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Forty Licks by The Rolling Stones [2002] [album editions]

Forty Licks (The Rolling Stones)

Track listing

1Street Fighting Man
2Gimme Shelter
3(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
4The Last Time
5Jumping Jack Flash
6You Can't Always Get What you Want
719th Nervous Breakdown
8Under My Thumb
9Not Fade Away
10Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby
11Sympathy For The Devil
12Mother's Little Helper
13She's a Rainbow
14Get Off My Cloud
15Wild Horses
16Ruby Tuesday
17Paint It Black
18Honky Tonk Women
19It's All Over Now
20Let's Spend The Night Together
21Start Me Up
22Brown Sugar
23Miss You
24Beast Of Burden
25Don't Stop (new)
28You Got Me Rocking
30Fool To Cry
31Love Is Strong
32Mixed Emotions
33Keys To Your Love (new)
34Anybody Seen My Baby?
35Stealing My Heart (new)
36Tumbling Dice
37Undercover Of The Night
38Emotional Rescue
39Only Rock 'n Roll (But I Like It)
40Losing My Touch (new)

The Rolling Stones albums

1A Bigger Bang[ 2005 ]
2Aftermath[ 2002 ]
3Aftermath (UK)[ 1966 ]
4Beggars Banquet[ 2002 ]
5Black & Blue[ 1994 ]
6Bridges To Babylon[ 2000 ]
7Emotional Rescue[ 1994 ]
8Exile on Main Street[ 1994 ]
9Fifty Shades of Grey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)[ 2015 ]
10Forty Licks[ 2002 ]
11Hot Roks 1964-1971[ 1990 ]
12It's Only Rock 'N Roll[ 1994 ]
13Jump Back - The Best Of The Rolling Stones 1971-1993[ 2004 ]
14Let It Bleed[ 1990 ]
15No Security[ 1998 ]
16Shine a Light[ 2008 ]
17Some Girl[ 2011 ]
18Steel Wheels[ 1994 ]
19Sticky Fingers[ 1994 ]
20Stripped[ 1995 ]
21Stripped (Live)[ 1995 ]
22Tatoo You[ 2005 ]
23The Rolling Stones Now![ 2002 ]
24Undercover[ 1994 ]
25Voodoo Lounge[ 1994 ]
1A Bigger Bang (The Rolling Stones)
2Aftermath (The Rolling Stones)
3Aftermath (UK) (The Rolling Stones)
4Beggars Banquet (The Rolling Stones)
5Black & Blue (The Rolling Stones)
6Bridges To Babylon (The Rolling Stones)
7Emotional Rescue (The Rolling Stones)
8Exile on Main Street (The Rolling Stones)
9Fifty Shades of Grey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Various artists)
10Forty Licks (The Rolling Stones)
11Hot Roks 1964-1971 (The Rolling Stones)
12It's Only Rock 'N Roll (The Rolling Stones)
13Jump Back - The Best Of The Rolling Stones 1971-1993 (The Rolling Stones)
14Let It Bleed (The Rolling Stones)
15No Security (The Rolling Stones)
16Shine a Light (The Rolling Stones)
17Some Girl (The Rolling Stones)
18Steel Wheels (The Rolling Stones)
19Sticky Fingers (The Rolling Stones)
20Stripped (The Rolling Stones)
21Stripped (Live) (The Rolling Stones)
22Tatoo You (The Rolling Stones)
23The Rolling Stones Now! (The Rolling Stones)
24Undercover (The Rolling Stones)
25Voodoo Lounge (The Rolling Stones)

The Rolling Stones songs

241Shattered [from the "Forty Licks"] 
242Shattered [from the "Shine a Light"]04:06
243Shattered [from the "Some Girl"]03:46
244She Saw Me Coming [from the "A Bigger Bang"]03:12
245She Was Hot [from the "Undercover"]04:41
246She Was Hot [from the "Shine a Light"]04:44
247She's a Rainbow [from the "Forty Licks"] 
248She's So Cold [from the "Emotional Rescue"]04:09
249Shine A Light [from the "Exile on Main Street"] 
250Shine A Light [from the "Stripped (Live)"]04:38
251Shine A Light [from the "Stripped"]04:37
252Shine A Light [from the "Shine a Light"]04:05
253Short And Curlies [from the "It's Only Rock 'N Roll"]02:42
254Sister Morphine [from the "Sticky Fingers"]05:34
255Sister morphine [from the "No Security"]06:15
256Slave [from the "Tatoo You"]06:27
257Slipping Away [from the "Stripped (Live)"]04:55
258Slipping Away [from the "Steel Wheels"]04:26
259Slipping Away [from the "Stripped"]04:54
260So Young [from the "Some Girl"]03:18
261Some Girls [from the "Shine a Light"]04:19
262Some Girls [from the "Some Girl"]04:37
263Soul Survivor [from the "Exile on Main Street"] 
264Sparks Will Fly [from the "Voodoo Lounge"]03:34
265Start Me Up [from the "Jump Back - The Best Of The Rolling Stones 1971-1993"]03:34
266Start Me Up [from the "Forty Licks"]04:23
267Start Me Up [from the "Tatoo You"]03:29
268Start Me Up [from the "Shine a Light"]04:05
269Stealing My Heart (new) [from the "Forty Licks"] 
270Stop Breaking Down [from the "Exile on Main Street"] 
271Stray Cat Blues [from the "Beggars Banquet"]04:40
272Street Fighting Man [from the "Hot Roks 1964-1971"]03:18
273Street Fighting Man [from the "Stripped (Live)"]03:40
274Street Fighting Man [from the "Forty Licks"] 
275Street Fighting Man [from the "Stripped"]03:39
276Street Fighting Man [from the "Beggars Banquet"]03:18
277Streets Of Love [from the "A Bigger Bang"]05:10
278Stupid Girl [from the "Aftermath"]02:58
279Stupid Girl [from the "Aftermath (UK)"]02:53
280Suck On The Jugular [from the "Voodoo Lounge"]02:51
281Summer Romance [from the "Emotional Rescue"]03:14
282Surprise, Surprise [from the "The Rolling Stones Now!"]02:28
283Sway [from the "Sticky Fingers"]03:52
284Sweet Black Angel [from the "Exile on Main Street"] 
285Sweet Neo Con [from the "A Bigger Bang"]04:34
286Sweet Virginia [from the "Exile on Main Street"] 
287Sweet Virginia [from the "Stripped (Live)"]04:15
288Sweet Virginia [from the "Stripped"]04:15
289Sweethearts Together [from the "Voodoo Lounge"]02:24
290Sympathy For The Devil [from the "Hot Roks 1964-1971"]06:28
291Sympathy For The Devil [from the "Forty Licks"] 
292Sympathy For The Devil [from the "Beggars Banquet"]06:26
293Sympathy For The Devil [from the "Shine a Light"]05:56
294Take It Or Leave It [from the "Aftermath (UK)"]02:45
295Tallahassee Lassie [from the "Some Girl"]02:37
296Terrifying [from the "Steel Wheels"]04:55
297The Last Time [from the "Forty Licks"] 
298The last time [from the "No Security"]04:46
299The Spider And The Fly [from the "Stripped (Live)"]03:28
300The Spider And The Fly [from the "Stripped"]03:28

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are an English band that rose to prominence during the British Invasion of the 1960s.

Like most early British rock groups, they were influenced by a variety of American musical forms, especially electric blues and early rock 'n' roll. By the mid-1960s, The Stones had fused their influences into a signature, guitar-based sound that established a prototype for hard rock.


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