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History for Sale by Blue October [2003] [album editions]

History for Sale (Blue October)

Track listing

1Ugly Side
2Clumsy Card House
4Calling You
5Chameleon Boy
6Sexual Powership (One Big Lie) Bla Bla
7A Quiet Mind
83 Weeks, She Sleeps
9Inner Glow
11Come In Closer

Blue October albums

1Any Man in America[ 2011 ]
2History for Sale[ 2003 ]
1Any Man in America (Blue October)
2History for Sale (Blue October)

Blue October songs

13 Weeks, She Sleeps [from the "History for Sale"] 
2A Quiet Mind [from the "History for Sale"] 
3Amazing [from the "History for Sale"] 
4Any Man In America [from the "Any Man in America"]06:25
5Calling You [from the "History for Sale"]03:57
6Chameleon Boy [from the "History for Sale"] 
7Clumsy Card House [from the "History for Sale"] 
8Come In Closer [from the "History for Sale"] 
9Drama Everything [from the "Any Man in America"]04:30
10Everything (A.M. Limbo) [from the "Any Man in America"]00:52
11For The Love [from the "Any Man in America"]04:44
12Inner Glow [from the "History for Sale"] 
13Razorblade [from the "History for Sale"]03:18
14Sexual Powership (One Big Lie) Bla Bla [from the "History for Sale"] 
15Somebody [from the "History for Sale"] 
16The Chills [from the "Any Man in America"]03:34
17The Feel Again (Stay) [from the "Any Man in America"]06:00
18The Flight (Lincoln To Minneapolis) [from the "Any Man in America"]06:45
19The Follow Through [from the "Any Man in America"]06:10
20The Getting Over It Part [from the "Any Man in America"]04:38
21The Honesty [from the "Any Man in America"]04:22
22The Money Tree [from the "Any Man in America"]04:59
23The Worry List [from the "Any Man in America"]04:33
24Ugly Side [from the "History for Sale"] 
25You Waited Too Long [from the "Any Man in America"]04:28

Blue October

Blue October

Blue October is an American alternative rock band originally from Houston, Texas, formed in 1995.


  • Alternative rock,
  • Post-grunge,
  • Experimental rock,
  • Art rock
  • Calling You by Blue October

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