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We Are Not Alone by Breaking Benjamin [2004] [album editions]

We Are Not Alone (Breaking Benjamin)

Track listing

1So Cold
2Simple Design
5Break My Fall
6Forget It
7Sooner Or Later

Breaking Benjamin albums

1Dark Before Dawn[ 2015 ]
2Dear Agony[ 2009 ]
3Phobia[ 2006 ]
4Saturate[ 2002 ]
5So Cold[ 2004 ]
6We Are Not Alone[ 2004 ]
1Dark Before Dawn (Breaking Benjamin)
2Dear Agony (Breaking Benjamin)
3Phobia (Breaking Benjamin)
4Saturate (Breaking Benjamin)
5So Cold (Breaking Benjamin)
6We Are Not Alone (Breaking Benjamin)

Breaking Benjamin songs

1Angels Fall [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]03:48
2Anthem Of The Angels [from the "Dear Agony"]04:02
3Ashes Of Eden [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]04:53
4Away [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:12
5Away [Live] [from the "So Cold"]03:24
6Believe [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:18
7Blow Me Away [from the "So Cold"]03:25
8Break My Fall [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:24
9Breakdown [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:36
10Breakdown [Live] [from the "So Cold"]03:46
11Breaking The Silence [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]03:02
12Breath [from the "Phobia"]03:38
13Bury Me Alive [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]04:01
14Close To Heaven [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]04:08
15Crawl [from the "Dear Agony"]03:58
16Dance With the Devil [from the "Phobia"]03:47
17Dark [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]02:09
18Dawn [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]01:51
19Dear Agony [from the "Dear Agony"]04:18
20Defeated [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]03:26
21Evil Angel [from the "Phobia"]03:41
22Fade Away [from the "Dear Agony"]03:16
23Failure [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]03:34
24Firefly [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:07
25Follow [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:17
26Forget It [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:36
27Give Me a Sign [from the "Dear Agony"]04:17
28Had Enough [from the "Phobia"]03:50
29Here We Are [from the "Phobia"]04:18
30Hollow [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]03:50
31Home [from the "Saturate"]03:37
32Hopeless [from the "Dear Agony"]03:20
33I Will Not Bow [from the "Dear Agony"]03:36
34Into The Nothing [from the "Dear Agony"]03:44
35Intro [from the "Phobia"]01:14
36Lady Bug [from the "So Cold"]03:02
37Lights Out [from the "Dear Agony"]03:33
38Medicate [from the "Saturate"]03:45
39Natural Life [from the "Saturate"]04:00
40Never Again [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]03:43
41Next To Nothing [from the "Saturate"]03:44
42No Games [from the "Saturate"]03:36
43Outro [from the "Phobia"]02:10
44Phase [from the "Saturate"]04:31
45Polyamorous [from the "Saturate"]02:57
46Rain [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:25
47Shallow Bay [from the "Saturate"]04:05
48Simple Design [from the "We Are Not Alone"]04:14
49Skin [from the "Saturate"]03:20
50So Cold [from the "We Are Not Alone"]04:33
51So Cold [Acoustic] [from the "So Cold"]03:55
52Sooner Or Later [from the "We Are Not Alone"]03:38
53Sugarcoat [from the "Saturate"]03:38
54The Diary of Jane [from the "Phobia"]03:20
55The Great Divide [from the "Dark Before Dawn"]04:12
56Topless [from the "Phobia"]03:03
57Unknown Soldier [from the "Phobia"]03:46
58Until The End [from the "Phobia"]04:13
59Water [from the "Saturate"]04:12
60What Lies Beneath [from the "Dear Agony"]03:34

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Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin is an American rock band founded in 1998 by Benjamin Burnley in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Alternative metal,
  • Ppost-grunge
  • So Cold by Breaking Benjamin

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