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L.A. Woman by The Doors [1990] [album editions]

L.A. Woman (The Doors)

Track listing

1The Changeling
2Love Her Madly
3Been Down So Long
4Cars Hiss By My Window
5L.A. Woman
7Hyacinth House
8Crawling King Snake
9The Wasp
10Riders On The Storm

The Doors albums

1Essential Rarities[ 2000 ]
2Full Circle[ 2006 ]
3L.A. Woman[ 1990 ]
4Morrison Hotel[ 1970 ]
5Other Voices[ 1971 ]
6Strange Days[ 1990 ]
7The Doors[ 1967 ]
8The Soft Parade[ 1990 ]
9Waiting For The Sun[ 1990 ]
1Essential Rarities (The Doors)
2Full Circle (The Doors)
3L.A. Woman (The Doors)
4Morrison Hotel (The Doors)
5Other Voices (The Doors)
6Strange Days (The Doors)
7The Doors (The Doors)
8The Soft Parade (The Doors)
9Waiting For The Sun (The Doors)

The Doors songs

61Summer's Almost Gone [from the "Waiting For The Sun"]03:21
62Take It As It Comes [from the "The Doors"]02:16
63Tell All The People [from the "The Soft Parade"]03:20
64The Changeling [from the "L.A. Woman"]04:20
65The Crystal Ship [from the "The Doors"]02:34
66The End [from the "The Doors"]11:41
67The End (Live) [from the "Essential Rarities"]17:44
68The Mosquito [from the "Full Circle"]05:17
69The Peking King And The New York Queen [from the "Full Circle"]06:26
70The Piano Bird [from the "Full Circle"]05:40
71The Soft Parade [from the "The Soft Parade"]08:35
72The Soft Parade (Live) [from the "Essential Rarities"]10:07
73The Spy [from the "Morrison Hotel"]04:16
74The Unknown Soldier [from the "Waiting For The Sun"]03:24
75The Wasp [from the "L.A. Woman"]04:14
76Tightrope Ride [from the "Other Voices"]04:14
77Touch Me [from the "The Soft Parade"]03:11
78Twentieth Century Fox [from the "The Doors"]02:33
79Unhappy Girl [from the "Strange Days"]01:59
80Variety Is The Spice Of Life [from the "Other Voices"]02:46
81Verdilac [from the "Full Circle"]05:46
82Waiting For The Sun [from the "Morrison Hotel"]03:59
83Wandering Musician [from the "Other Voices"]06:17
84We Could Be So Good Together [from the "Waiting For The Sun"]02:24
85When The Music's Over [from the "Strange Days"]10:57
86Whiskey, Mystics and Men [from the "Essential Rarities"]02:23
87Who Scared You [from the "Essential Rarities"]03:54
88Wild Child [from the "The Soft Parade"]02:36
89Wintertime Love [from the "Waiting For The Sun"]01:53
90Wishful Sinful [from the "The Soft Parade"]02:57
91Yes, The River Knows [from the "Waiting For The Sun"]02:37
92You Make Me Real [from the "Morrison Hotel"]02:52
93You're Lost Little Girl [from the "Strange Days"]03:02

The Doors

The Doors

The Doors were an American rock band formed in 1965 in Los Angeles, California.

Through most of its existence, the group consisted of vocalist Jim Morrison, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, drummer John Densmore, and guitarist Robby Krieger. []


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