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Nothing Remains the Same by Pain [2002] [album editions]

Nothing Remains the Same (Pain)

Track listing

1It's Only Them
2Shut Your Mouth
3Close My Eyes
4Just Hate Me
5Injected Paradise
6Eleanor Rigby
8Pull Me Under
9Save Me
10The Game
11Fade Away
12Hate Me (Bonus-Track)
13Liar (Bonus-Track)
14Give It Up (Bonus-Track)
15Shut Your Mouth (Video-Track)

Pain albums

1Live At Inferno (Bootleg)[ 2001 ]
2Nothing Remains the Same[ 2002 ]
3Pain[ 1997 ]
4Rebirth[ 2001 ]
1Live At Inferno (Bootleg) (Pain)
2Nothing Remains the Same (Pain)
3Pain (Pain)
4Rebirth (Pain)

Pain songs

112:42 [from the "Rebirth"]01:52
2Breathe [from the "Live At Inferno (Bootleg)"]03:56
3Breathe [from the "Pain"]04:21
4Breathing In, Breathing Out [from the "Rebirth"]03:35
5Choke On Your Lies [from the "Pain"]04:53
6Close My Eyes [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]03:45
7Crashed [from the "Live At Inferno (Bootleg)"]04:04
8Crashed [from the "Rebirth"]04:01
9Dark Fields Of Pain [from the "Live At Inferno (Bootleg)"]05:03
10Dark Fields Of Pain [from the "Rebirth"]05:00
11Delusions [from the "Rebirth"]04:03
12Don't Let Me Down [from the "Pain"]04:20
13Eleanor Rigby [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]03:51
14Eleanor Rigby (Beatles cover) [from the "Live At Inferno (Bootleg)"]04:06
15End Of The Line [from the "Live At Inferno (Bootleg)"]04:38
16End Of The Line [from the "Rebirth"]04:03
17Expelled [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]03:43
18Fade Away [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]04:57
19Give It Up (Bonus-Track) [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"] 
20Greed [from the "Pain"]02:42
21Hate Me (Bonus-Track) [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"] 
22Injected Paradise [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]05:10
23It's Only Them [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]04:51
24Just Hate Me [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]03:55
25Learn How To Die [from the "Pain"]03:54
26Liar (Bonus-Track) [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"] 
27On And On [from the "Live At Inferno (Bootleg)"]04:28
28On And On [from the "Rebirth"]03:55
29On Your Knees (Again) [from the "Pain"]04:35
30Parallel To Ecstasy [from the "Rebirth"]03:58
31Pull Me Under [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]04:15
32Rope Around My Neck [from the "Pain"]04:31
33Save Me [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]03:37
34She Whipped [from the "Rebirth"]04:49
35Shut Your Mouth [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]03:13
36Shut Your Mouth (Video-Track) [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"] 
37Suicide Machine [from the "Rebirth"]04:16
38Supersonic Bitch [from the "Rebirth"]03:44
39The Game [from the "Nothing Remains the Same"]04:05
40The Last Drops Of My Life [from the "Pain"]04:02
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