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The Early Clapton Collection by Eric Clapton [1988] [album editions]

The Early Clapton Collection (Eric Clapton)

Track listing

1Got To Hurry
2I Ain't Got You
3Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
4Let It Rock (Live)
5A Certain Girl
6Take It Easy Babe (Live)
7Too Much Monkey Business
8Draggin' My Tail
9Tribute To Elmore
10Snake Drive
11West Coast Idea
13Freight Loader
14Miles Road
15Maudie (Live)
16Lonely Years
17Bernard Jenkins
18I'm Your Witchdoctor
19Telephone Blues
20On The Top Of The World

Eric Clapton albums

124 Nights (Live)[ 1991 ]
2Another Ticket[ 1981 ]
3August[ 1986 ]
4Back Home[ 2005 ]
5Backless[ 1978 ]
6Behind the Sun[ 1985 ]
7Blues[ 1999 ]
8Clapton[ 2010 ]
9E.C. Was Here[ 1975 ]
10Eric Clapton[ 1970 ]
11Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert (Live)[ 1973 ]
12From The Cradle[ 1994 ]
13Journeyman[ 1989 ]
14Just One Night (Live)[ 1980 ]
15Me and Mr Johnson[ 2004 ]
16Money and Cigarettes[ 1983 ]
17No Reason to Cry[ 1976 ]
18Ocean Boulevard[ 1974 ]
19Old Sock[ 2013 ]
20One More Car, One More Rider (Live)[ 2002 ]
21Pilgrim[ 1998 ]
22Reptile[ 2001 ]
23Riding with the King (B.B. King and Eric Clapton album)[ 2000 ]
24Rush[ 1992 ]
25Sessions For Robert J[ 2004 ]
26Slowhand[ 1977 ]
27Stone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix[ 1993 ]
28The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale[ 2014 ]
29The Early Clapton Collection[ 1988 ]
30The Road to Escondido (with JJ Cale)[ 2006 ]
31There's One In Every Crowd[ 1975 ]
32Unplugged (Live)[ 1992 ]
124 Nights (Live) (Eric Clapton)
2Another Ticket (Eric Clapton)
3August (Eric Clapton)
4Back Home (Eric Clapton)
5Backless (Eric Clapton)
6Behind the Sun (Eric Clapton)
7Blues (Eric Clapton)
8Clapton (Eric Clapton)
9E.C. Was Here (Eric Clapton)
10Eric Clapton (Eric Clapton)
11Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert (Live) (Eric Clapton)
12From The Cradle (Eric Clapton)
13Journeyman (Eric Clapton)
14Just One Night (Live) (Eric Clapton)
15Me and Mr Johnson (Eric Clapton)
16Money and Cigarettes (Eric Clapton)
17No Reason to Cry (Eric Clapton)
18Ocean Boulevard (Eric Clapton)
19Old Sock (Eric Clapton)
20One More Car, One More Rider (Live) (Eric Clapton)
21Pilgrim (Eric Clapton)
22Reptile (Eric Clapton)
23Riding with the King (B.B. King and Eric Clapton album) (Eric Clapton)
24Rush (Eric Clapton)
25Sessions For Robert J (Eric Clapton)
26Slowhand (Eric Clapton)
27Stone Free: A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix (Various artists)
28The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale (Eric Clapton)
29The Early Clapton Collection (Eric Clapton)
30The Road to Escondido (with JJ Cale) (Eric Clapton)
31There's One In Every Crowd (Eric Clapton)
32Unplugged (Live) (Eric Clapton)

