Arms"] 
13It Would Take A Strong Strong Man [from the "Whenever You Need Somebody"] 
14Natures Gift [from the "Body And Soul"] 
15Never Gonna Give You Up [from the "Whenever You Need Somebody"]03:33
16No More Looking For Love [from the "Whenever You Need Somebody"] 
17Remember The Days [from the "Body And Soul"] 
18She Wants To Dance With Me [from the "Hold Me in Your Arms"] 
19Slipping Away [from the "Whenever You Need Somebody"] 
20Take Me To Your Heart [from the "Hold Me in Your Arms"]03:33
21The Love Has Gone [from the "Whenever You Need Somebody"] 
22The Ones You Love [from the "Body And Soul"] 
23Till Then (Time Stands Still) [from the "Hold Me in Your Arms"]03:22
24Together Forever [from the "Whenever You Need Somebody"]03:26
25Waiting For The Bell To Ring [from the "Body And Soul"] 
26When I Fall In Love [from the "Whenever You Need Somebody"] 
27When You Love Someone [from the "Body And Soul"]04:16
28Whenever You Need Somebody [from the "Whenever You Need Somebody"]03:53
29You Move Me [from the "Whenever You Need Somebody"]03:45
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