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Once by Nightwish [2004] [album editions]

Once (Nightwish)

Track listing

1Dark Chest Of Wonders
2Wish I Had an Angel
4Planet Hell
5Creek Mary's Blood
6The Siren
7Dead Gardens
9Ghost Love Score
10Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan
11Higher Than Hope
12White Night Fantasy
13Live To Tell The Tale

Nightwish albums

1Angels Fall First[ 2004 ]
2Bestwishes[ 2005 ]
3Century Child[ 2003 ]
4From Wishes To Eternity (live)[ 2001 ]
5Highest Hopes: The Best of Nightwish[ 2005 ]
6Imaginaerum[ 2011 ]
7Nemo Pt.1 (Single)[ 2004 ]
8Oceanborn[ 2003 ]
9Once[ 2004 ]
10Over the Hills and Far Away[ 2001 ]
11Sleeping Sun[ 2005 ]
12Wishmaster[ 2000 ]
13Wishmastour 2000[ 2002 ]
1Angels Fall First (Nightwish)
2Bestwishes (Nightwish)
3Century Child (Nightwish)
4From Wishes To Eternity (live) (Nightwish)
5Highest Hopes: The Best of Nightwish (Nightwish)
6Imaginaerum (Nightwish)
7Nemo Pt.1 (Single) (Nightwish)
8Oceanborn (Nightwish)
9Once (Nightwish)
10Over the Hills and Far Away (Nightwish)
11Sleeping Sun (Nightwish)
12Wishmaster (Nightwish)
13Wishmastour 2000 (Nightwish)

Nightwish songs

110th Man Down [from the "Over the Hills and Far Away"]05:20
2A Return To The Sea [from the "Angels Fall First"]05:49
3A Return To The Sea [from the "Wishmastour 2000"]05:49
4A Return To The Sea (Bonus Track) [from the "Oceanborn"]05:49
5Angels Fall First [from the "Angels Fall First"]05:33
6Angels Fall First [from the "Sleeping Sun"] 
7Arabesque [from the "Imaginaerum"]02:57
8Astral Romance [from the "Angels Fall First"]05:10
9Astral Romance [from the "Over the Hills and Far Away"]05:18
10Away [from the "Over the Hills and Far Away"]04:29
11Bare Grace Misery [from the "Wishmaster"]03:41
12Beauty And The Beast [from the "Angels Fall First"]06:22
13Beauty And The Beast [from the "From Wishes To Eternity (live)"] 
14Beauty And The Beast [from the "Bestwishes"]06:22
15Beauty Of The Beast [from the "Century Child"]10:21
16Bless The Child [from the "Century Child"]06:12
17Bless The Child [from the "Highest Hopes: The Best of Nightwish"]06:14
18Bless The Child [from the "Bestwishes"]06:12
19Come Cover Me [from the "From Wishes To Eternity (live)"] 
20Come Cover Me [from the "Wishmaster"]04:34
21Come Cover Me [from the "Bestwishes"]04:34
22Creek Mary's Blood [from the "Once"]08:29
23Crimson Tide / Deep Blue Sea (Instrumental) [from the "From Wishes To Eternity (live)"] 
24Crownless [from the "Wishmaster"]04:28
25Crownless [from the "Bestwishes"]04:25
26Dark Chest Of Wonders [from the "Once"]04:28
27Dead Boy's Poem [from the "From Wishes To Eternity (live)"]03:55
28Dead Boy's Poem [from the "Wishmaster"]06:47
29Dead Boy's Poem [from the "Highest Hopes: The Best of Nightwish"]06:49
30Dead Gardens [from the "Once"]04:27
31Dead To The World [from the "Century Child"]04:19
32Dead To The World [from the "Highest Hopes: The Best of Nightwish"]04:21
33Deep Silent Complete [from the "From Wishes To Eternity (live)"] 
34Deep Silent Complete [from the "Wishmaster"]03:57
35Deep Silent Complete [from the "Highest Hopes: The Best of Nightwish"] 
36Deep Silent Complete (live) [from the "Over the Hills and Far Away"]04:37
37Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean [from the "Oceanborn"]04:46
38Elvenpath [from the "Angels Fall First"]04:37
39Elvenpath [from the "From Wishes To Eternity (live)"] 
40Elvenpath [from the "Highest Hopes: The Best of Nightwish"]04:40
41End Of All Hope [from the "Century Child"]03:55
42End Of All Hope [from the "Bestwishes"]03:54
43Ever Dream [from the "Century Child"]04:44
44Ever Dream [from the "Highest Hopes: The Best of Nightwish"]04:46
45Ever Dream [from the "Bestwishes"]04:43
46FantasMic [from the "Wishmaster"]08:27
47FantasMic part 3 [from the "From Wishes To Eternity (live)"] 
48Feel For You [from the "Century Child"]03:55
49Forever Yours [from the "Century Child"]03:50
50Gethsemane [from the "Oceanborn"]05:21
51Ghost Love Score [from the "Once"]10:01
52Ghost River [from the "Imaginaerum"]05:28
53High Hopes (Live) [from the "Highest Hopes: The Best of Nightwish"]07:20
54Higher Than Hope [from the "Once"]05:34
55I Want My Tears Back [from the "Imaginaerum"]05:07
56Imaginaerum [from the "Imaginaerum"]06:18
57Know Why the Nightingale Sings [from the "Angels Fall First"]04:12
58Know Why The Nightingale Sings [from the "Bestwishes"]04:12
59Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan [from the "Once"]03:58
60Lappi (Lapland): Eramaajarvi [from the "Angels Fall First"]02:15



The idea of Nightwish was born in July 1996 at midnight when Tuomas was spending a night with his friends around a campfire.

The first three songs, which were acoustic mood music, were recorded between October and December 1996. At that time the band had three members: Tuomas, Tarja and Emppu.


  • Operatic metal
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