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Razorblade Romance by H.I.M. [2003] [album editions]

Razorblade Romance (H.I.M.)

Track listing

1Your Sweet Six Six Six
2Poison Girl
3Join Me In Death
4Right Here In My Arms
5Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart
6Wicked Game
7I Love You
8Gone With The Sin
9Razorblade Kiss
11Death Is In Love With Us
12Heaven Tonight
13Sigillum Diaboli
14One Last Time

H.I.M. albums

1And Love Said No[ 2004 ]
2Dark Light[ 2005 ]
3Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights[ 2004 ]
4Digital Versatile Doom - Live At The Orpheum Theatre[ 2008 ]
5Greatest Lovesongs, vol. 666[ 2004 ]
6Love Metal[ 2005 ]
7Razorblade Romance[ 2003 ]
8Resident Evil. Apocalypse (Soundtrack)[ 2004 ]
1And Love Said No (H.I.M.)
2Dark Light (H.I.M.)
3Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights (H.I.M.)
4Digital Versatile Doom - Live At The Orpheum Theatre (H.I.M.)
5Greatest Lovesongs, vol. 666 (H.I.M.)
6Love Metal (H.I.M.)
7Razorblade Romance (H.I.M.)
8Resident Evil. Apocalypse (Soundtrack) (Various artists)

H.I.M. songs

61Soul Of Fire [from the "Love Metal"]04:00
62Soul On Fire [from the "Digital Versatile Doom - Live At The Orpheum Theatre"]04:23
63Sweet Pandemonium [from the "Love Metal"]05:46
64The Beginning Of The End [from the "Greatest Lovesongs, vol. 666"]04:07
65The Face Of God [from the "Dark Light"]04:35
66The Funeral Of Hearts [from the "Love Metal"]03:38
67The Funeral Of Hearts [from the "And Love Said No"]04:32
68The Funeral Of Hearts [from the "Digital Versatile Doom - Live At The Orpheum Theatre"]04:43
69The Heartless [from the "Greatest Lovesongs, vol. 666"]04:02
70The Kiss Of Dawn [from the "Digital Versatile Doom - Live At The Orpheum Theatre"]04:35
71The Path [from the "Love Metal"]07:42
72The Sacrament [from the "Love Metal"]04:30
73The Sacrament [from the "And Love Said No"]04:29
74This Fortress Of Tears [from the "Love Metal"]05:45
75Under The Rose [from the "Dark Light"]04:49
76Vampire Heart [from the "Dark Light"]04:46
77Vampire Heart [from the "Digital Versatile Doom - Live At The Orpheum Theatre"]04:24
78When Love and Death Embrace [from the "Greatest Lovesongs, vol. 666"]06:08
79When Love And Death Embrace [from the "And Love Said No"] 
80Wicked Game [from the "Razorblade Romance"]04:07
81Wicked Game [from the "Greatest Lovesongs, vol. 666"]03:53
82Wicked Game [from the "And Love Said No"]03:52
83Wicked Game [from the "Digital Versatile Doom - Live At The Orpheum Theatre"]04:28
84Your Sweet [from the "And Love Said No"] 
85Your Sweet Six Six Six [from the "Razorblade Romance"]03:59
86Your Sweet Six Six Six [from the "Greatest Lovesongs, vol. 666"]04:12
87Your Sweet Six Six Six [from the "Digital Versatile Doom - Live At The Orpheum Theatre"]04:03



HIM is a group from Finland formed in 1991 by vocalist Ville Hermanni Valo, guitarist Mikko Viljami "Linde" Lindström, and bassist Mikko Henrik Julius "Migé" Paananen.

HIM was formerly known as His Infernal Majesty but dropped the full name to its abbreviation to separate from the misconceptions on satanism.


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