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Use Your Brain by Clawfinger [2006] [album editions]

Use Your Brain (Clawfinger)

Track listing

2Pay The Bill
3Pin Me Down
4Wipe My Ass
5Die High
7Do What I Say
9What Are You Afraid Of
10Back To The Basics
11Easy Way Out
13Better Than This (Bonus Track)
14Three Good Riffs (Bonus Track)
15Armageddon Down (Bonus Track)

Clawfinger albums

1A Whole Lot of Nothing[ 2002 ]
2Hate Yourself With Style[ 2006 ]
3Use Your Brain[ 2006 ]
1A Whole Lot of Nothing (Clawfinger)
2Hate Yourself With Style (Clawfinger)
3Use Your Brain (Clawfinger)

Clawfinger songs

1Are You Man Enough [from the "A Whole Lot of Nothing"] 
2Armageddon Down (Bonus Track) [from the "Use Your Brain"] 
3Back To The Basics [from the "Use Your Brain"] 
4Better Than This (Bonus Track) [from the "Use Your Brain"] 
5Breakout (Embrace The Child Inside You) [from the "Hate Yourself With Style"]03:41
6Burn In Hell [from the "A Whole Lot of Nothing"]03:21
7Confrontation [from the "A Whole Lot of Nothing"] 
8Die High [from the "Use Your Brain"] 
9Dirty Lies [from the "Hate Yourself With Style"]02:58
10Do What I Say [from the "Use Your Brain"]04:14
11Don't Look At Me [from the "A Whole Lot of Nothing"]03:30
12Easy Way Out [from the "Use Your Brain"] 
13Evolution [from the "A Whole Lot of Nothing"] 
14Fake a Friend [from the "A Whole Lot of Nothing"] 
15God Is Dead [from the "Hate Yourself With Style"]04:44
16Hate Yourself With Style [from the "Hate Yourself With Style"]03:44
17Hypocrite [from the "Hate Yourself With Style"]03:04
18I Close My Eyes [from the "A Whole Lot of Nothing"] 
19It [from the "Use Your Brain"] 
20Manic Depression [from the "A Whole Lot of Nothing"] 
21Nothing Going On [from the "A Whole Lot of Nothing"] 
22Out to Get Me [from the "A Whole Lot of Nothing"] 
23Paradise [from the "A Whole Lot of Nothing"] 
24Pay The Bill [from the "Use Your Brain"] 
25Pin Me Down [from the "Use Your Brain"]04:09
26Power [from the "Use Your Brain"] 
27Revenge [from the "A Whole Lot of Nothing"] 
28Right To Rape [from the "Hate Yourself With Style"]04:31
29Sick Of Myself [from the "Hate Yourself With Style"]03:22
30Simon Says [from the "A Whole Lot of Nothing"] 
31The Best & The Worst [from the "Hate Yourself With Style"]03:48
32The Faggot In You [from the "Hate Yourself With Style"]03:26
33Three Good Riffs (Bonus Track) [from the "Use Your Brain"] 
34Tomorrow [from the "Use Your Brain"] 
35Two Steps Away [from the "A Whole Lot of Nothing"] 
36Undone [from the "Use Your Brain"] 
37Vienna [from the "A Whole Lot of Nothing"]04:13
38What Are You Afraid Of [from the "Use Your Brain"] 
39What We've Got Is What You're Getting [from the "Hate Yourself With Style"]02:22
40Wipe My Ass [from the "Use Your Brain"] 
41Without A Case [from the "Hate Yourself With Style"]03:40



Clawfinger is an industrial rap-metal band from Sweden and was one of the earliest bands to adopt this sound.

Clawfinger is known for aggressive but melodic music and tackling political and anti-racist themes in their songs.


  • Industrial rap-metal
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