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Tim McGraw by Tim McGraw [1993] [album editions]

Tim McGraw (Tim McGraw)

Track listing

1Welcome to the Club
2Two Steppin' Mind
3The Only Thing That I Have Left
4You Can Take It With You (When You Go)
5Ain't No Anges
6Memory Lane
7Tears In The Rain
8What She Left Behind
9What Room Was The Holiday In
10I Keep It Under My Hat

Tim McGraw albums

1A Place in the Sun[ 1999 ]
2All I Want[ 1995 ]
3Damn Country Music[ 2015 ]
4Emotional Traffic[ 2012 ]
5Everywhere[ 1997 ]
6Let It Go[ 2007 ]
7Live Like You Were Dying[ 2004 ]
8Not a Moment Too Soon[ 1994 ]
9Set This Circus Down[ 2001 ]
10Southern Voice[ 2009 ]
11Sundown Heaven Town[ 2014 ]
12Tim McGraw[ 1993 ]
13Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors[ 2002 ]
14Two Lanes of Freedom[ 2013 ]
1A Place in the Sun (Tim McGraw)
2All I Want (Tim McGraw)
3Damn Country Music (Tim McGraw)
4Emotional Traffic (Tim McGraw)
5Everywhere (Tim McGraw)
6Let It Go (Tim McGraw)
7Live Like You Were Dying (Tim McGraw)
8Not a Moment Too Soon (Tim McGraw)
9Set This Circus Down (Tim McGraw)
10Southern Voice (Tim McGraw)
11Sundown Heaven Town (Tim McGraw)
12Tim McGraw (Tim McGraw)
13Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors (Tim McGraw)
14Two Lanes of Freedom (Tim McGraw)

Tim McGraw songs

121Set This Circus Down [from the "Set This Circus Down"]03:30
122Seventeen [from the "A Place in the Sun"]03:18
123She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart [from the "All I Want"]03:03
124She'll Have You Back [from the "A Place in the Sun"]03:25
125She's My Kind Of Rain [from the "Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors"]04:16
126Shotgun Rider [from the "Let It Go"]04:21
127Shotgun Rider [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]03:56
128Sick of Me [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]04:05
129Sing Me Home [from the "Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors"]04:40
130Sleep Tonight [from the "Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors"]04:02
131Smilin' [from the "Set This Circus Down"]02:58
132Some Things Never Change [from the "A Place in the Sun"]03:56
133Somebody Must Be Prayin' for Me [from the "A Place in the Sun"]03:52
134Something Like That [from the "A Place in the Sun"]03:03
135Something's Broken [from the "Live Like You Were Dying"]03:42
136Southern Girl [from the "Two Lanes of Freedom"]04:15
137Southern Voice [from the "Southern Voice"]04:02
138Still [from the "Southern Voice"]03:44
139Still On the Line [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]03:52
140Suspicions [from the "Let It Go"]05:17
141Take Me Away From Here [from the "Set This Circus Down"]04:35
142Tears In The Rain [from the "Tim McGraw"]03:20
143Telluride [from the "Set This Circus Down"]03:48
144That's Just Me [from the "All I Want"]03:13
145That's Why God Made Mexico [from the "Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors"]03:35
146The Cowboy In Me [from the "Set This Circus Down"]04:04
147The Great Divide [from the "All I Want"]03:17
148The One [from the "Emotional Traffic"]03:53
149The One That Got Away [from the "Emotional Traffic"]04:47
150The Only Thing That I Have Left [from the "Tim McGraw"]03:23
151The View [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]03:42
152Things Change [from the "Set This Circus Down"]03:20
153Tickin' Away [from the "Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors"]04:19
154Tinted Windows [from the "Two Lanes of Freedom"]04:13
155Tiny Dancer [from the "Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors"]05:09
156Top of the World [from the "Damn Country Music"]03:49
157Touchdown Jesus [from the "Emotional Traffic"]04:05
158Train #10 [from the "Let It Go"]03:58
159Trouble with Never [from the "A Place in the Sun"]04:14
160Truck Yeah [from the "Two Lanes of Freedom"]03:29
161Truck Yeah (Live) [from the "Two Lanes of Freedom"]04:16
162Two Lanes Of Freedom [from the "Two Lanes of Freedom"]04:26
163Two Steppin' Mind [from the "Tim McGraw"]03:01
164Unbroken [from the "Set This Circus Down"]04:01
165Walk Like A Man [from the "Live Like You Were Dying"]03:35
166Want You Back [from the "Damn Country Music"]03:57
167Watch The Wind Blow By [from the "Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors"]04:36
168We Carry On [from the "Live Like You Were Dying"]04:12
169Welcome to the Club [from the "Tim McGraw"]02:54
170What Room Was The Holiday In [from the "Tim McGraw"]03:08
171What She Left Behind [from the "Tim McGraw"]02:54
172What You're Looking For [from the "Damn Country Music"]03:52
173When She Wakes Up (And Finds Me Gone) [from the "All I Want"]05:14
174Where the Green Grass Grows [from the "Everywhere"]03:22
175Whiskey And You [from the "Let It Go"]03:47
176Who Are They [from the "Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors"]03:44
177Why We Said Goodbye [from the "Set This Circus Down"]03:42
178Words Are Medicine [from the "Sundown Heaven Town"]04:32
179Wouldn't Want It Any Other Way [from the "Not a Moment Too Soon"]03:51
180You Can Take It With You (When You Go) [from the "Tim McGraw"]02:12

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Tim McGraw

Samuel Timothy "Tim" McGraw is an American singer and actor. []


  • Country
  • Welcome to the Club by Tim McGraw

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