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Freedom by Andy Griggs [2002] [album editions]

Freedom (Andy Griggs)

Track listing

2The Road to Lasting Love
3Practice Life (duet with Martina McBride)
5Custom Made
6A Hundred Miles of Bad Road (duet with Tom Keifer)
7How Cool Is That
8I've Learned
9Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man
10Sweetheart of Binja Bayou
11Brand New Something Going On
12Where's a Train
13Someone Like You

Andy Griggs albums

1Freedom[ 2002 ]
2The Good Life[ 2008 ]
3This I Gotta See[ 2004 ]
4You Won't Ever Be Lonely[ 1999 ]
1Freedom (Andy Griggs)
2The Good Life (Andy Griggs)
3This I Gotta See (Andy Griggs)
4You Won't Ever Be Lonely (Andy Griggs)

Andy Griggs songs

1A Hundred Miles of Bad Road (duet with Tom Keifer) [from the "Freedom"]03:39
2A Side Of Me [from the "You Won't Ever Be Lonely"]02:46
3Ain't Done Nothin' Wrong [from the "You Won't Ever Be Lonely"]03:19
4Ain't Livin' Long Like This [from the "You Won't Ever Be Lonely"]05:13
5Always [from the "Freedom"]04:15
6Be Still [from the "This I Gotta See"]04:01
7Brand New Something Going On [from the "Freedom"]01:48
8Burning A Hole In My Head [from the "The Good Life"]03:55
9Careful Where You Kiss Me [from the "This I Gotta See"]03:47
10Custom Made [from the "Freedom"]03:30
11Freedom [from the "Freedom"]03:44
12Hillbilly Band [from the "This I Gotta See"]02:55
13How Cool Is That [from the "Freedom"]03:15
14I Don't Know A Thing [from the "You Won't Ever Be Lonely"]03:36
15I Miss You The Most [from the "You Won't Ever Be Lonely"]03:10
16I Never Had A Chance [from the "This I Gotta See"]03:35
17If Heaven [from the "This I Gotta See"]03:34
18If You Had Called Yesterday [from the "The Good Life"]04:17
19I'll Go Crazy [from the "You Won't Ever Be Lonely"]03:04
20It's All About The Money [from the "The Good Life"]03:35
21I've Learned [from the "Freedom"]04:11
22Long Enough [from the "This I Gotta See"]04:18
23Long Stretch Of Lonesome [from the "The Good Life"]03:55
24Long Way Down [from the "The Good Life"]04:50
25My Kind of Beautiful [from the "This I Gotta See"]03:52
26New Orleans Lady [from the "The Good Life"]03:54
27No Mississippi [from the "This I Gotta See"]05:13
28Practice Life (duet with Martina McBride) [from the "Freedom"]04:13
29Shadows [from the "The Good Life"]03:49
30She Thinks She Needs Me [from the "This I Gotta See"]03:58
31She's More [from the "You Won't Ever Be Lonely"]03:19
32Shine on Me (duet with Waylon Jennings) [from the "You Won't Ever Be Lonely"]03:53
33Someone Like You [from the "Freedom"]02:57
34Sweetheart of Binja Bayou [from the "Freedom"]03:46
35Tattoo Rose [from the "The Good Life"]03:15
36Tears and Time [from the "The Good Life"]04:04
37The Road to Lasting Love [from the "Freedom"]03:39
38This I Gotta See [from the "This I Gotta See"]03:41
39Time Is a Gypsy [from the "The Good Life"]03:29
40Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man [from the "Freedom"]03:00
41Waitin' On Sundown [from the "You Won't Ever Be Lonely"]03:48
42What If It's Me [from the "The Good Life"]03:22
43Where's a Train [from the "Freedom"]06:13
44Why Do I Still Want You [from the "This I Gotta See"]05:13
45You Can't Drive My Cadillac [from the "The Good Life"]03:29
46You Made Me That Way [from the "You Won't Ever Be Lonely"]03:14
47You Won't Ever Be Lonely [from the "You Won't Ever Be Lonely"]03:32

Andy Griggs

Andy Griggs

Andrew Tyler "Andy" Griggs is an American country music artist. []


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  • How Cool Is That by Andy Griggs

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