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Pornography by The Cure [1982] [album editions]

Pornography (The Cure)

Track listing

1One Hundred Years
2A Short Term Effect
3The Hanging Garden
4Siamese Twins
5The Figurehead
6A Strange Day

The Cure albums

14:13 Dream[ 2008 ]
2Bloodflowers[ 2000 ]
3Disintegration[ 1989 ]
4Faith[ 1981 ]
5Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me[ 1987 ]
6Pornography[ 1982 ]
7Resident Evil. Apocalypse (Soundtrack)[ 2004 ]
8Seventeen Seconds[ 1980 ]
9Stone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix[ 1993 ]
10The Cure[ 2004 ]
11The Head on the Door[ 1985 ]
12The Top[ 1984 ]
13Three Imaginary Boys[ 1979 ]
14Wild Mood Swings[ 1986 ]
15Wish[ 1992 ]
14:13 Dream (The Cure)
2Bloodflowers (The Cure)
3Disintegration (The Cure)
4Faith (The Cure)
5Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (The Cure)
6Pornography (The Cure)
7Resident Evil. Apocalypse (Soundtrack) (Various artists)
8Seventeen Seconds (The Cure)
9Stone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix (Various artists)
10The Cure (The Cure)
11The Head on the Door (The Cure)
12The Top (The Cure)
13Three Imaginary Boys (The Cure)
14Wild Mood Swings (The Cure)
15Wish (The Cure)

The Cure songs

61Labyrinth [from the "The Cure"]05:13
62Last Dance [from the "Disintegration"]04:47
63Like Cockatoos [from the "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me"]03:40
64Lost [from the "The Cure"]04:06
65Lovesong [from the "Disintegration"]03:30
66Lullaby [from the "Disintegration"]04:12
67M [from the "Seventeen Seconds"]03:03
68Maybe Someday [from the "Bloodflowers"]05:06
69Meat Hook [from the "Three Imaginary Boys"]02:18
70Mint Car [from the "Wild Mood Swings"]03:32
71Never [from the "The Cure"]04:02
72Numb [from the "Wild Mood Swings"]04:49
73Object [from the "Three Imaginary Boys"]03:03
74One Hundred Years [from the "Pornography"]06:40
75One More Time [from the "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me"]04:31
76Only One [from the "4:13 Dream"]03:55
77Open [from the "Wish"]06:51
78Other Voices [from the "Faith"]04:28
79Out Of This World [from the "Bloodflowers"]06:43
80Perfect Boy [from the "4:13 Dream"]03:21
81Pictures of You [from the "Disintegration"]07:28
82Piggy In The Mirror [from the "The Top"]03:40
83Plainsong [from the "Disintegration"]05:15
84Play for Today [from the "Seventeen Seconds"]03:41
85Pornography [from the "Pornography"]06:27
86Prayers For Rain [from the "Disintegration"]06:07
87Primary [from the "Faith"]03:35
88Purple Haze - The Cure [from the "Stone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix"] 
89Push [from the "The Head on the Door"]04:31
90Real Snow White [from the "4:13 Dream"]04:41
91Reasons Why [from the "4:13 Dream"]04:35
92Return [from the "Wild Mood Swings"]03:28
93Round & Round & Round [from the "Wild Mood Swings"]02:38
94Scream [from the "4:13 Dream"]04:35
95Screw [from the "The Head on the Door"]02:38
96Secrets [from the "Seventeen Seconds"]03:20
97Seventeen Seconds [from the "Seventeen Seconds"]04:01
98Shake Dog Shake [from the "The Top"]04:56
99Shiver and Shake [from the "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me"]03:28
100Siamese Twins [from the "Pornography"]05:29
101Sinking [from the "The Head on the Door"]04:57
102Sirensong [from the "4:13 Dream"]02:22
103Six Different Ways [from the "The Head on the Door"]03:18
104Sleep when I'm dead [from the "4:13 Dream"]03:51
105So What [from the "Three Imaginary Boys"]02:37
106Strange Attraction [from the "Wild Mood Swings"]04:19
107Subway Song [from the "Three Imaginary Boys"]02:01
108Switch [from the "4:13 Dream"]03:42
109Taking Off [from the "The Cure"]03:17
110The 13th [from the "Wild Mood Swings"]04:06
111The Baby Screams [from the "The Head on the Door"]03:44
112The Blood [from the "The Head on the Door"]03:43
113The Caterpillar [from the "The Top"]03:41
114The Drowning Man [from the "Faith"]04:50
115The Empty World [from the "The Top"]02:36
116The End of the World [from the "The Cure"]03:43
117The Figurehead [from the "Pornography"]06:15
118The Final Sound [from the "Seventeen Seconds"]00:52
119The Funeral Party [from the "Faith"]04:14
120The Hanging Garden [from the "Pornography"]04:33

The Cure - top artists list [#587]

The Cure

The Cure are an English rock band formed in Crawley, West Sussex in 1976.

The band has experienced several line-up changes, with frontman, vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter Robert Smith being the only constant member. []


  • Alternative rock,
  • Gothic rock,
  • New wave,
  • Post-punk
  • One Hundred Years by The Cure

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