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Water Sign by Chris Rea [1998] [album editions]

Water Sign (Chris Rea)

Track listing

1Nothing's Happening by the Sea
2Deep Water
4Love's Strange Ways
6Let It Loose
7I Can Hear Your Heartbeat
8Midnight Blue
9Hey You
10Out of the Darkness

Chris Rea albums

1Auberge[ 2000 ]
2Best of: New Light Through Old Windows[ 1991 ]
3Blue Street (Five Guitars)[ 2003 ]
4Dancing With Strangers[ 1998 ]
5Espresso Logic[ 1993 ]
6God's Great Banana Skin[ 1998 ]
7Heartbeats: Greatest Hits[ 2005 ]
8King of The Beach[ 2000 ]
9La Passione[ 1996 ]
10On The Beach[ 1998 ]
11Romantic Collection Vol. 2[ 1990 ]
12Shamrock Diaries[ 1992 ]
13Stony Road[ 2002 ]
14The Blue Cafe[ 1998 ]
15The Road To Heel[ 1991 ]
16The Road to Hell: Part 2[ 1999 ]
17Water Sign[ 1998 ]
18Wired To The Moon[ 1984 ]
1Auberge (Chris Rea)
2Best of: New Light Through Old Windows (Chris Rea)
3Blue Street (Five Guitars) (Chris Rea)
4Dancing With Strangers (Chris Rea)
5Espresso Logic (Chris Rea)
6God's Great Banana Skin (Chris Rea)
7Heartbeats: Greatest Hits (Chris Rea)
8King of The Beach (Chris Rea)
9La Passione (Chris Rea)
10On The Beach (Chris Rea)
11Romantic Collection Vol. 2 (Various artists)
12Shamrock Diaries (Chris Rea)
13Stony Road (Chris Rea)
14The Blue Cafe (Chris Rea)
15The Road To Heel (Chris Rea)
16The Road to Hell: Part 2 (Chris Rea)
17Water Sign (Chris Rea)
18Wired To The Moon (Chris Rea)

Chris Rea songs

61Good Morning [from the "The Road to Hell: Part 2"]05:20
62Guitar Street [from the "King of The Beach"]04:42
63Heading For The City [from the "Blue Street (Five Guitars)"]04:32
64Heading For The City [from the "Stony Road"]06:05
65Heaven [from the "Auberge"]04:10
66Hello Friend [from the "On The Beach"]04:19
67Hey You [from the "Water Sign"] 
68Hofner Break [from the "Blue Street (Five Guitars)"]01:35
69Holding Out [from the "Wired To The Moon"] 
70Horses [from the "La Passione"]03:03
71I Ain't the Fool [from the "God's Great Banana Skin"]04:01
72I Can Hear Your Heartbeat [from the "Best of: New Light Through Old Windows"]04:40
73I Can Hear Your Heartbeat [from the "Water Sign"]03:26
74I Can Hear Your Heartbeat [from the "Heartbeats: Greatest Hits"]04:40
75I Can't Dance to That [from the "Dancing With Strangers"]04:19
76I Don't Care Any More [from the "Dancing With Strangers"] 
77I Don't Know What It Is But I Love It [from the "Wired To The Moon"] 
78I Just Wanna Be With You [from the "The Road To Heel"]03:37
79I'm in My Car [from the "The Road to Hell: Part 2"]04:36
80I'm Ready [from the "God's Great Banana Skin"]04:52
81I'm Still Holding On [from the "The Blue Cafe"]04:54
82It's All Gone [from the "On The Beach"]07:27
83Johnny Needs A Fast Car [from the "Espresso Logic"]06:33
84Josephine [from the "Best of: New Light Through Old Windows"]03:53
85Josephine [from the "Shamrock Diaries"]03:53
86Josephine [Edit] [from the "Heartbeats: Greatest Hits"] 
87Josie's Tune [from the "Dancing With Strangers"]02:17
88Joy of Christmas [from the "Dancing With Strangers"]05:10
89Julia [from the "Espresso Logic"]03:53
90Just Passing Through [from the "On The Beach"]05:21
91Keep on Dancing [from the "The Road to Hell: Part 2"]04:19
92King of the Beach [from the "King of The Beach"]04:57
93La Passione (Film Theme) [from the "La Passione"]04:53
94Last Open Road [from the "The Road to Hell: Part 2"]03:46
95Le Mans (Instrumental) [from the "La Passione"]03:58
96Let It Loose [from the "Water Sign"] 
97Let's Dance [from the "Heartbeats: Greatest Hits"]04:03
98Let's Dance [from the "Best of: New Light Through Old Windows"]04:03
99Let's Dance [from the "Dancing With Strangers"]04:03
100Light of Hope [from the "On The Beach"]04:34
101Little Blonde Plaits [from the "On The Beach"]04:19
102Looking For A Rainbow [from the "The Road To Heel"]08:01
103Looking For The Summer [from the "Heartbeats: Greatest Hits"]04:59
104Looking For The Summer [from the "Auberge"]04:59
105Love Turns To Lies [from the "Shamrock Diaries"]04:52
106Love's Strange Ways [from the "Water Sign"] 
107Loving You Again [from the "Dancing With Strangers"] 
108Lucky Day [from the "On The Beach"]03:56
109Marvin [from the "The Road to Hell: Part 2"]05:01
110Memory of a Good Friend [from the "King of The Beach"]03:52
111Midnight Blue [from the "Water Sign"] 
112Miles Is a Cigarette [from the "God's Great Banana Skin"]04:20
113Miss Your Kiss [from the "The Blue Cafe"]04:04
114Mississippi [from the "Stony Road"]04:38
115New Times Square [from the "The Road to Hell: Part 2"]04:42
116New Way [from the "Espresso Logic"]03:37
117Nothing to Fear [from the "God's Great Banana Skin"]09:08
118Nothing to Fear [Edit] [from the "Heartbeats: Greatest Hits"] 
119Nothing's Happening by the Sea [from the "Water Sign"] 
120Olive Oil [from the "La Passione"]04:25

Chris Rea

Chris Rea

Christopher Anton "Chris" Rea is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist. []


  • Pop rock,
  • Soft rock,
  • Blues rock
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