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Essential Rarities by The Doors [2000] [album editions]

Essential Rarities (The Doors)

Track listing

1Hello To The Cities Live
2Break On Through (Live)
3Roadhouse Blues
4Hyacinth House
5Who Scared You
6Whiskey, Mystics and Men
7I Will Never Be Untrue (Live)
8Moonlight Drive (Demo)
9Queen of the Highway
10Someday Soon (Live)
11Hello, I Love You (Demo)
12Orange County Suite
13The Soft Parade (Live)
14The End (Live)

The Doors albums

1Essential Rarities[ 2000 ]
2Full Circle[ 2006 ]
3L.A. Woman[ 1990 ]
4Morrison Hotel[ 1970 ]
5Other Voices[ 1971 ]
6Strange Days[ 1990 ]
7The Doors[ 1967 ]
8The Soft Parade[ 1990 ]
9Waiting For The Sun[ 1990 ]
1Essential Rarities (The Doors)
2Full Circle (The Doors)
3L.A. Woman (The Doors)
4Morrison Hotel (The Doors)
5Other Voices (The Doors)
6Strange Days (The Doors)
7The Doors (The Doors)
8The Soft Parade (The Doors)
9Waiting For The Sun (The Doors)

The Doors songs

14 Billion Souls [from the "Full Circle"]03:16
2Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) [from the "The Doors"]03:19
3Back Door Man [from the "The Doors"]03:33
4Been Down So Long [from the "L.A. Woman"]04:40
5Blue Sunday [from the "Morrison Hotel"]02:12
6Break On Through [from the "The Doors"]02:28
7Break On Through (Live) [from the "Essential Rarities"]04:43
8Cars Hiss By My Window [from the "L.A. Woman"]04:11
9Crawling King Snake [from the "L.A. Woman"]05:00
10Do It [from the "The Soft Parade"]03:08
11Down On The Farm [from the "Other Voices"]04:14
12Easy Ride [from the "The Soft Parade"]02:42
13End Of The Night [from the "The Doors"]02:52
14Five To One [from the "Waiting For The Sun"]04:25
15Get Up And Dance [from the "Full Circle"]02:32
16Good Rockin [from the "Full Circle"]04:39
17Hang On To Your Life [from the "Other Voices"]05:44
18Hardwood Floor [from the "Full Circle"]03:27
19Hello To The Cities Live [from the "Essential Rarities"]00:57
20Hello, I Love You [from the "Waiting For The Sun"]02:16
21Hello, I Love You (Demo) [from the "Essential Rarities"]02:31
22Horse Latitudes [from the "Strange Days"]01:34
23Hyacinth House [from the "L.A. Woman"]03:11
24Hyacinth House [from the "Essential Rarities"]02:38
25I Can't See Your Face in My Mind [from the "Strange Days"]03:26
26I Looked At You [from the "The Doors"]02:21
27I Will Never Be Untrue (Live) [from the "Essential Rarities"]03:57
28I'm Horny, I'm Stoned [from the "Other Voices"]03:55
29In The Eye Of The Sun [from the "Other Voices"]04:45
30Indian Summer [from the "Morrison Hotel"]02:35
31It Slipped My Mind [from the "Full Circle"]03:09
32L.A. Woman [from the "L.A. Woman"]07:51
33L'America [from the "L.A. Woman"]04:37
34Land Ho! [from the "Morrison Hotel"]04:09
35Light My Fire [from the "The Doors"]07:07
36Love Her Madly [from the "L.A. Woman"]03:20
37Love Me Two Times [from the "Strange Days"]03:16
38Love Street [from the "Waiting For The Sun"]02:51
39Maggie M'Gill [from the "Morrison Hotel"]04:23
40Moonlight Drive [from the "Strange Days"]03:03
41Moonlight Drive (Demo) [from the "Essential Rarities"]02:30
42My Eyes Have Seen You [from the "Strange Days"]02:29
43My Wild Love [from the "Waiting For The Sun"]02:52
44Not To Touch The Earth [from the "Waiting For The Sun"]03:54
45Orange County Suite [from the "Essential Rarities"]05:44
46Peace Frog [from the "Morrison Hotel"]02:49
47People Are Strange [from the "Strange Days"]02:11
48Queen of the Highway [from the "Morrison Hotel"]02:46
49Queen of the Highway [from the "Essential Rarities"]03:35
50Riders On The Storm [from the "L.A. Woman"]07:14
51Roadhouse Blues [from the "Morrison Hotel"]04:04
52Roadhouse Blues [from the "Essential Rarities"]04:30
53Runnin' Blue [from the "The Soft Parade"]02:27
54Shaman's Blues [from the "The Soft Parade"]04:47
55Ship of Fools [from the "Morrison Hotel"]03:07
56Ships W/ Sails [from the "Other Voices"]07:29
57Someday Soon (Live) [from the "Essential Rarities"]03:48
58Soul Kitchen [from the "The Doors"]03:34
59Spanish Caravan [from the "Waiting For The Sun"]02:58
60Strange Days [from the "Strange Days"]03:08

The Doors

The Doors

The Doors were an American rock band formed in 1965 in Los Angeles, California.

Through most of its existence, the group consisted of vocalist Jim Morrison, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, drummer John Densmore, and guitarist Robby Krieger. []


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