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Love's Secret Domain by Coil [2001] [album editions]

Love's Secret Domain (Coil)

Track listing

1Disco Hospital
2Teenage Lightning, Pt. 1
3Things Happen
5Dark River
6Where Even the Darkness Is Something to See
7Teenage Lightning, Pt. 2
9Further Back and Faster
10Titan Arch
12Lorca Not Orca
13Love's Secret Domain

Coil albums

1Autumn Equinox: Amethyst Deceivers[ 1998 ]
2Black Light District[ 1999 ]
3Foxtrot[ 1999 ]
4Horse Rotovator[ 2000 ]
5Love's Secret Domain[ 2001 ]
6Scatology[ 2000 ]
7Stolen & Contaminated Songs[ 2000 ]
8Summer Solstice: Bee Stings[   ]
9Unnatural History[ 1999 ]
10Unnatural History II[ 1999 ]
11Unnatural History III[ 1999 ]
12Windowpane & The Snow[ 1999 ]
1Autumn Equinox: Amethyst Deceivers (Coil)
2Black Light District (Coil)
3Foxtrot (Coil)
4Horse Rotovator (Coil)
5Love's Secret Domain (Coil)
6Scatology (Coil)
7Stolen & Contaminated Songs (Coil)
8Summer Solstice: Bee Stings (Coil)
9Unnatural History (Coil)
10Unnatural History II (Coil)
11Unnatural History III (Coil)
12Windowpane & The Snow (Coil)

Coil songs

61Ostia (The Death Of Pasolini) [from the "Horse Rotovator"]06:23
62Out in the Cold [from the "Windowpane & The Snow"]07:50
63Panic [from the "Scatology"]04:21
64Panic [from the "Unnatural History III"]07:34
65Penetralia [from the "Horse Rotovator"]06:11
66Penetralia II [from the "Unnatural History"]03:11
67Ravenous [from the "Horse Rotovator"]03:26
68Red Skeletons [from the "Black Light District"]07:34
69Red Weather [from the "Unnatural History II"]04:12
70Refusal of Leave to Land [from the "Black Light District"]07:29
71Regel [from the "Autumn Equinox: Amethyst Deceivers"]01:13
72Restless Day [from the "Scatology"]02:51
73Rosa Decidua [from the "Autumn Equinox: Amethyst Deceivers"]04:52
74S Is for Sleep [from the "Unnatural History"]03:26
75Scope [from the "Unnatural History III"]06:37
76Scratches and Dust [from the "Black Light District"]00:55
77Sicktone [from the "Unnatural History"] 
78Slur [from the "Horse Rotovator"]03:30
79Snow [from the "Windowpane & The Snow"]06:43
80Snow [from the "Love's Secret Domain"]06:41
81Solar Lodge [from the "Scatology"]05:35
82Spooky Loop-Nurse With Wound [from the "Foxtrot"]08:34
83Stoned Circular I [from the "Black Light District"]04:30
84Stoned Circular II [from the "Black Light District"]06:45
85Summer Substructures [from the "Summer Solstice: Bee Stings"]08:06
86Switches [from the "Autumn Equinox: Amethyst Deceivers"]04:42
87Tainted Love [from the "Scatology"]05:53
88Teenage Lightning, Pt. 1 [from the "Love's Secret Domain"]01:50
89Teenage Lightning, Pt. 2 [from the "Love's Secret Domain"]05:09
90Tenderness Of Wolves [from the "Scatology"]04:25
91The Anal Staircase [from the "Horse Rotovator"]04:01
92The Auto-Asphyxiating Hierophant [from the "Autumn Equinox: Amethyst Deceivers"]05:55
93The Box Theme [from the "Unnatural History II"]03:04
94The First Five Minutes After Death [from the "Horse Rotovator"]04:45
95The Golden Section [from the "Horse Rotovator"]05:50
96The Hellbound Heart [from the "Unnatural History II"]02:21
97The Hellraiser Theme [from the "Unnatural History II"]02:47
98The Main Title [from the "Unnatural History II"]03:19
99The Original Wild Garlic Memory [from the "Stolen & Contaminated Songs"]07:00
100The Pope Held Upside Down [from the "Unnatural History"]03:41
101The S.W.B.P. [from the "Scatology"]04:24
102The Spoiler [from the "Scatology"]04:10
103The Swelling of Leeches [from the "Unnatural History"]03:04
104Theme From Blue I [from the "Unnatural History II"]02:21
105Theme From Blue II [from the "Unnatural History II"] 
106Things Happen [from the "Love's Secret Domain"]04:21
107Think Jazz, Think Punk Attitude-Nurse With Wound [from the "Foxtrot"]03:43
108Titan Arch [from the "Love's Secret Domain"]05:02
109Ubu Noir [from the "Scatology"]02:09
110Unprepared Piano [from the "Black Light District"]01:44
111Unquiet Rest [from the "Unnatural History II"]02:04
112Vanishing Point [from the "Unnatural History II"]01:53
113Various Hands [from the "Unnatural History"]03:26
114Wait, Then Return [from the "Unnatural History II"]02:11
115Where Even the Darkness Is Something to See [from the "Love's Secret Domain"]03:05
116Who By Fire [from the "Horse Rotovator"]02:37
117Who'll Fall? [from the "Stolen & Contaminated Songs"]05:31
118Who'll Tell? [from the "Stolen & Contaminated Songs"]03:13
119Windowpane [from the "Love's Secret Domain"]06:11
120Windowpane [12'' Mix] [from the "Windowpane & The Snow"]05:48



Coil was an English cross-genre, industrial experimental music group formed in 1982 by John Balance and Peter Christopherson.


  • Industrial,
  • Post-industrial,
  • Acid House,
  • Dark ambient,
  • Noise,
  • Drone,
  • Electronic,
  • Avant-Garde
  • Windowpane by Coil

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