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Eye Dance by Boney M [1985] [album editions]

Eye Dance (Boney M)

Track listing

1Young, Free And Single
2Todos Buenos
3Give It Up
4Sample City
5My Cherie Amour
6Eye Dance
7Got Cha Loco
8Dreadlock Holiday
9Chica Da Silva
10Bang Bang Lulu

Boney M albums

1Boonoonoonoos[ 1981 ]
2Christmas Album[ 1981 ]
3Eye Dance[ 1985 ]
4Love For Sale[ 1977 ]
5Nightflight to Venus[ 1978 ]
6Oceans of Fantasy[ 1979 ]
7Take the Heat Off Me[ 1976 ]
8Ten Thousand Lightyears[ 1984 ]
1Boonoonoonoos (Boney M)
2Christmas Album (Boney M)
3Eye Dance (Boney M)
4Love For Sale (Boney M)
5Nightflight to Venus (Boney M)
6Oceans of Fantasy (Boney M)
7Take the Heat Off Me (Boney M)
8Ten Thousand Lightyears (Boney M)

Boney M songs

61Nightflight To Venus [from the "Nightflight to Venus"]04:47
62No More Chain Gang [from the "Oceans of Fantasy"]05:24
63No Time To Lose [from the "Oceans of Fantasy"]02:56
64No Woman No Cry [from the "Take the Heat Off Me"]04:59
65Oceans Of Fantasy [from the "Oceans of Fantasy"]05:07
66Painter Man [from the "Nightflight to Venus"]03:10
67Petit Papa Noel [from the "Christmas Album"]01:43
68Plantation Boy [from the "Love For Sale"]04:26
69Rasputin [from the "Nightflight to Venus"]05:52
70Ribbons Of Blue [from the "Oceans of Fantasy"]02:00
71Ribbons Of Blue [Single Version] [from the "Christmas Album"]04:04
72Ride To Agadir [from the "Boonoonoonoos"]05:11
73Rivers Of Babylon [from the "Nightflight to Venus"]04:21
74Sad Movies [from the "Boonoonoonoos"]03:23
75Sample City [from the "Eye Dance"]03:45
76Silent Lover [from the "Love For Sale"]04:14
77Silly Confusion [from the "Boonoonoonoos"]07:19
78Somewhere In The World [from the "Ten Thousand Lightyears"]04:31
79Still I'm Sad [from the "Love For Sale"]04:35
80Sunny [from the "Take the Heat Off Me"]04:03
81Take The Heat Off Me [from the "Take the Heat Off Me"]04:47
82That's Boonoonoonoos / Train to Skaville [from the "Boonoonoonoos"]05:56
83The Alibama [from the "Ten Thousand Lightyears"]03:10
84The Calendar Song (January, February, March ...) [from the "Oceans of Fantasy"]02:43
85Time To Remember '93 [from the "Christmas Album"]04:01
86Todos Buenos [from the "Eye Dance"]04:36
87Two Of Us [from the "Oceans of Fantasy"]03:16
88Voodoonight [from the "Nightflight to Venus"]03:31
89We Kill the World (Don't Kill the World) [from the "Boonoonoonoos"]06:34
90When A Child Is Born [from the "Christmas Album"]03:22
91Where Did You Go [from the "Ten Thousand Lightyears"]04:05
92White Christmas [from the "Christmas Album"]04:21
93Wild Planet [from the "Ten Thousand Lightyears"]04:01
94Winter Fairy-Tale [from the "Christmas Album"]02:59
95Young, Free And Single [from the "Eye Dance"]04:12
96Zion's Daughter [from the "Christmas Album"]03:52

Boney M

Boney M

Boney M is a vocal group created by German record producer Frank Farian.

Originally based in West Germany, the four original members of the group's official line-up were Liz Mitchell and Marcia Barrett from Jamaica, Maizie Williams from Montserrat and Bobby Farrell from Aruba.

The group was formed in 1975 and achieved popularity during the disco era of the late 1970s.


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