Eric Clapton songs

61Cocaine [from the "Slowhand"]03:43
62Cocaine [from the "Just One Night (Live)"]07:47
63Cocaine [from the "One More Car, One More Rider (Live)"]04:20
64Cold Turkey [from the "Rush"]02:25
65Come Back Baby [from the "Reptile"]03:55
66Come On In My Kitchen [from the "Me and Mr Johnson"]03:35
67Come Rain or Come Shine [from the "Riding with the King (B.B. King and Eric Clapton album)"]04:11
68County Jail Blues [from the "No Reason to Cry"]03:57
69County Jail Blues [from the "Blues"]03:59
70Crazy Country Hop [from the "Money and Cigarettes"]02:47
71Crosscut Saw [from the "Money and Cigarettes"]03:31
72Cryin' [from the "Blues"]02:55
73Crying Eyes (ft. Christine Lakeland Cale & Derek Trucks) [from the "The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale"]03:30
74Danger [from the "The Road to Escondido (with JJ Cale)"]05:34
75Days of Old [from the "Riding with the King (B.B. King and Eric Clapton album)"]03:00
76Dead End Road [from the "The Road to Escondido (with JJ Cale)"]03:29
77Diamonds Made From Rain [from the "Clapton"]04:23
78Don't Blame Me [from the "There's One In Every Crowd"]03:33
79Don't Cry Sister [from the "The Road to Escondido (with JJ Cale)"]03:10
80Don't Know Which Way to Go [from the "Rush"]10:48
81Don't Know Why [from the "Eric Clapton"]03:12
82Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight [from the "Reptile"]04:47
83Don't Wait (ft. John Mayer) [from the "The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale"]02:46
84Double Trouble [from the "No Reason to Cry"]04:20
85Double Trouble [from the "Just One Night (Live)"]08:18
86Draggin' My Tail [from the "The Early Clapton Collection"]03:10
87Driftin' [from the "From The Cradle"]03:08
88Driftin' Blues [from the "E.C. Was Here"]11:43
89Early in the Morning [from the "Backless"]07:56
90Early in the Morning [from the "Just One Night (Live)"]07:12
91Early in the Morning [from the "Blues"]07:57
92Easy Now [from the "Eric Clapton"]02:57
93Edge of Darkness [from the "24 Nights (Live)"]06:29
94Every Little Thing [from the "Old Sock"]04:34
95Everybody Oughta Make A Change [from the "Money and Cigarettes"]03:17
96Everything Will Be Alright [from the "Clapton"]03:49
97Fall Like Rain [from the "Pilgrim"]03:50
98Find Myself [from the "Reptile"]05:15
99Five Long Years [from the "From The Cradle"]04:47
100Floating Bridge [from the "Another Ticket"]06:33
101Floating Bridge [from the "Blues"]06:35
102Forever Man [from the "Behind the Sun"]03:14
103Freight Loader [from the "The Early Clapton Collection"]02:50
104From Four Until Late [from the "Sessions For Robert J"]03:01
105Further on Down the Road (ft. Taj Mahal) [from the "Old Sock"]05:44
106Further On Up The Road [from the "E.C. Was Here"]07:30
107Further Up The Road [from the "Just One Night (Live)"]07:11
108Get Ready [from the "Ocean Boulevard"]03:47
109Give Me Strength [from the "Ocean Boulevard"]02:54
110Give Me Strength [from the "Blues"]02:54
111Goin' Away Baby [from the "From The Cradle"]04:01
112Going Down Slow [from the "Pilgrim"]05:19
113Going Down Slow [from the "One More Car, One More Rider (Live)"]05:34
114Golden Ring [from the "Backless"]03:23
115Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [from the "The Early Clapton Collection"]02:47
116Goodnight Irene [from the "Old Sock"]04:23
117Got To Hurry [from the "The Early Clapton Collection"]02:37
118Got You On My Mind [from the "Reptile"]04:30
119Got You On My Mind [from the "One More Car, One More Rider (Live)"]03:51
120Gotta Get Over (ft. Chaka Khan) [from the "Old Sock"]04:37

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Eric Clapton

Eric Patrick Clapton is a Grammy Award winning English guitarist, singer and composer, who is one of the most respected and influential musicians of the rock-era, garnering an unprecedented three inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. []


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