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Shamrock Diaries by Chris Rea [1992] [album editions]

Shamrock Diaries (Chris Rea)

Track listing

1Steel River
2Stainsby Girls
3Chisel Hill
5One Golden Rule
6All Summer Long
8Shamrock Diaries
9Love Turns To Lies

Chris Rea albums

1Auberge[ 2000 ]
2Best of: New Light Through Old Windows[ 1991 ]
3Blue Street (Five Guitars)[ 2003 ]
4Dancing With Strangers[ 1998 ]
5Espresso Logic[ 1993 ]
6God's Great Banana Skin[ 1998 ]
7Heartbeats: Greatest Hits[ 2005 ]
8King of The Beach[ 2000 ]
9La Passione[ 1996 ]
10On The Beach[ 1998 ]
11Romantic Collection Vol. 2[ 1990 ]
12Shamrock Diaries[ 1992 ]
13Stony Road[ 2002 ]
14The Blue Cafe[ 1998 ]
15The Road To Heel[ 1991 ]
16The Road to Hell: Part 2[ 1999 ]
17Water Sign[ 1998 ]
18Wired To The Moon[ 1984 ]
1Auberge (Chris Rea)
2Best of: New Light Through Old Windows (Chris Rea)
3Blue Street (Five Guitars) (Chris Rea)
4Dancing With Strangers (Chris Rea)
5Espresso Logic (Chris Rea)
6God's Great Banana Skin (Chris Rea)
7Heartbeats: Greatest Hits (Chris Rea)
8King of The Beach (Chris Rea)
9La Passione (Chris Rea)
10On The Beach (Chris Rea)
11Romantic Collection Vol. 2 (Various artists)
12Shamrock Diaries (Chris Rea)
13Stony Road (Chris Rea)
14The Blue Cafe (Chris Rea)
15The Road To Heel (Chris Rea)
16The Road to Hell: Part 2 (Chris Rea)
17Water Sign (Chris Rea)
18Wired To The Moon (Chris Rea)

Chris Rea songs

121On The Beach [from the "Best of: New Light Through Old Windows"]06:51
122On The Beach [from the "On The Beach"]06:51
123On The Beach [Edit] [from the "Heartbeats: Greatest Hits"] 
124One Golden Rule [from the "Shamrock Diaries"]04:52
125Only To Fly [from the "La Passione"]05:40
126Out of the Darkness [from the "Water Sign"] 
127Piano Break [from the "Blue Street (Five Guitars)"]01:59
128Que Sera [from the "Dancing With Strangers"]05:23
129Reasons [from the "Wired To The Moon"] 
130Red [from the "Espresso Logic"]05:25
131Red Shoes [from the "Auberge"]03:52
132Sail Away [from the "King of The Beach"]04:46
133Sandwriting [from the "King of The Beach"]05:06
134September Blue [from the "Dancing With Strangers"]03:05
135Set Me Free [from the "Auberge"]06:49
136Shadows of the Big Man [from the "The Blue Cafe"]04:44
137Shamrock Diaries [from the "Shamrock Diaries"]04:52
138Shamrock Diaries [from the "Best of: New Light Through Old Windows"]04:52
139She Closed Her Eyes [from the "Espresso Logic"]03:53
140Shine, Shine, Shine [from the "Wired To The Moon"] 
141Shirley Do You Own A Ferrari? [from the "La Passione"]04:39
142Since I Found You [from the "The Blue Cafe"]04:34
143Sing A Song Of Love To Me [from the "Auberge"]03:33
144Slow Dance [from the "Stony Road"]04:09
145So Lonely [from the "Stony Road"]03:15
146Soft Top, Hard Shoulder [from the "God's Great Banana Skin"]04:19
147Someday My Peace Will Come [from the "Stony Road"]03:47
148Soup Of The Day [from the "Espresso Logic"]03:45
149Square Peg, Round Hole [from the "The Blue Cafe"]03:55
150Stainsby Girls [from the "Best of: New Light Through Old Windows"] 
151Stainsby Girls [from the "Shamrock Diaries"]04:52
152Stainsby Girls [from the "Heartbeats: Greatest Hits"] 
153Steel River [from the "Shamrock Diaries"]04:52
154Steel River [from the "Best of: New Light Through Old Windows"] 
155Stick By You [from the "The Blue Cafe"]04:01
156Still Beautiful [from the "King of The Beach"]04:09
157Still Going To A Go Go [from the "Blue Street (Five Guitars)"]01:55
158Stone [from the "Shamrock Diaries"]04:52
159Stony Road [from the "Stony Road"]05:28
160Stop [from the "Espresso Logic"]05:09
161Summer Love [from the "Espresso Logic"]04:04
162Sweet Summer Day [from the "The Blue Cafe"]04:41
163Tamatave [from the "King of The Beach"]05:16
164Tell Me There's A Heaven [from the "The Road To Heel"]06:00
165Tell Me There's a Heaven [from the "Heartbeats: Greatest Hits"]06:00
166Texas [from the "Water Sign"]05:07
167Texas [from the "The Road To Heel"]05:07
168That Girl of Mine [from the "Dancing With Strangers"] 
169That's What They Always Say [from the "The Road To Heel"]04:24
170The Hustler [from the "Stony Road"]04:09
171The Mention Of Your Name [from the "Auberge"]03:15
172The Road To Hell - Chris Rea [from the "Romantic Collection Vol. 2"]04:34
173The Road To Hell (Part I) [from the "The Road To Heel"]04:50
174The Road To hell (Part II) [from the "The Road To Heel"]04:28
175The Road To Hell, Pt. 2 [from the "Heartbeats: Greatest Hits"] 
176There She Goes [from the "God's Great Banana Skin"]04:29
177Thinking of You [from the "The Blue Cafe"]03:27
178Too Much Pride [from the "God's Great Banana Skin"]04:23
179Touche D'amour [from the "Wired To The Moon"]25:00
180Two Roads [from the "On The Beach"]03:44

Chris Rea

Chris Rea

Christopher Anton "Chris" Rea is an English singer-songwriter and guitarist. []


  • Pop rock,
  • Soft rock,
  • Blues rock
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