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Wretchrospective by Wretch 32 [2008]

Wretchrospective (Wretch 32)

Track listing

1Welcome to My World
2Wretchrospective (ft. Vis)
3Take This from Me (ft. Badness)
4Me and You (ft. Haydon)
5Chinese Whispers (ft. Scorcher & Chipmunk)
6Ina Di Ghetto (ft. Badness & Ghetto)
8Swaggalicious Interlude (ft. JFlows)
9Swaggalicious (ft. Scorcher)
10Be Cool (feat. Wizzy Wow)
11On Fire (ft. JFlows)
12Stop My Pen from Crying (ft. Darren B)
13All That I Need
14The Reason (feat. P. Nero & Calibar)
15Remember the Titan
16The End Scene
17Be Cool Remix (ft. Wizzy Wow, Tinie Tempah, Scorcher, Bashy, Sway & Chipmunk)
18Superhero Remix (ft. Wiley)
19Action Man (ft. Chip, Scorcher, Sneakbo & Calibar)

Wretch 32 albums

1Black and White[ 2011 ]
2Wretchrospective[ 2008 ]
1Black and White (Wretch 32)
2Wretchrospective (Wretch 32)

Wretch 32 songs

1Action Man (ft. Chip, Scorcher, Sneakbo & Calibar) [from the "Wretchrospective"]03:04
2Air [from the "Black and White"]03:43
3All That I Need [from the "Wretchrospective"]03:41
4Anniversary (Fall In Love) (Acoustic Version) (ft. Alex Mills) [from the "Black and White"]03:40
5Anniversary (Fall In Love) (ft. Alex Mills) [from the "Black and White"]03:40
6Be Cool (feat. Wizzy Wow) [from the "Wretchrospective"]03:36
7Be Cool Remix (ft. Wizzy Wow, Tinie Tempah, Scorcher, Bashy, Sway & Chipmunk) [from the "Wretchrospective"]05:32
8Black and White [from the "Black and White"]04:03
9Breathe (Sha La La) [from the "Black and White"]03:53
10Chinese Whispers (ft. Scorcher & Chipmunk) [from the "Wretchrospective"]04:20
11Don’t Go (Acoustic Version) (ft. Josh Kumra) [from the "Black and White"]04:00
12Don’t Go (MJ Cole Remix) (ft. Josh Kumra) [from the "Black and White"]05:28
13Don't Be Afraid (ft. Delilah) [from the "Black and White"]03:28
14Don't Go (ft. Josh Kumra) [from the "Black and White"]03:58
15Forgiveness (ft. Etta Bond) [from the "Black and White"]05:07
16Hush Little Baby (ft. Ed Sheeran) [from the "Black and White"]03:56
17I'm Not the Man (ft. Chipmunk & Angel) [from the "Black and White"]04:25
18Ina Di Ghetto (ft. Badness & Ghetto) [from the "Wretchrospective"]03:54
19Let Yourself Go [from the "Black and White"]03:53
20Long Way Home (ft. Daley) [from the "Black and White"]04:00
21Me and You (ft. Haydon) [from the "Wretchrospective"]03:32
22Never Be Me (ft. Angel) [from the "Black and White"]03:32
23On Fire (ft. JFlows) [from the "Wretchrospective"]03:17
24Pisces [from the "Wretchrospective"]05:07
25Please Don't Let Me Go [from the "Black and White"]03:45
26Remember the Titan [from the "Wretchrospective"]05:05
27Sane's the New Mad [from the "Black and White"]03:27
28Stop My Pen from Crying (ft. Darren B) [from the "Wretchrospective"]04:19
29Superhero Remix (ft. Wiley) [from the "Wretchrospective"]03:14
30Swaggalicious (ft. Scorcher) [from the "Wretchrospective"]03:14
31Swaggalicious Interlude (ft. JFlows) [from the "Wretchrospective"]00:31
32Take This from Me (ft. Badness) [from the "Wretchrospective"]04:01
33The End Scene [from the "Wretchrospective"]07:15
34The Reason (feat. P. Nero & Calibar) [from the "Wretchrospective"]04:13
35Traktor (Acoustic Version) (ft. L) [from the "Black and White"]03:40
36Traktor (Friction Remix) (ft. L) [from the "Black and White"]04:38
37Traktor (ft. L) [from the "Black and White"]03:38
38Unorthodox (BAR9 Remix) (ft. Example) [from the "Black and White"]04:35
39Unorthodox (ft. Example) [from the "Black and White"]03:05
40Welcome to My World [from the "Wretchrospective"]05:01
41Wretchrospective (ft. Vis) [from the "Wretchrospective"]04:04

Wretch 32

Wretch 32

Jermaine Scott Sinclairbetter known by his stage name Wretch 32, is an English rapper and former Grime MC. []


  • British hip hop,
  • rap
  • Ina Di Ghetto (ft. Badness & Ghetto) by Wretch 32

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