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First Band on the Moon by The Cardigans [1996] [album editions]

First Band on the Moon (The Cardigans)

Track listing

1Your New Cuckoo
2Been It
4Happy Meal II
5Never Recover
6Step On Me
9Iron Man
10Great Divide

The Cardigans albums

1Austin Powers[ 1997 ]
2First Band on the Moon[ 1996 ]
3Gran Turismo[ 1998 ]
4Life[ 1996 ]
1Austin Powers (Various artists)
2First Band on the Moon (The Cardigans)
3Gran Turismo (The Cardigans)
4Life (The Cardigans)

The Cardigans songs

1Beautiful One [from the "Life"] 
2Been It [from the "First Band on the Moon"]04:05
3Carnival [from the "Life"]03:35
4Carnival - The Cardigans [from the "Austin Powers"] 
5Celia Inside [from the "Life"] 
6Choke [from the "First Band on the Moon"] 
7Daddy's Car [from the "Life"] 
8Do You Believe [from the "Gran Turismo"] 
9Erase/Rewind [from the "Gran Turismo"]03:34
10Explode [from the "Gran Turismo"]04:02
11Fine [from the "Life"] 
12Gordon's Gardenparty [from the "Life"] 
13Great Divide [from the "First Band on the Moon"]03:09
14Hanging Around [from the "Gran Turismo"]03:40
15Happy Meal (Bonus Track) [from the "Life"] 
16Happy Meal II [from the "First Band on the Moon"] 
17Heartbreaker [from the "First Band on the Moon"]03:43
18Hey! Get Out Of My Way [from the "Life"] 
19Higher [from the "Gran Turismo"]04:32
20Iron Man [from the "First Band on the Moon"]04:20
21Junk Of The Hearts [from the "Gran Turismo"] 
22Losers [from the "First Band on the Moon"] 
23Lovefool [from the "First Band on the Moon"]03:13
24Marvel Hill [from the "Gran Turismo"] 
25My Favourite Game [from the "Gran Turismo"]03:36
26Never Recover [from the "First Band on the Moon"] 
27Nil [from the "Gran Turismo"] 
28Our Space [from the "Life"] 
29Over The Water [from the "Life"]02:14
30Paralyzed [from the "Gran Turismo"] 
31Rise & Shine [from the "Life"]03:29
32Sabbath Bloody Sabbath [from the "Life"]04:31
33Sick & Tired [from the "Life"]03:23
34Starter [from the "Gran Turismo"]03:51
35Step On Me [from the "First Band on the Moon"]03:47
36Tomorrow [from the "Life"] 
37Your New Cuckoo [from the "First Band on the Moon"]03:56

The Cardigans

The Cardigans

The Cardigans are a Swedish rock band formed in Sweden, in 1992. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Pop rock,
  • Indie rock,
  • Indie pop
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