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Minor Earth Major Sky by A-ha [2001] [album editions]

Minor Earth Major Sky (A-ha)

Track listing

1Minor Earth Major sky
2Little Black Heart
4Summer Moved On
5The Sun Never Shone That Day
6To Let You Win
7The Company Man
8Thought That It Was You
9I Wish I Cared
10Barely Hanging On
11You'll Never Get Over Me
12I Won't Forget Her
13Marry Ellen Makes The Moment Count

A-ha albums

1East Of The Sun West Of The Moon[ 1990 ]
2Headlines And Deadlines[ 1998 ]
3Hunting High And Low[ 1985 ]
4Memorial Beach[ 1992 ]
5Minor Earth Major Sky[ 2001 ]
6Scoundrel Days[ 1986 ]
7Stay On The Roads[ 1988 ]
1East Of The Sun West Of The Moon (A-ha)
2Headlines And Deadlines (A-ha)
3Hunting High And Low (A-ha)
4Memorial Beach (A-ha)
5Minor Earth Major Sky (A-ha)
6Scoundrel Days (A-ha)
7Stay On The Roads (A-ha)

A-ha songs

1(Seemingly) Nonstop July [from the "East Of The Sun West Of The Moon"]02:54
2And You Tell Me [from the "Hunting High And Low"]01:51
3Angel In The Snow [from the "Memorial Beach"]04:13
4Barely Hanging On [from the "Minor Earth Major Sky"]03:55
5Between Your Mama And Yourself [from the "Memorial Beach"]04:15
6Blood That Moves the Body [from the "Headlines And Deadlines"] 
7Burry Home [from the "Stay On The Roads"]04:34
8Cold As Stone [from the "Memorial Beach"]08:19
9Cold River [from the "East Of The Sun West Of The Moon"]04:39
10Cry Wolf [from the "Scoundrel Days"]04:05
11Cry Wolf [from the "Headlines And Deadlines"]04:08
12Crying In The Rain [from the "East Of The Sun West Of The Moon"]04:25
13Crying in the Rain [from the "Headlines And Deadlines"] 
14Dark Is The Night For Call [from the "Memorial Beach"]03:46
15Early Morning [from the "East Of The Sun West Of The Moon"]02:58
16Early Morning [from the "Headlines And Deadlines"] 
17East Of The sun [from the "East Of The Sun West Of The Moon"]04:47
18Here I Stand And Face The Rain [from the "Hunting High And Low"]04:30
19How Sweet It Was [from the "Memorial Beach"]06:02
20Hunting High And Low [from the "Hunting High And Low"]03:43
21Hunting High And Low (Remix) [from the "Headlines And Deadlines"]03:48
22I Call Your Name [from the "East Of The Sun West Of The Moon"]04:53
23I Call Your Name [from the "Headlines And Deadlines"] 
24I Dream Myself Alive [from the "Hunting High And Low"]03:07
25I Wish I Cared [from the "Minor Earth Major Sky"]04:21
26I Won't Forget Her [from the "Minor Earth Major Sky"]04:43
27I've Been Losing You [from the "Scoundrel Days"]04:24
28I've Been Losing You [from the "Headlines And Deadlines"] 
29Lam To The Slaughter [from the "Memorial Beach"]04:20
30Lie Down In Darkness [from the "Memorial Beach"]04:31
31Little Black Heart [from the "Minor Earth Major Sky"]04:36
32Living A Boy's Adventure Tale [from the "Hunting High And Low"]05:00
33Locust [from the "Memorial Beach"]05:08
34Love Is Reason [from the "Hunting High And Low"]03:05
35Manhattan Skyline [from the "Scoundrel Days"]04:51
36Manhattan Skyline [from the "Headlines And Deadlines"]04:50
37Marry Ellen Makes The Moment Count [from the "Minor Earth Major Sky"]04:53
38Mave To Memphis [from the "Memorial Beach"]04:19
39Maybe, Maybe [from the "Scoundrel Days"]02:35
40Memorial Beach [from the "Memorial Beach"]04:36
41Minor Earth Major sky [from the "Minor Earth Major Sky"]05:24
42Move to Memphis [from the "Headlines And Deadlines"] 
43October [from the "Scoundrel Days"]03:48
44Out Of Blue Comes Green [from the "Stay On The Roads"]06:40
45Rolling Thunder [from the "East Of The Sun West Of The Moon"]05:43
46Scoundrel Days [from the "Scoundrel Days"]03:58
47Slender Frame [from the "East Of The Sun West Of The Moon"]03:42
48Soft Rains Of April [from the "Scoundrel Days"]03:12
49Stay On The Roads [from the "Stay On The Roads"]04:45
50Stay on These Roads [from the "Headlines And Deadlines"] 
51Summer Moved On [from the "Minor Earth Major Sky"]04:37
52Sun Always Shines on T.V. [from the "Headlines And Deadlines"] 
53Sycamore Leaves [from the "East Of The Sun West Of The Moon"]05:21
54Take on Me [from the "Hunting High And Low"]03:47
55Take on Me [from the "Headlines And Deadlines"]03:47
56The Blood That Moves The Body [from the "Stay On The Roads"]04:05
57The Blue Sky [from the "Hunting High And Low"]02:34
58The Company Man [from the "Minor Earth Major Sky"]03:14
59The Living Daylights [from the "Stay On The Roads"]04:46
60The Living Daylights [from the "Headlines And Deadlines"]04:18

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A-ha are a Norwegian band who were most popular in the UK and the USA during the 1980s, but continued to be globally successful in the 1990s and 2000s.

The trio, composed of lead vocalist Morten Harket, guitarist Paul Waaktaar-Savoy and keyboardist Magne Furuholmen, formed in 1982 and left Norway for London in order to make a career in the music business.


  • Pop,
  • Synth pop,
  • New wave,
  • Rock
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