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Romantic Collection Vol. 2 [1990] [album editions]

Romantic Collection Vol. 2 (Various artists)

Track listing

1Killer Queen - Queen
2What Can I Do -Smokie
3A Tie That Wasn't Right - Helloween
4La Canzone Di Solving - Nino Rosso
5Midnight Lady - Chris Norman
6Sealed With A Kiss - Jason Donovan
7Jonny - Gilla
8Once Upon a Time In America - Ennio Morricone
9I Want To Know What Love Is - Foreigner
10Wieked Game - Chris Isaak
11The Road To Hell - Chris Rea
12Fields Of Gold - Sting
13Take My Breath Away
14Parapluies De Cherbury - Paul Mauriat
15Et Si Tu N'existais Pas - Joe Dassin
16Windmilles Of Tour Mireb - Fausto Papetti
17She Is Out Of My Love - Michael Jackson
18Feel No Pain

Fausto Papetti albums

1Oggi[ 1985 ]
2Ritmi Dell`America Latina[ 2003 ]
3Romantic Collection Vol. 2[ 1990 ]
4Romantic Collection: France[ 2009 ]
1Oggi (Fausto Papetti)
2Ritmi Dell`America Latina (Fausto Papetti)
3Romantic Collection Vol. 2 (Various artists)
4Romantic Collection: France (Various artists)

Fausto Papetti songs

1Bossa For My Lady [from the "Oggi"]03:39
2Brasilia Carnaval [from the "Ritmi Dell`America Latina"] 
3Costa Rosada [from the "Ritmi Dell`America Latina"] 
4Ebb Tide [from the "Oggi"]02:41
5El Bimbo [from the "Ritmi Dell`America Latina"] 
6El Condor Pasa [from the "Ritmi Dell`America Latina"]02:54
7El Tinto [from the "Ritmi Dell`America Latina"] 
8Girl From Ipanema [from the "Oggi"]03:18
9I'm On Fire [from the "Oggi"]02:58
10Insensatez (How Insensitive) [from the "Ritmi Dell`America Latina"] 
11L'ete Inien (Africa) - Fausto Papetti [from the "Romantic Collection: France"] 
12Live Is Life [from the "Oggi"]03:11
13Loveletters in the Sand [from the "Oggi"]03:06
14Mack The Knife [from the "Oggi"]03:19
15Maria La O [from the "Oggi"]04:15
16Moca (Senti) [from the "Ritmi Dell`America Latina"] 
17Part - Time Lover [from the "Oggi"]03:43
18Revelation [from the "Ritmi Dell`America Latina"] 
19Samba de Sausalito [from the "Ritmi Dell`America Latina"] 
20Samba de Verao (So Nice) [from the "Ritmi Dell`America Latina"] 
21Samba Pa Ti [from the "Ritmi Dell`America Latina"] 
22Soleado [from the "Ritmi Dell`America Latina"] 
23This Is Not America [from the "Oggi"]03:39
24Tutti Miei Sogni [from the "Oggi"]03:36
25We Don't Need Another Hero [from the "Oggi"]04:00
26Windmilles Of Tour Mireb - Fausto Papetti [from the "Romantic Collection Vol. 2"] 

Fausto Papetti

Fausto Papetti

Fausto Papetti was an Italian alto saxophone player.


  • Jazz
  • Windmilles Of Tour Mireb - Fausto Papetti by Fausto Papetti

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